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Top 4 Reliable and Most Accurate Semi Auto 308 Guns

shooting the springfield m1a .308 semi auto rifle

Weapons for hunting purpose are evolving along with time and now semi auto 308 are occupying the place of bows and arrows of ancient times. In this article, I would like to introduce you to the best semi-automatic rifles that specifically come in 308 caliber series.

Not just for hunting purpose, but one can also use them for target practicing. These weapons are highly reliable from the perspectives of accuracy, range, and impact. Not just a single model but there is a wide range of this product available on the market. As a survival or hunting tool or protection companion, nothing is more reliable than 308 rifles.

I cannot put a specific rifle with the best one tag because every model has its own advantages. The basic characteristics of all models are long-range stopping power and best in class ballistics.

This is the reason why they are still popular among entry-level and old hunters as a precision weapon. In the article below, you will learn about the top 380 semi-auto rifles available on the market.

Just scroll down and decide what you can do with these beasts and why they are the first preference in hunting category weapons.

4 Best Rated and Very Accurate Semi Auto 308 Rifles

1) Springfield M1a

m1a tactical rifle view

Manufacturer: Springfield Armory


Price: $1,704.00

As being the semi automatic civilian version of the latest m14 rifle, this weapon has gained significant popularity right after introduction in 1974. Springfield Armory is the birthplace of this reliable 308 rifle.

It is a gas piston driven weapon that utilizes a rotating bolt. The ammunition with 22 long barrel of M1A is matchless in the sense of accuracy and reliability. That is why US military is still using its latest versions of modern warfare activities.

While talking about detachable accessories, you cannot ignore the scope which is quite helpful. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in the factory made weapon but you have to buy additionally for an even bigger benefit.

The magazine of this rifle is capable of containing 10 rounds at a time which is very easy to refill. This is the best semi auto 308 which is currently coming in a robust synthetic model.

Within the range of 100 yards, it can easily target anything that you want to hunt. With an additionally mounted scope you have the ultimate hunting machine.

As detachable equipment, you can also mount bench rest to provide base support for target practicing. It comes in the category of medium weight weapons which are very easy to carry with your other equipment.

2) Ruger SR-762

sr 762 view

Manufacturer: Ruger Firearms


Price: $2,349.00

It is unbelievable to know that this masterpiece of shooting was invented by a home workshop engineer. This rifle is serving 50 years with perfection and reliability. To reach the ultimate perfection from the beginning, it took some major changes.

The SR 762 modes have all the essential specifications that are needed for a versatile semi automatic rifle. The range and power by utilization of 7.62×51 mm NATO/.308 Win is matchless in semi auto 308 caliber class. It weighs around 8.6 pounds without attaching accessories.

One can easily mount scope and laser for long-range targets as well as for night vision too. Working of Ruger SR-762 is based on 4 piston gas regulator with various settings from 0 to 3 according to your convenience and requirement. Its rounds cartridge is capable of holding 20 rounds which is enough for any kind of hunting purpose.

The triggering system is also of the finest quality which is reliable for every single shot with long-lasting durability. It has a 16.12 inches barrel which is shorter as compared to Springfield M1A but with a better range.

3) Remington 783

783 scoped rifle view

Manufacturer: Remington Arms


Price: $399.00

If you are a fan of bolt action rifles then this one is the classic piece of excellence. From old 700 models to this one, several changes occurred but the core weapon value remained the same. I am placing this rifle in the category of best 380 models due to its long-range shooting capability with great accuracy.

Magnification scope is the essential requirement in case you are going to use it for hunting. It can easily poke a hole in steel after shooting from the range of 500 yards. Not any other bolt action model of semi auto rifles can compete with its capability in the sense of durability and accuracy.

The latest model has carbon fiber body which reduces the weight. As compared to old models of Remington, this one is surely the most refined version.

This model of Remington has a cylindrical receiver with the port of minimal size ejection.

Unlike other bolt action rifles, it has an adjustable crossfire trigger with a mounted lever. The barrel length of the standard model is 22 inches and it reaches 24″ in case of magnum ammunition. It comes with just 4 bullets capability magazine but enough for the purpose of hunting.

This is the best semi auto 308 available at affordable price with great range and reliability. This rifle is specifically designed for long range hunting purpose and the magnifying scope also comes in the factory made a model. As compared to other models of 308, it is quite lightweight but require lots of practice for perfection.


fn fal side view

Manufacturer: DS Arms


Price: $1,200.00

This lightweight versatile semi auto weapon is used by more than 90 countries around the globe. You can be sure it’s not of less importance than a Kalashnikov. Unlike many other traditional rifles, it has a non-reciprocating cocking handle. This feature keeps it to stand apart from other competitors of this category.

There is a proverb attached to this great 380 semi auto rifle which is “the right arm of the free world.” It is a gas operated weapon having 21 inches of barrel length. The magazine is capable of handling 20 rounds at a time which is more than enough.

It was a very successful weapon. Now it has become an ideal hunting rifle that can easily aim down its target.

It comes in both automatic and semi automatic versions but only semi auto is available for selling purpose for civilians. The effective firing range of FN FAL is from 200 to 600 meters which is quite enough if you are on a hunt.

Like other 380 models, you can also attach magnifying scope for better vision. It supports 5.56 mm rounds which are universally available on the market and fit other rifles in this category. The latest version of FAL comes with folding stock for better comfort.

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