mature elk laying on grass

Best Caliber For Elk Hunting: Our Recommendation

Elk is an animal that has a strong sense of smell and acute hearing abilities; they can spot a hunter from a hundred yards away. Once they are aware of your activities, they will run into the deep forest and that is probably the end of elk hunting for that day. When going for elk […]

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custom 270 win rifle on tripod

This Year’s Best 270 Rifle You Can Lay Your Hands On

To unravel the real potential of a hunter, you really need to have the right equipment that can serve you well in your hunting endeavor. In this article, we will be focusing more on three products and describe what the best 270 rifle is. When you enter a store or visit an online store that specializes in […]

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300 win mag custom rifle side view

Best 300 Win Mag Rifle For The Money in 2017

Hunting rifles started to appear in the 1990s and they received new forms and designs along the way. Each weapon is made to deliver certain features to the hunter and the type of game desired. The diversity of makes, models, and calibers can sometimes make the choosing stage very difficult, but if you are a […]

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hunter presenting 3 spotting scopes for hunting

Spotting Scope Reviews 2017: Best Scopes For The Money

Spotting scopes are essential when enhanced vision is something you must have. Correspondingly, this means that hunting, bird watching or any kind of observing the environment is essential. If you are looking for the best spotting scope for the money each model below will be a valuable choice. Best Spotting Scopes for 2017 Money Can […]

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large coyote trapped with iron trap

Top 3 Best Coyote Trap: Reviews of 2017

Traps are the favorite weapon of most hunters. They are practical, useful and effective. Here you will get an idea about the best traps for coyote. Keep in mind that the size of a trap is essential and it can make a difference between success and failure! In order to make sure that doesn’t happen […]

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pack of six coyotes on snow

How To Hunt Coyotes With Coyote Calls

Over the last 20 years, coyote hunting became more popular than ever. The main reason for that is a significant increase in their population. More coyotes mean better and easier hunt. If you are considering, to begin with this kind of hunt, make sure you pay a special attention to the calling techniques and to […]

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coyote howling on the snow

Best Coyote Gun: Reviews for the year 2017

Finding the best coyote gun is impossible. There are a lot of rifles that can be used for these purposes, but none of them is fully adapted for hunting coyotes. If we add the terrain where these animals live and their solid muscle construction, we end up with a limited choice of rifles to choose […]

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grey squirrel on the wooden platform

Squirrel Hunting Tips and Actionable Advice

Once the leaves fall on the ground, each forest will become gray and dull. But if you know that this is the time gray squirrels come down from the trees and that they are ideal for hunting, you won’t think that the forest is so dull after all. But, due to their size, behavior, and nature itself, hunting squirrels is different […]

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hunting boots standing on the rock

How To Waterproof Your Hunting Boots

Choosing right footwear for your hunting expeditions is essential for two reasons. You will be a more successful hunter and you will protect your health. The only way to get both of these is to know how to waterproof boots, something you will be able to learn in the content below. USING CONVENTIONAL WAX The […]

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man holding stoeger condor supreme

Stoeger Shotgun Reviews: Good or Bad?

​What is the main characteristics of shotguns?​High stopping power for a shorter range vs handguns and rifles. They are great for beginners too because of easy aiming and overall they are just handy and nice looking firearms.Here we listed the top 3 Stoeger shotguns and their short review:1. Stoeger M3500 The Stoeger M3500 is a semi-automatic, inertia-action shotgun produced in Turkey. […]

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