putting in shotgun shell

Best Shotgun To Buy For Hunting: 2017 Reviews

Among the hunting accessories, having a decent shotgun at your disposal is a good thing!Why?Reloading is quick and shotguns are one of the best close-range hunting weapons available. Period! And because they are not cheap it is important that you should know all the details about them before investing.With that out of the way, here […]

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hunter with long distance rifle

Long Range Shooting: Tips and Techniques

If you are passionate about long range shooting and are looking for the correct ways to implement it, this article is meant for you. It will help you with some tips and tricks related to long distance shooting that will come in handy for you.Check the video below for some great advice on long range […]

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big whitetail in the woods

Deer Vitals: Kill Zone Explanation and Tips

Before the season starts and you go out on a killing spree with your guns and bullets, you must be sure how about where to shoot a deer and get about your job in a lot easier way. You have to know where to aim to get the deer killed instantly. You must possess the […]

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best pellet gun on the market

Hunting With Air Rifles in 2017: Reviews and Guide

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say:​Hunting is not as fun without high power air rifle…or is it?​But there is one problem. How to find the best pellet gun to suit your needs in this saturated market?​That’s why we spent some time researching and testing on airgun hunting and came up with the list […]

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deer ground blinds camouflage

What Are The Best Hunting Blinds: 2017 Reviews and Guide

It wouldn’t make sense to lose a game even before you could display your hunting skills, right?​​So, how to have the advantage of getting a closer vision of your game and being able to target it more easily?Well, purchasing a hunting blind would be a very smart decision. You would not only be concealed but also safe […]

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how to buy good hunting binoculars

Best Binoculars For Hunting in 2017: Reviews and Guide

When looking to buy a pair of hunting binoculars, the choices you make are extremely important. ​As you become more adept as a hunter, you will more then likely find the need for high quality optics for your hunting expeditions. ​So, how will you choose a pair of good binoculars for hunting? You won’t buy a […]

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how to buy best hunting bow

Best Hunting Bows of 2017: Reviews and Buying Guide

Our planet has a rich history. We did not have technology from the beginning. When the planet got its own life, there were very basic tools for survival. When man got hungry, he had to invent some tool to satisfy his hunger. He needed a tool for survival. He needed to hunt to survive. There […]

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how to buy best skinning knife

Best Deer Skinning Knife of 2017: Reviews and Guide

Hunting is a robust outdoor activity. There’s no doubt about it, is it?Some do it out of thrill to add on a trophy that signifies their skill while others carry it out to get some good meal to their tables. Either ways you need to get some good hunting equipments for yourself. While you are […]

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how to buy best handheld gps for hunting

Best Handheld Gps For Hunting: 2017 Reviews and Guide

Hunting began as a royal sport but today many adventurous people have taken to it in a professional way. The extent of their professionalism is to go prepared into the wild with all kinds of equipment apart from a gun or rifle, such as cameras, knives, vehicles, cell phones, chainsaws, walkie-talkies, deer calls, traps and […]

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how to choose best hunting boots for cold weather

Best Cold Weather Hunting Boots To Buy in 2017: Reviews and Guide

All geared up for hunting? Yes your rifle, cartridges, bag everything is set and you are ready to duck that quarry but wait a second what about your boots? Are they properly insulated and comfortable or you do not really care? If latter is the case then you need to know that hunting is an […]

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