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Best 30 06 Hunting Rifle of 2017: Ultimate Guide

how to choos best 30 06 hunting rifle

Are you ready to pick the Marvelous Shooting, Assistant?

Before we look at the best hunting rifles to pick, here is the history of 30 06

30-06 Rifle History & Ballistics

In 1906, the U.S. Military faced a drastic problem facing enemies which were more than 1000 yards away from their target area. The necessity of new ammunition arouses at that time which leads to the invention of .30-06 caliber. Thinking why is it named that way! Let's make it simple. In the name, ".30" means the capacity of the bullet, while "06' is from the year in which the caliber was taken in use.

Talking about the very first .30-06 rifle, it consists of the M1906 chamber and 150-grain bullet which was with cupronickel jacket. At the completion of the World War I, the U.S. military found a need to upgrade the .30-06 Rifle to give a terrific answer to the 6.5×50 mm and 7.7×58 mm Japanese and Arisaka calibers respectively.

The elevation of the rifle converted the rifle material to varnish metal which was beneficial for distant shooting. The change proved positive due to which the rifle was used till the 1980s when it was replaced with another better cartridge. Yes, 1980 was the year which gave a new and better cartridge to the world with specifics of 7.62×51 mm and 5.56×45 mm NATO.

Coming back to .30.06 rifle, it was one of the best all-around rifle with an amazing performance by its magnum calibers. The rifle didn't also use the recoils which were harsh at some time, and thus, was the best rifle in North America for long vision hunting. The main attraction of the game is that it can be used for both small hunting and big hunting games. The heavy hunting games can also be included in the list.

Henceforth, a big game rifle that has remained popular since 1950 till date and would also remain the favorite for the coming dual decades was innovated just after the Wright brothers invented Kitty Hawk.

Have you ever heard the name " U.S. Cartridge with Model of 1903"? Might be surprised but that it is nothing new but the initial name of .30-06 cartridge. It carried bullets which were of 220 grains. The slow speed cartridge was designed to make changes in the Springfield Model 1903 bolt-action rifle.

The rifle was known as the best to use the rifle for all purpose for nearly two years. Then the Imperial German Army introduced the 8mm (.323) cartridge to the world in 1905. The bullet of this rifle was fast with a deadly range and light weight. To beat up this rifle, the U.S. Army gave a rebounding answer to the rifle with a 150-grain caliber bullet and named it as "U.S. Cartridge Model 1906". The rifle is widely known as .30-06 rifle among the hunting lovers.

The major achievement of the U.S. Army was that they had a rifle with a well-balanced cartridge for the harsh recoil and the power. It was widely adopted for the big games which were held in North America with an easy to manage kick system.

Another plus point of the .30-06 rifle is that it also has the ability to carry bullets with wide and long range. Any caliber with minimum 110 grains of weight up to 220 grain can easily be fixed in the rifle. This means it can carry both light and heavy weighting calibers for the slugs it carries.

When you step up in any gun store for getting bullets, you would be offered with several with different weight. So confused which bullet would be the best for your .30-06 rifle? Let's make a brief overview to vanish your difficulties.

125- AND 130-GRAIN:

The lightness of these bullets makes it suitable for hunting creatures. But a major fall back of the bullet is the high sound when shot. Hence it is used rarely only in forests.


150-grain bullets are the best and cost effective bullets for deer hunting. It weights less and has tremendous speed. It gets shot out with great efficiency to make your prey down in seconds.


The reviews from the users of this caliber give a clear vision that the bullets are the best for all around hunting due to the balanced weight they carry. The accompany the long and short hunting games with equal accuracy.


The rifle with this caliber is the best for any kind of all-rounder hunting. It handles all kind of hunting aspects leaving few aside. It is the toughest among other bullets.


This is the only bullet which handles hunting for big animals. No doubt it is slow in speed, but still, it travels well to the animals with required penetration. It plays well on African plains for animals like moose, bear, elk and much more.

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World's real hunting was born 100 years ago

Shocked! But it's true. The first cartridge was invented 100 years back which gave successful results for versatile hunting. So congratulations for the century, with a long journey with several reconciliations for getting more accurate results.

The very first rifle .30-06 were widely used for hunting small creatures like rabbits to huge ones like the rhinos. It is still also equally popular as it was in its invention era and the reason behind it is the increasing efficiency and power it carries. It rules the ammunition sale as well as the reloading one too. Among the others, it is also the first caliber that is stored in any new bolt action big rifle game.

If we go technical wise, the .30-06 cartridge was invented in the year 1892 when the Spanish gave a terrible performance with 7×57mm cartridge by Paul Mauser. It was not only the cartridge but also the rapid fire bolt action that grabbed the hearts of the American army.

In the year 1903, the U.S. Military came with the Springfield bolt action rifle. They also introduced the high power round for a smooth functioning of the magazine which used the 220 grain. The advantages of the cartridge included flat trajectory with less weight.

After that, several changes were made according to the requirements to make the rifle equal for both army and the sports person for a successful hunting game. Finally, a caliber and rifle were given to the hunters which are not too big or small, heavy or light, with all needed power and accuracy. To accompany the rifle, calibers or bullets with 6.5mm, .257mm and .243mm are the best for a smooth hunting experience for long hunting animals like deer, goats, sheep, antelope and much more. The rifle would still drop out other rifles and calibers and hunters would still love using it for few more years too.

30 06 works perfectly fine

It is widely known that the .30-06 rifle is the best all around rifle. The rifle accompanies various calibers like .243, .270 and .308 also. The rifle works the best way for a long vision deer hunting with features like accuracy, speed, and cost-effective. Not only in open countries, the rifle works the best in the bushy forests and Northeast Plain for creatures like rabbits. It is the prime rifle to be carried for thick mountain areas with steep Elks. In this way, it supports both big and small hunting games. There are several other Excellent rifles which are also used widely, but they don't carry all the features .30-06 carries along and hence one turns back to it within some time.

Browning bar 30 06

The Browning Bar is a rifle which includes qualities like simple to use, amazing looks and semi-automatic functions. It is the best rifle to be carried for hunting purpose which chops it's aimed successfully and neatly.

The Rifle: Browning BAR .30-06

The Caliber: .30-06

The Animal:

The rifle is capable of killing any animal which is from 125 pounds to 750 pounds which come in its radius.

Take a closer look at Browning in this video review:

The Rifle – Browning BAR

In case you are the best hunter in the sports field and are well known for your accurate shot, smooth hunting, and reliable finishing, you are eligible to charge some more than the other hunters. If you go bar wise, a bar would cost you nearly $1200 or $1400 which depends on who knows you or who carries you a favor. The price is triple to that of a Remington, but it doesn't relate to any ancient stigma with any kind of problems which the 740/7400 series faced. The rifle is simply designed with charming finishing with a record of amazing functions.

The rifle Browning model #031001231 which is also known as the Browning bar Safari is given accurate installation of the Boss system which gives amazing tuning. The rifle is coated with a blue steel receiver accompanied with a pre-drilled scroll and mount taps. It also includes a forge hammer barrel of 22 inches and the total length of the barrel is 43 inches. The length of the barrel is 13 inches with a package of 7 pounds and 6 ounces. The rifle is operated with gas and also carries an abstract magazine box and a branch pad and swivels which are installed prior. They are also checked with glossy walnut quality furniture.

The rifle is filled with qualities with the perfect functions and accuracy. It is the best rifle in the hunting field industry which is renown with its brand. You cannot image any other hunter to give cons relating to the brand. So now, if you haven't used it, you might get a bit hassled in using it without understanding its functions. Yes, the rifle is slight high cost wise, but standing on the sports field with it clear range will surely clear all your doubts regarding it.

It is possible that the first shot would not be perfect, but you will not also be sad with its use and might need magazines with high calibers. Are you looking for a bundle of rifles with versatility and capability based on few hunting rules, you should look for the following aspects:

  • · Versailles in functions and tough materials
  • · Amazing accuracy
  • · Quick continuous shots
  • · Storage versatility

The rifle successfully goes through all these categories if carried in a competition with other rifles. It is a basic rifle with unique calibers available in the gun shops with semi-automatic repetition calibers, reliable accuracy, and the amazing attachable materials. Apart of it, there are rifles available in this model that haven't faced any negative specification since thousands of firing years.

The rifle is your true partner on the ground which would never face failure. It also the best classic rifle and a gun with Cosy finishing since fifty years of its invention.


Browning BAR MK3 stalker 30 06 dark matte

The Browning Bar rifle came with light weight and alloy crafting which is further attached with scope mounts. It is resistant to any weather due to its stock and matte which is given a black finishing. It is an accurate long hunting rifle.


· Caliber of 5

· 22 inches barrel length

· Semi-automatic action

· Ease to use and reload


· Not favorable for dangerous game

Deep shooting resulting to damaged flesh

Semi auto 30 06

The debate on this topic is really on its leg. The rifles with automatic loaders and AR rifle styles are getting much popular than the semi-auto rifles while playing the hunting games. The manufacturers are giving out caliber lots that are heavy and capable of dropping down any deer, bear or hogs.

Check the video below on Remington 7400 Semi Auto 30 06 review:​

But do you know what differs the AR rifles from the semi-auto ones? The AR rifles were invented by the ArmaLite Inc. and hence is a civilian categorized military rifle. The semi-auto rifles were designed for competitive hunting. But as the time ran, the AR rifles became popular and the semi-auto rifles tried to adopt the good features of it. Both the rifles ie. AR rifles and the semi-auto rifles shoot one bullet at a time when the trigger is stretched and the chamber gets the other caliber automatically. It is yet true that the rifles work on different levels with a similarly different look.

XPR Hunter Mountain Country Range

The rifle gives you a new look out in the category of bolt action value. It is a cost effective hunting rifle best for country hunting. It is a complete package of accuracy and successful performance. The rifle includes the barrel length of 22 inches and weight of 6 lbs.


· Blues matte finishing

· Recoil pad made with Inflex Technology

· Space for extra shells in the mag


· Bad for forest hunting

· Not recommended for short hunting games

Remington 30 06

The Remington 30-60 rifles came into existence after the inter-war which took place in U.S. The rifle.was initially manufactured during the 1st World War for the benefit of the British government and U.S. government. It was made after giving changes to the stock parts and chambers. The rifle is known as the first rifle with high power bolt action especially for the sports which were given by the Remington Company. The rifle carries a barrel with 20 inches. It is widely used with various calibers with different capacities. Following are the widely selected Remington rifles.



The rifle carries a walnut stock checker with recoil pad in red. The semi-automatic rifle is quite accurate with its aiming and hunting aspects. The rifle carries amazing bores for long shooting games.


· Well coated metal body

· Easy to maintain and clean

· Quick one by one shooting


· Difficulty with bore accuracy

· Not applicable for short games

30 06 Springfield

It was in 1777 the first 30-06 Springfield was introduced to the world by George Washington as a revolutionary phase in the field of hunting. The Springfield Armory after 1794 was the only functioning supplier which supplied rifles to a major part of America. But near about in 1968, the U.S. Government banned Springfield rifles and used the production center as an homage. It was late in 1974 the Springfield Armory was rescued by the Reese family and new designs were introduced to the market. The Armory M1 Garand was the first rifle than introduced by John C. Garand and John Browning.

The year 2001 was another revolutionary phase for the Springfield Armory when they converted pistols to long range rifles with features like reliable quality and firearm which made it easy to use. With the passage of time, the Armory grabbed all the necessary features and positive changes in the caliber and storage weight and height. The Springfield Armory are currently favorable for distant hunting with a point to point shooting.

If you are lucky you can get Springfield Garand M1 at: gunbroker or armslist

Savage arms 30 06

The rifles from this category come with different principles. For obtaining maximum performance we have constantly worked on the new technologies which can work out.

The modern arms that are made are not reliable which are performed with manual efforts with static engines with active performance.

Get the hold of one of our rifles and you would feel the winning spirit even before you use it. Whether used for simple sports functioning or a competitive advantage, for defending yourself or shooting, all the rifles are equally capable of giving you maximum results. We came back with all revolution rifles in 1791, following our ancient traditions for the making of efficient rifles.

The Savage Arms Company was introduced to the world by Arthur Savage in the year 1894 in New York. The year 1919 Arthur got his first bulk sale order from Chief Lame Deer. The rifles he demanded was the lever action. Both the companies got the profited deal with discounts and Savage got the great support from it. In return, the Chief gave Savage an Indian logo as a gift.

The year 1920 was fruitful for Savage Arms when it merged with Joshua Stevens for obtaining the difficult goals of the rifle industry. This was also the era when Winchester, Remington, and Colt were ruling the rifle market. Henceforth, it was a tough challenge for the company to survive with all new rifle range. With revolutionary arms, Savage is currently the leading Corporation for sports hunting rifles.

At the time of the second World War, Savage donated several arms to the military and also replaced his factory to store heavy firearms. After the war, Savage worked again on the ammunition to manufacture other beneficial rifles such as the motorized lawnmower.

SNAIL, which is also a well-known design of accurate rifles was introduced by the same company which had a special feature of economic shooting range. The technique was later adopted by many other ammunition companies including the shooting clubs of America.

10/110 International trophy hunter XP

Savage Arms 11 Bolt Action Rifle black

This is the only Savage rifle with traditional wooden and satin finishing. It carries a light and adjustable trigger which makes the firing quick and easy. The bolt design also makes sure that the bolt is locked securely.


· Out of box accuracy

· Adjustable and secure trigger

· Detachable magazine

· 3 position receiver


· Softwood stock

Composite clipping

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Finally, what makes 30 06 the best rifle among the rest?

30-60 has been the best rifle ever introduced which gave a tough competition to the hunting lovers, shooters, and commandos. The rifle includes bullets which are known with a diameter of .308 inch. It includes enormous features like accurate aiming, modernized recoils and great vision for distant shooting. The minimum range of the rifle is 1000 yards which are quite impressive for deer hunting games. The cartridge which it uses is capable of medium and big games of hunting widely in North America.

The rifle carries a small sized chamber which is approximately 2.48 inches which created a necessity for a new rifle. By making needful changes in the rifle chamber and caliber, the company gave out new designs in 1906 which were preferred by the Militants. The rifle uses short bolts and short actions which reduced the size and weight of the rifle. This also lead to a reduction in the prices of the rifle.

The accuracy of the rifle makes it perfectly usable for the competitive hunting games. The rifle calibers also give an accurate and efficient result while shooting for both long and short distance. The weight of the bullet and the trajectory allows the rifle to be used by the freshers as km allows the user to keep a good balance while firing. The rifle uses NATO calibers for a semi-automatic transmission beneficial for the military. The 30-60 rifles are one of the widest available rifles in the gun shops among which some are loaded with amazing ammunition. So, enjoy you hunting expedition with the best rifle.

Remington 700 ADL .30-06 Springfield Bolt-Action Centrefire Rifle

The Remington 700 is a bolt action Centrefire rifle that features prominently in every 30 06 Rifles reviews and is one of the choicest hunting rifles for the sport hunting enthusiasts out there.

It offers a carbon steel barrel and synthetic stock for superior performance and features an X-mark pro Trigger for comfort grip.

The combination makes it a light weight and durable fire arm to carry with you in your hunting trip, even if you have to travel through rugged terrain in search of game.
It has a magazine capacity of 4+1 rounds and has bluish finish metal work used in the rifle. For those of you, who have an eye for the finish of the hunting rifle as well as performance, this one is a dream come true.

It has a barrel length of 24 inches and weighs just over 7lbs, making it easy to handle in your hunting trip.

If you are looking for the best .30 06 rifle option out there, the Remington 700 ADL is definitely on the top of the list with some other top names and this one is a great value for money rifle you can have in your hunting collection.

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