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Hunter standing in the swamp in the forest and holding in his hand an old hunting rifle

Know The 4 Types of Hunting Leases Before You Buy

You are part of a large group of hunters that has long depended on public lands to provide your annual hunting grounds. But now, some of those public lands are no longer available. What do you do? If you are like a growing number of hunters across America, you start thinking about purchasing a hunting […]

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pack of six coyotes on snow

How To Hunt Coyotes With Coyote Calls

Over the last 20 years, coyote hunting became more popular than ever. The main reason for that is a significant increase in their population. More coyotes mean better and easier hunt. If you are considering, to begin with this kind of hunt, make sure you pay a special attention to the calling techniques and to […]

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grey squirrel on the wooden platform

Squirrel Hunting Tips and Actionable Advice

Once the leaves fall on the ground, each forest will become gray and dull. But if you know that this is the time gray squirrels come down from the trees and that they are ideal for hunting, you won’t think that the forest is so dull after all. But, due to their size, behavior, and nature itself, hunting squirrels is different […]

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hunting boots standing on the rock

How To Waterproof Your Hunting Boots

Choosing right footwear for your hunting expeditions is essential for two reasons. You will be a more successful hunter and you will protect your health. The only way to get both of these is to know how to waterproof boots, something you will be able to learn in the content below. USING CONVENTIONAL WAX The […]

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hunter with long distance rifle

Long Range Shooting: Tips and Techniques

If you are passionate about long range shooting and are looking for the correct ways to implement it, this article is meant for you. It will help you with some tips and tricks related to long distance shooting that will come in handy for you.Check the video below for some great advice on long range […]

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big whitetail in the woods

Deer Vitals: Kill Zone Explanation and Tips

Before the season starts and you go out on a killing spree with your guns and bullets, you must be sure how about where to shoot a deer and get about your job in a lot easier way. You have to know where to aim to get the deer killed instantly. You must possess the […]

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