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The 5 Best .300 Win Mag Rifles For The Money in 2020

300 win mag custom rifle side view

Hunting rifles started to appear in the 1990s and they received new forms and designs along the way. Each weapon is made to deliver certain features to the hunter and the type of game desired.

The diversity of makes, models, and calibers can sometimes make the choosing stage very difficult, but if you are a long-distance hunter, you should search for the best 300 win mag hunting gun.

The 300 magazine hunting models offers great precision and it can also be used with a scope

A great choice of rifle would be the Winchester XPR Hunter Mobuc 26IN 300 Winchester Magnum Matte Blue 3+1RD with its 26” barrel and the steel detachable magazine for the best 300 win mag ammo for long range shooting.

This bolt-action rifle is very reliable, rugged and precise, perfect for the new generation of hunters. Its performance and accuracy mix with the camouflage offer an ideal weapon to use.

It is also an affordable piece, the best 300 win mag rifle for the money in 2018 you have to buy one. If you need more precision than the gun is offering, you can search for a scope to attach to it.

Here is a video overview of Winchester XPR:

Rifle scopes can change the way you hunt and give you even more precision

Other 300 Win Mag Recommendations For 2020 Season

Fierce Firearms Fury Centerfire

fury model

Price: $1999.99


Are you searching for the best 300 win mag rifle of 2018 that will give you an exciting experience in hunting or other tactical shooting? The Fierce Fury Centerfire will be a great choice for you. Although it has no custom build, this weapon has the necessary features that will thrill you.

This magnificent masterpiece comes with triad bolt & action, with high-level precision on a nine-axis machine to give the best precise fit.

Also, the barrel is a hand-lapped one that is made of match-grade stainless steel. It also has a satin Cerakote touch that protects it from the toughest environmental conditions.

To ensure that it is the top 300 win mag on the market, the factory runs a test-fire on it to see if it meets accuracy and extremely tough condition standard. The pass mark for the test is that 3 shots should group within a ½ inch at 100yards.

The barrel is specially designed to have a muzzle break with forty-two forward-angled hole that helps to reduce the effect of recoil on the shooter each time each shot is taking.

The Fierce Fury Centerfire come with a Leupold VX-3i CDS 4.5-14 x 40 30mm scope, which helps you to have an amazing view of the farthest distance that the Winchester mag cartridge can get to.

Although this model has a conventional stock and may not look spectacular in appearance, handling this weapon makes you feel like you are handling a custom-made gun. This is arguably the best .300 win mag rifle available out there.


    • It is made of top-notch materials
    • Offers a high shooting accuracy
    • Can withstand the toughest weather conditions
    • It comes with a step-by-step procedure of how to operate it
  • It’s tested before launching it in the market


    • Doesn’t come with the muzzle break
  • It’s not a custom build. However, it can match custom built guns

Weatherby Mark V Deluxe

mark 5 model

Price: $2700


Weatherby has been in the weapon industry for a reasonable number of years now and is a major player with a good reputation. The Weatherby Mark V Deluxe comes with great features that can qualify it as the best win mag rifle for the money. Why is it considered the strongest on the market? Because it has a one-piece bolt with nine locking lugs. In terms of safety, you wouldn’t want to be bothered because this gun has 2 position safety locks that lock-down in the safe position to avoid inadvertent opening of the action on the field.

The Weatherby Mark V weighs about 9 ½ pounds including a scope while the barrel has a length of 26 inches, making the overall length to be 45 5/8 inches. It is designed to handle calibers from 257 to 460.

The flat-shooting cartridge and weight of this gun make it perfect for long shots. Additionally, it has an MPBR (Maximum Point Blank Range) of 320 yards. You will enjoy a steady balance when using this weapon because of its forearm’s 3-dimension taper. If you are serious about hunting, then this gun will be nice for you.


    • It has a fast action
    • The taper offers steady balance
    • It is quiet and smooth to use
  • It can handle calibers of various sizes


  • It is not a custom build

Remington CDL Model 700 Bolt Action

700 cdl model

Price: $1029


Unlike the Winchester 70 Model, the Remington doesn’t have an exciting history, but it is no doubt one of the great 300 win mag models for the money. It is the most famous hunting gun in the United States presently. The manufacturer of this gun, Remington, says when it comes to accuracy, it is rarely possible to see a rifle that beats the Model 700. This claim is backed with facts because the American military utilizes Remington 700 Model product as their top priority when it comes to Sniper M24 Weapon System.

Due to the stunning appearance of the model 700 bolt action, it becomes easily identifiable by any gun enthusiast. The Remington CDL Model 700 features an American Monte Carlo walnut stock that has a unique front cap combined with the famous Remington 700 model and a barrel of 26 inches in length with a shiny blue finish. It also comes with 4 rounds of integral box magazines with a pivoted floor plate.

Furthermore, apart from having a drilled & tapped receiver to make it easy to mount a scope, the Remington 700 model also comes with a rear sight that is adjustable and a hooded, ramped front sight, especially included for hunters who like open sights more than scopes.


    • It is very customizable
    • Offers high level of accuracy
    • The stock is fully adjustable
  • It is smooth and quiet to use


  • It is a little bit heavy

Kimber Mountain Ascent Bolt Action

mountain ascent model

Price: $2040


The Kimber Mountain Ascent is another great hunting model that is worth mentioning on our list of the most accurate 300 win mag rifle of 2018. In case you are not bothered about the price tag of your hunting gun, then it will be reasonable for you to opt for this magnificent weapon.

Kimber is a well-known player in firearms production, thanks to their top-notch 1911 pistols that brought the company into the limelight. They have replicated the same feat in crafting custom bolt action gun.

The Kimber Ascent is designed to match sub-MOA standards in terms of accuracy. It comes with lots of amazing features such as a barrel that is made from high-quality stainless steel, and a precision trigger that can be adjusted to match up the accuracy standard.

To add to the unique features of this rifle, it is threaded to allow for the addition of muzzle break that is most preferred by people. It also features a Pachymar recoil pad, that offers a wonderful shooting experience.


    • It is lightweight
    • Has an amazing muzzle break
    • Offers high accuracy level
  • Made from high-grade materials


  • It is quite expensive

Here are some of the best riflescopes for 300 win mag:

    • Leupold 113863 VX-I 2-7x33mm Matte 
    • Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 
    • NightForce SHV 5-20x56mm 
    • Redfield 115208 Revenge 3-9x42mm 
  • Crossfire II 4-12x50mm 

One of the best riflescopes there are and that can be fitted perfectly on a 300 win mag, is the Leupold model, Leupold 113863 VX-I 2-7x33mm Matte. The performance and confidence offered by this scope are at an affordable price, so you won’t have to smash the piggy bank to buy it.

The Leupold 113863 VX-I 2-7x33mm Matte Scope provides a magnification power of three to nine, precision windage, fully coated optics with a 50mm objective lens and elevation adjustment. This can be one of the best choices for the optic.

The next in line is the Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x40mm that offers a waterproof, shockproof and fog-proof construction. Also, the optics are designed to maximize the transmission of light and magnify the image three to nine times. It has a unique reticle for bullet drop compensation, through which you can determine the distance of the target and select your aim point that can compensate the bullet drop. This works perfectly on magnum caliber rounds.

The rifle optic can help you a lot if you want to use a long range hunting. In this way, you remain hidden and the target will still be reachable from afar. This is the ideal way to hunt large game that you cannot approach. You should take into consideration the fact that this sport comes with impressive gear that is a must-have if you want to do it by the book.

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