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How To Get The Best Dive Watch For The Money


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Wrists without watches are one of the aberrant, unnatural sights these days. Wrist watches have become the second nature to many people. In fact, they go to the bed with watches on their wrists. That’s why it is most uncomfortable if one has to remove his wristwatch before taking a dive when you’re able to take a bath with it. Divers are now heaving a sigh of relief as high end diving watches are now being manufactured in tons.

Are you scared, thinking that you, after all, might not be able to afford them? We have tried here to search out 8 affordable dive watches whose costs are pocket-friendly. Whatever you’re diving at; be in it a pool assignment at a workplace, or a real body of water, you don’t have to take off your wrist watch if it’s the diving type.

However, in addition to the ability to accompany you on an underwater expedition, best luxury diving watches are versatile timepieces which should be a part of one’s day. Therefore, beauty, design, performance, and fashion come to bear here in the choice of diving watches.

We have made a thorough search into the trending diving watches in 2017 and we can confidently show you the 8 best affordable luxury dive watches for the year 2017. Take a good look at them below and endeavor to allow these reviews to affect the choice you would make:

Orient Mako II

Due to the encomiums and accolades that accompanied Orient’s breakthrough with Mako, they decided to come out with further improvements to the product, hence the launch of Mako II. They have introduced a lot of innovations and upgrading to Mako II that makes it deserve a slot here. And with all of those improvements, they still manage to keep down the cost such that Mako II ranks among the best dive watches under 300 dollars.

Consider, for instance, the two distinct and popular colors with which Mako II came. You’ll have a hard time in deciding whether to go for radiantly blue dial or to go for the beautiful charcoal black dial. The two colors are the most fashionable of all time. You can’t resist the stainless-steel band together with its clear mineral crystal. No matter the size of the wrist of the wearer, it’s always a compliment to an elegant appearance.

Mako II is merely 41.5 in diameter, which may be considered small by some people. And this may prompt many to look out for a bigger size so as not to appear as putting on a small and tight wristwatch. Nevertheless, the model is doing pretty well.

Given the totality of what makes up Mako II and comparing it with other luxury dive watches, Mako could be considered a viable option for those who desire an affordable dive watch with its features.


  • Is protected by a hard-mineral crystal.
  • Comes with Nemoto Lumi Novalume for enhanced glow.
  • 120 click unidirectional bezel.
  • Is water-resistant up to 200m (660ft) thus suitable for the professional marine activity.
  • Stainless steel bracelet with button closure
  • Has Orient 22-Jewel Cal. F6922 Automatic
  • It’s trimmer and more simplified
  • Comes in blue and black


  • Somewhat small for some people.
  • Difficult to use hand wind mechanism.
  • More expensive than the previous model.

Seiko Prospex Men’s watch

Seiko Men's Watch
List Price: $356.25
Price: $356.25
Price Disclaimer

The Seiko Men’s watches are made of the best-quality material. With its stainless case, it is perfectly designed with the best material to withstand the threat of destruction when immersed in water.

Aside from the water-resistance ability of the watch, it is also equipped with some other amazing features such as luminous markers, date display, luminous hands, and resin band that you will find appealing and useful.

These features have increased the value of the dive watch that is touted as one of the best dive watches under 1,000. This has made water sports from all walks of life fall in love with this water-resistant dive watch.

A product of the renowned Seiko watch manufacturing company, the lightweight watch (weighing only 150 grams) boasts of fluorescent illumination to illuminate the watch whenever you want to check out the time at any time of the day.

Wherever you are, you shouldn’t be concerned about the day of the week or the month of the year. The watch comes with an inbuilt calendar to give you accurate weekday and time. Technically, you have everything figured out for you by the thoughtful manufacturer of this amazing and inexpensive dive watch.

In a nutshell, you have a diving watch that offers more than just water-resistance ability but equally offers some attractive qualities that make it have a place among the best diving watches.


  • Stainless steel case material.
  • Automatic display.
  • Water resistant to about 200 meters.
  • Rubber band material for flexibility.
  • A great automatic watch.


  • Its silicon strap is not appealing.
  • Not available in chain strap.
  • It sometimes doesn’t keep time.

Casio Men’s Bezel Watch

This is another masterpiece and a member of the club of durable and water-resistant luxury watches with the ability to resist damage by water up to 200 meters. This affords you the confidence of taking a swimming without having to worry yourself to death about the condition of your watch.

If you are passionate about swimming, you can always give yourself a swimming treat with your friends and family whenever you feel inclined while you feel less concerned about getting wet.

You will find its mineral glass irresistible while you will also be awed by its amazing design. Of course, its appeal goes beyond being a water-resistant watch. It is obviously one of the best affordable dive watches.

Its stainless-steel case material and some special features which include a screw-lock back and a screw-down crown are some of the awesome features of this luxury watch that are responsible for its durability and appeal.

With its resin band material and a band width of 20 millimeters, you have a diving watch that can be worn by men of any size. That’s simply one of the various selling points of this luxury diving watch.

For a little less than $220, you can become a proud owner of one of the best dive watches under 300.


  • A good diving height of 600 feet.
  • Very easy to read.
  • You can update the calendar.
  • Comfortable resin strap.
  • Attractive unidirectional bezel.


  • The illumination is short-lived.
  • Too small date.
  • Not good for small wrists.


Seiko Diver Watch SPR601

The Seiko Diver Watch SPR601 is a high-end analog diving watch that can give any other diver watch a good run for its money and value. If you consider the features packed in this portable and water-resistant watch, you will agree with me that it deserves a mention here.

The watch is simply an awesome product of Seiko, a leading name in the watch industry with tons of brands that have proved to be of the best quality. As a flag bearer of the Seiko brand, the diver watch has an automatic display of time in hours, minutes, and seconds. This will make it relatively easy for you to check the time while diving to up to 200 meters under water if you are passionate about swimming.

The luminous hands that are brightly glowing and its markers will undoubtedly keep you in awe of this simple but elegant diving watch.

Another feature that you will find appealing is its black strap that is both flexible and elegantly designed to enhance the overall appeal and beauty of this masterpiece from the stable of this leading watch maker.

With its original packaging, sporty design, stainless steel hallmark, you have a diving watch that can contest with the very best for the best dive watch for the money.


  • Durable
  • Sporty design.
  • Inexpensive dive watch.
  • Replaceable rubber strap.
  • Can be manually reset and hack.
  • Automatic self-wind.


  • Short-lived lume.
  • Rubber strap may be uncomfortable.
  • Not designed for small wrists.

Invicta Pro Diver 89260B

The Pro diver 89260B is the best cheap dive watch among all the products from the stable of Invicta pro diver watches. You will agree no less if you give a consideration to the Pro diver 89260B’s exceptional beauty and strength. At the first sight of it on someone, you’ll think he’s putting on a Rolex Submariner because the Pro diver 89260B looks exactly like it.

Its black dial and bezel are what give this watch a pass to any formal or casual outing. Though it may not be outstanding aesthetically, with its size and weight, it is definitely nice and dressy on the wrist. With a size of 40mm, it’s mobile and good to accompany you anywhere.

If not for the sake of varying your taste, you really would not need to change the watch because it’s extremely durable. Inside it is the Seiko NH35A automatic movement. And with the durability and precision level of NH35A inside Pro diver 89260B, you should give it the consideration as one of the luxury dive watches.


  • Looks exactly like Rolex Submariner
  • Goes with any kind of outfit
  • Is complemented by durable and reliable Seiko NH35A automatic movement
  • Is relatively not expensive


  • Design lacks creativity.
  • Lume is weak and short-lived
  • Bezel is stiff and takes time to loosen up

Citizen Promaster Diver Watch

The Citizen Promaster Diver Watch is a trusted name among the best diving watches. The watch combines reliability with an excellent design that makes it one of the most affordable dive watches you should consider buying if you engage water sports as a hobby.

One of its most unique features is its power source: light. This implies that powering the watch is relatively easy; you don’t have to open the back case for whatever reason, thereby compromising the integrity of the diving watch. For as long as it has adequate exposure to light, you can wear it anywhere for whatever purpose suits you.

The blue strap of the dive watch is made from blue polyurethane which beautifies the stainless-steel material used for making the diver watch that is considered the best cheap dive watch.

You will definitely be awed by its screw-back case, elapsed-time bezel, and its anti-reflective crystal. These are the features behind the amazing performance and look and feel of this highly-rated diver watch.

If you care to go for swimming, scuba diving, or any other water sports, this Japanese watch is always there to indulge you for as much as 200 meters. That’s a good deal for a watch that is not expensive but very affordable.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive and affordable.
  • Stainless material for increased beauty.
  • God for large wrists.


  • Small date window.
  • Limited shipping destinations.
  • Retainer rings come off easily.

Invicta Pro Diver 8928OB Gold-Plated

As you can see from the brand names, both of pro diver 8926OB and pro diver 89280B Gold-Plated are from the same family. It’s just a matter of the difference in the series. Interestingly, the manufacturers took their time to justify the need for another pro diver series.

The pro diver 89280B Gold-Plated comes with a very different style from its predecessor. Since they’re from the same factory, it shouldn’t look too strange for one to see some similarities in the shapes and technical properties. Nevertheless, the gold-plated bracelet and bezel give pro diver 89280B a look that’s flashier than others.

Although you might contest this position, pro diver 89280B can rank among the best dive watches under 500 dollars. Before you strongly differ on this, attempt to place a monetary value on the color on its dial and the bezel insert; the royal blue that makes it look amazingly great on camera. Even, that gold plating that gives it a classy appearance is a big plus to it.

From the foregoing, the watch is justifiably on the list of the budget dive watches even though some don’t consider it so. This is because many of its buyers just bought it as a dress watch for its elegant look.  But with its high-water resistance and its luminescent part, it’s simply unfair to leave it out of the diving watches.


  • Appears greater than its real cost, courtesy the appealing gold plating
  • Has reliable Seiko NH35A automatic movement
  • Not expensive


  • The lume is weak and short-lived
  • The gold-plated bracelet can be easily scratched
  • Its bezel is also stiff and hard to turn

Casio Men’s Watch G9300-1

This men’s watch is one of the few water-resistant watches that are exclusively designed for men. It boasts of a long list of wonderful features that justify its place among the best dive watches under 500.

It’s made of a variety of materials, from its resin case material to its metallic band; you have a dive watch that is specifically designed to offer you comfort and elegance.

Its calendar feature is also a big plus for this amazing and budget-friendly dive watch. You can’t deny the beauty of its analog display that will make time checking a piece of cake for you, even while you are 200 meters below ground level and deep in the water.

What about its compass? That’s a feature you can always count on not to let you down. If you love travelling, you have a reliable companion that will always be on point and make your trip hitch free, especially when travelling to an unfamiliar place for the very first time.

The Casio product also comes with a stop watch with a wide range of applications too.

All in all, the Casio Men’s Watch G9300-1 is surely a credible member of the best luxury dive watches club.


  • Accurate time keeping.
  • Multipurpose uses.
  • Reliable compass.
  • Masculine but sophisticated.
  • Easily affordable.


  • Some users consider it too bulky.
  • Automatic atomic synchronization missing.
  • Incompatible battery and alarm

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Reading thus far about dive watches, you are now more enabled to make an informed decision. Armed with the knowledge you’ve gained here, you now know that a good dive watch should be durable, movable, rugged, water-resistant, precise, good-looking, fashionable and cost effective.

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