About - Rifles HQ


Rifles HQ was created to help you improve your hunting experience. In every aspect of your life, you should chase after changes to make things more pleasurable to you.

So whether you want to compare some specific hunting gear like rifles, knifes, boots, backpacks or ammo, look for some specific hunting tactic or just want to compare the best hunting dogs, Rifles HQ is your guide to the desired lifestyle.

We started Rifles HQ because we had a passion. 

We just thought that there might be a people out there seeking the same information and confused about what product to go for. So if that's the case you will find our blog useful.

Now we want to share everything we learned with others and would love to cooperate with anyone that has great ideas and inspirations!

We deploy a team of contributors with great experience to provide expert insight and in-depth content.​

Greg Evans is our editor-in-chief. He’s a proud father of three loving outdoor activities.

Contact him here: [email protected]