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3 Wilderness Survival Tools That Don’t Go Boom

  • November 25, 2018

In many situations your rifle is your lifeline. But, the fact is there are plenty of jobs and tasks you’ll run across while in the wilderness where your rifle is just not going to cut it. That means if you want to be safety and survival minded, you better make sure you prepare properly and have all the tools you might need each and every time you head out.

There are so many tools to consider taking with you, but here are three of the most important. They are a solid choices for almost any occasion you step into the wild, but they might not always be right. So, use your best judgement.

And, this is by no means an exhaustive list of survival tools you may want to consider having at your disposal.

Let’s get started!

A Reliable Survival Compass

Getting lost happens, and if there’s one truth in the world it’s that getting lost is about as fun as poking yourself in the eye. Using GPS to help keep you in the know as far as location is amazing, but as with anything electronic, you can have a failure. That’s where having a small survival compass with you at all times when you venture out into unknown territory comes into play.

You will of course have to know how to use it properly, so make sure you practice a bit before setting out.

A Multi-Purpose Survival Axe

There are plenty of times when you are out and about that a blade will do when a bullet does not. That means you should make sure to acquire and carry a good survival axe when you’re planning on venturing into an unknown situation.

You can choose a very simple survival axe, which can help you make firewood, prepare a makeshift shelter, and even field-dress anything you shoot. Fancier models come with their own compass sometimes, and maybe even the next item on this list.

A Magnesium Fire Starter

If you chose an axe that does not have one nested in the handle, or you opted on not taking an axe at all, you should consider adding a magnesium fire starter to your gear on longer outings. They make it very easy to get a fire going and they are extremely light while also taking up almost no space.

Having the ability to get a fire going on demand can be a true life saver. That fire can help you cook food, stay warm, and even be a signal to search and rescue teams if you find yourself in a real jam.

Wrap Up

There’s no perfect pack to have on you when you are out and about, and customizing what you take with you for each specific outing is always a good idea. Part of that is planning for when everything that can go wrong does.

Having the mindset of thinking survival first before you take your first step outside will allow you to stay safe while enjoying the great outdoors, rifle and scope in hand.