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243 Hunting Rifles Reviewed With 2018 Best Recommendations

  • February 8, 2018

legendary .243 winchester model 70

Hunting is an activity you will enjoy with the right accessories. The type of gun you take on a hunting trip can determine the amount of game or success you stand to achieve. That makes the best 243 rifle a great buy. That said if you are confused about the ideal firearm to buy, read our 234 firearm reviews to get more idea and make an informed decision. 

Things to consider before buying the best .234 rifle

Before making a final decision or settling for any product, read this part. There are several factors you need to give a second taught before buying your first 243 models. They include the finish, size of game, price and a host of others are very important. Knowing them will make your search a lot easier and successful. Below is a quick insight into the factors to consider.


Assuming you have an idea of how much the rifle is and know that most firearms cost thousands of dollars. Frankly speaking, you don’t plan on spending too much but want good quality, right? Maybe your mindset is to settle for the best 234 rifle under $500. Finding the top gun at this price range is possible. It depends on how well you narrow your search. And always put your needs first when searching and stick to your budget plan even though you encounter a model that looks tempting.

Note that all prices are not the same. So compare the prices for the different products and choose the one that meets your budget and needs. Also, consider the features of the rifle before choosing. Below are things to have in mind before making a buying decision.

The size of game

The game size is an important feature to consider. Are you planning to hunt big or small game? It will determine your choice of firearm. You may not get satisfactory results using smaller game rifles for bigger ones. Ammunition should also be considered. The rifle and ammo should coincide before buying.

Length of Barrel

Long and short barrel length is the two options hunters are left to choose from. Length differs in the different types of barrels and ranges from 18 to 26 inches. Barrel length to a large extent determines features like weight, accuracy, bullet speed and recoil.

A rifle with a longer barrel will have lesser recoil and stability can be controlled easily. Though the product would be heavier than the one with a shorter barrel, the bullet will travel at a faster speed over long distances. Firearm stability is one of the downsides of the short barrel model. But they weigh less and easy to transport.

Finishing and material

Rusting and durability are also among the factors to consider before choosing a rifle. Stainless steel and carbon steel are the two materials for constructing the metal parts of the firearm. Carbon steel models are less expensive than stainless steel but are prone to rust. But the treatment is known as “bluing” is used to prevent this from happening. Such treatment will leave the carbon-steel rifle with a unique blue-black appearance. But it does prevent it from rusting.

Ruger M77 Hawkeye Standard 234 Winchester Satin Blue

hawkeye model

Price: $979.00


The Ruger M77 is the best 243 rifle for the money at this price point. It is well constructed and finished to withstand harsh environmental conditions and tougher hunting activities. This bolt action model is reliable and suitable for the bigger game. It is very reliable and has both receiver and barrel with a superior blued satin finish.

The American walnut stock on this product is enhanced with a satin finish. It looks more appealing and durable. The slim and rounded profile of the walnut stock makes it comfortable to hold. It also features an extensive cut-checkered grip which combined with a host of other features makes the Ruger M77 a superior hunting gun.

The M77 is rated as the best if you read other Ruger 243 rifle reviews. Though this 22 inches cold hammer forged barrel choice may not be the finest on the market, it performs extremely well.


  • 22 inches barrel
  • Superior Satin finish
  • Quality walnut stock


  • Not the finest at this price point

Browning X-bolt 243 Winchester

xbolt model

Price: from $939.99


Browning has a solid reputation in the industry and is easy to see from all the browning 243 rifle reviews. The craftsmanship and durability of their X-bolt 234 show how superior and advance the company is. The X-Bolt is an ideal choice for avid hunters looking for a hardworking and reliable rifle to take on a long hunting trip. It is very rugged and built to offer unmatched accuracy.

The straightness of this free float barrel is the reason you can throw accurate shots with this firearm consistently. Plus, it comes with a three-level feather trigger system that is adjustable and provides a crisp and clean pull.

It features a walnut stock with a quality satin finish and fine checkering. It also has a 22 inches steel barrel that is rust resistant and well-finished.


  • Accurate
  • Bolt action
  • Removable magazine


  • Expensive

Savage Arms Axis Rifle 243 Winchester

xp model

Price: $409


The Savage is one of the finest gun makers in the business. They have been around for decades offering quality firearms and accessories that are built with superior materials. Craftsmanship and finish are always awesome. Savage Arm produces affordable and top quality products. And the Axis 243 is one of the top-rated rifles for the money. It is a bolt-action gun that is specially designed and shaped to fit young shooters.

The Savage Axis is designed to give young shooters the opportunity to learn something that is more dependable and accurate. It features the Savage Arm’s patented AccuTrigger which can be easily adjusted and allows users to fine-tune the rifle’s action to suit their needs.

You will find numerous positive savage 243 rifle reviews online. Even avid hunters refer to this model as one of the best for young male and female shooters. It features a synthetic stock and plain blued receiver.


  • Fairly priced
  • Great for young shooters
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Features a polymer stock

Kimber Classic Select Grade 243 Rifle

kimber model

Price: $1,427.00


Having created a lasting impression on their high quality 1911 handgun, Kimber is looking to replicate the same success in the bolt-action market. With superior craftsmanship and attention to details, all their models stand out as the best in their price range. The Classic Select from Kimber is as the name implies. It is a classic and well-made rifle built for the 243 Winchester cartridges.

Its barrels, triggers, and chambers are all designed for accuracy and speed. It has a lightweight coupled with shortened bolt travel for the perfect balance and faster operation speed. Triggers are easy to adjust and features superior glass bedding that gives the rifle a rigid and lightweight frame for strength and accuracy.

The Kimber Classic Select Grade also features an A-grade French Walnut stock with special hand rubbed oil finish for enhanced durability and appearance. It also features a blued steel 26 inches barrel that is straight and accurate.


  • Lightweight
  • Improved operation speed
  • Crisp adjustable triggers


  • Too expensive

Winchester Model 70 Super-Grade 234 Winchester

model 70

Price: $1,439.99


The Model 70 is one of Winchester’s finest rifles on the market. It is not the most popular on the USA market but appears on the wish list of avid hunters who knows what quality truly means. It is finely checkered and features a deeply blued steel barrel. The trigger mechanism is simple but very reliable.

The Winchester Model 70 is reliable and features a high-grade fancy maple stock. Its action and rigidity are enhanced by its single piece steel bottom. It also features 22 inches free floated cold hammer forged barrel that is enhanced for accuracy and durability. It is a well-made rifle with superior appearance and performance.


  • MOA trigger system
  • Bolt action is sturdy
  • Quality maple stock


  • Pricey
  • Comes without scope


Finding the best 243 rifle is quite difficult because there is a huge collection of this kind of firearms on the market. But good quality .243 rifles do exist. It takes proper research and time to spot them after series of analysis on each of their features. However, we have researched on your behalf to make things much easier for you. These are the 5 best firearms to invest on. They are reliable, accurate and have tons of features that will make hunting more interesting.

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