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4 Best 3×9 Rifle Scopes Under 500 On The Market

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The 3×9 scope is a powerful hunting scope. It is great for both long and short distance shooting. However, finding the best inexpensive 3×9 scope has become a bit complicated considering the high number of scopes on the market. But we have done all the hard work to present you with the best you will ever find on a tight budget.

What to Consider before Buying the Best budget 3X9 Scope

There are factors you must look at before buying a scope. These factors will guide you to make the right decision and also save more money.


It is good to plan and decide on what you want to spend on any accessory before making the final move. Besides the scope, there are other accessories you are going to need for your hunting sport. There are many budget-friendly 3×9 scopes on the market. You can lay hold on them if you are patient enough or read reviews like what we have here before making the final move to buy.


The scope’s durability is a very important factor to consider even when buying the top affordable 3×9 scope. Though is not easy to determine the durability of the scope by mere looking at it, you can rely on comments from other users and expert reviews. The quality of the material used can also determine how durable the scope is going to be. Check for features such as fog proof, waterproof and recoil proof.


Before buying a scope, consider the image quality. Most scopes are built with parallax error free features; thus they allow users to shoot accurately even when the target changes position. The eye relief and ability of the scope to hold zero are features to also consider.


Weight does not affect the performance of the scope. It is just that most hunters would prefer a scope that is lightweight, so their guns will not have extra weight. Choosing a scope based on its weight is a matter of personal preference.

Best Rated 3×9 Scopes For The Money in 2018

Redfield Revolution 3-9x40mm

Take your hunting to the next level by investing in the best 3×9 rifle scope under 500. The Redfield Revolution is the go-to scope for hunters looking for a scope that offers both low and high-end magnification.

The Redfield Revolution is lightweight and well built. It is made in the USA, Oregon to be precise. The premium quality multilayered lens with superior vapor-deposition coatings offers high image quality that most scope at this price point lacks.

The design and finish are breathtaking. And coupled with its Rapid Target Acquisition eyepiece, you are sure going to enjoy great accuracy. It also has a very clear and sharp optics. The scope also has the Accu-Range reticle that offers hold points to about 500 yards.


  • Well built
  • Premium quality lens
  • Waterproof and shockproof


  • Scope doesn’t come with dust cover

Bushnell Banner Centerfire 3-9x 40mm

The Bushnell Banner has tons of features that makes hunting more interesting. It comes with a black finish and objective lens of 40 mm. It is super easy to sight in and holds zero well. The sleek look and great performance make it the great choice for the money.

Its zoom is very clear at full power. Image quality is also very clear and illuminated crosshairs are super bright. It also comes with different brightness settings and suitable to use under any light conditions. It comes with Fast Focus eyepiece which makes it suitable for aiming on moving targets at the right spot.

The Bushnell Banner is fog proof and waterproof. It is constructed in a way that water can’t get through its linings, just like the Redfield Revolution. Its multi-coated lens adds some clarity and brightness to give superior accuracy when the sun is quite low or during heavy clouded weather.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Superior eye relief
  • Has both green and red reticles


  • Quite heavy
  • Can’t withstand higher caliber rifle with a lot of recoils

Barska Colorado Riflescope

The Barska Colorado is a great scope built for hunters looking for a good quality scope on a tight budget. It fits the bill as the best inexpensive 3×9 scope for AR considering its satisfactory picture quality and brightness.

This scope is very easy to sight in and has a 30/30 reticle. Overall, it does what it is meant for and very easy to use. It can also be adjusted easily even without a tool. Compared to other scopes at this price point, Barska Colorado is quite accurate and sturdy.

This is a scope you can buy without breaking the bank even though it can’t stand the extremes of weather. It is not built with the highest quality of the material but great for first-time hunters. The Barska is an amazing scope to teach kids how to hunt.


  • Affordable
  • Multi-coated lens
  • Simple to understand and use


  • Doesn’t come with rings to mount it
  • Sight is not very clear at the highest magnification

Bushnell Trophy XLT Bone Collector Edition

This Bushnell Trophy scope comes with a limited lifetime warranty and tons of features that every hunter would love. It is durable and made of good quality materials to support that. The Fast Focus eyepiece is just one of those features that make it a great scope to invest on. It also offers quality optics with great HD image clarity.

The Bushnell Trophy has the 40mm objective lens and DOA 600 reticle. It comes with the 1/4 elevation and windage adjustments. It is suitable for hunting big-game and offers great accuracy under any shooting condition.

It features a one-piece tube construction that is very sturdy. Its O-ring sealing and nitrogen purging makes it completely fog and waterproof.


  • Excellent bargain
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Completely waterproof and fog proof


  • A bit difficult to mount


A good scope will make hunting more interesting and successful. It is great to mount a scope on your rifle, whether you hunt for fun or to put food on the table.  You’ll be able to aim at targets at short and long distances accurately even if you are still a beginner hunter. We have listed the best budget 3×9 scopes to add to your collection or mount on your rifle.

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