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Best AR Scope Mount For Every Budget

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Here you can find the best AR scope mounts under 100 dollars to buy in 2019. These are top quality high rise and one piece mounts for AR 15 rifle.

After buying the best AR scope or optic, one thing most people forget to search for is the best AR 15 scope mount. Buying a good quality scope isn’t enough. You must ensure the mount is also of good quality. Just like the scope, there are tons of mounts on the market, so chances are that you might make the wrong choice.

To avoid making mistakes, we have done all the research for you to save your precious time and energy and buy the top product for the money like a pro.

What You Should Consider Before Choosing AR Scope Mount

There are many things to consider when you deciding which scope mount is best for your rifle. In addition to features like the ring’s durability, there are many other factors to consider. 

How much does it cost?

One of the lies that most AR owners believe is that they can’t get the top AR-15 scope mount on a tight budget. They believe they have to break the bank to get the best mount for their expensive scope. It is possible to buy a good quality mount on a tight budget.

The most important thing is the amount of research and information one has. Conduct thorough research to find out which product is the best in the market within your budget. It is also a good thing to plan on what you intend spending before your search begins. Do you plan on spending less than $100? And is the quality of the product you intend spending on worth the value of money?

Nature of the Material & Construction

No one would like to invest in a poorly constructed scope mount. There are many scope mounts on the market, so if you don’t like how scope is constructed, it is best to go for another. The weight of the mount is also a function of the material it is built from. The two main types of material commonly in use in the market are steel and aluminum.

Aluminum is preferable if you can’t cope with your firearm having an extra weight. Aluminum has lightweight. Though steel is a bit stronger than aluminum, it will add a considerable amount of weight to the weapon.

Mount system

There is a detachable, non-detachable and quick detachable mount system among others. Considering the detachable mounting system, we have the Picatinny and Weaver rails. Both rails look really identical on the exterior. The major difference is the size of both rail’s slot width.

The one on the Picatinny is already programmed to the military standard and there has a particular spacing. But that of the weaver might vary. Accessories of the weaver rails might fit properly on that of the Picatinny rail and not the other way round.  With the QD (Quick Detachable) mount system, the scope can be removed and reattached with ease.

Best AR Scope Mounts Under $100

CCOP MNT-1516 High Rise AR Scope Mount

The CCOP MNT is a good quality budget scope mount with beautiful matte finish and material. It is made with a good quality aluminum alloy that is performance tested. The accessory will give your rifle a good high profile and can fit perfectly for any type of Picatinny rail.

As one of the best 30mm scope mount for AR 15 rifles, the CCOP MNT is also very easy to install. Installation is with a set of Torx screws and driver that makes the process hassle-free. The durability of the mount is what makes it one of the best on the market at this price point. 

And above all, it comes with the right set of tools and screws for installation. The rings have a wide girth which gives a solid grip on the scope and the screws remain extremely tight even after many uses.


  • Great price
  • Easy installation
  • Great finish and material quality
  • Solid and durable scope mount


  • Adds extra weight to the rifle – half a pound.

Burris 420162 Scope Rings

This Burris scope mount is a reliable product rated the top scope mount under 100 for a couple of reasons. Even after detaching and attaching the setup, it will still hold zero. With the quick release latches having a special locking device, recoil from even a 308 will be unable to loosen them.

The mount has two diverse variations: one has the Picatinny tops while the other doesn’t have. However, the model that has the Picatinny rails is ideal for tactical use because other accessories like illuminators, lights, lasers, and the red dot can be added.

Most products at this price point cannot hold zero at 100 yards, especially after a series of removal and installation on the AR 15. The mount is built with good quality material and does what it is built for though is quite heavy. And, if you want a high performance scope, check out this scope from Burris.


  • Holds zero
  • Flawless machining
  • Good value for money
  • Has smooth top rings and Picatinny rail tops


  • Not suitable for mountain hunters due to weight

TMS AR Flat Top Scope Mount with Picatinny Rails

If you have plans to mount a large scope on an AR, this is the best scope mounts for AR 15 to get. It is great for first-time buyers on a tight budget or those who are not yet sure of the right scope mount to get. It comes with a great price tag and is one of the best mounts you might find at this price point.

The TMS Flat Top Mount is very solid and takes little or no effort to install. The hex screws are large and easy to tight by hand. In fact, you won’t have any issue during installation. It is also very stable, unlike other scope mount at this price point.

The scope mount is lightweight and suitable for tactical purposes. It is made of aluminum alloy, aircraft grade, and a beautiful matte black finish. It comes with a complete kit for the hex screw, extra ring top, including an accessory rail where you can mount extra accessories such as laser sight.


  • Very lightweight
  • Pocket-friendly mount
  • Aircraft grade material


  • Requires proper installation to be stable

Hammers Flat Top Offset One Piece Scope Mount

This Hammers QD mount is one of the top scope mount models to enjoy the easiest installation process and ease of use. It is built with aluminum aircraft grade and with a premium matte finish which enhances its attractiveness and durability. 

The mount is very well made and tightens down perfectly. It comes with the easy to adjust quick release cam locks which make installation a breeze for even a first time user.  The scope can be detached with a simple push of a button and flipping the detach levers. It also returns back to zero once installed.

The mount is quite solid but on the heavy side. Install your magnified optics scope with ease to enjoy one of the most amazing eye relief setups. It is also very useful when dealing scopes built with longer eyepiece tube, particularly models that have illuminated reticles.

The Hammers QD mount works well with different rifle scopes like the 30mm and 1-inch type. It is one of the good quality mounts for shooters on a tight budget and for those looking to upgrade to something better but more affordable.


  • Durable material
  • Simple installation
  • Good price and quality


  • It is quite heavy

Nikon M-223 XR Scope Mount

Nikon M-223 XR Mount
Price: $56.04
You Save: $25.94 (32%)
Price Disclaimer

Nikon is one of the greatest brands in the scope making business. And interestingly, the company makes good quality mounts for the scopes they produce. The Nikon M-223 XR fits almost the entire AR platforms perfectly including Picatinny rails.

The mount is specially designed for extreme long-range shooting with great convenience. Nikon did a great job on the construction of this mount. It is also made of good quality and durable lightweight alloy. The mount can withstand extreme weather conditions, thanks to the quality of material and finish.

The mount clamps tightly and functions perfectly. It has a good balance of strength and weight. It also will not add extra weight to your rifle because of the lightweight material it is made from. This XR model has three parts; right, left and center base. You also need to align all the parts to the rail using Allen bolts.


  • Good price
  • Very lightweight
  • Functions well for the AR -15 Nikon scope


  • Being three parts makes it quite difficult to align.


Finding a good quality scope mount is quite stressful, especially on a tight budget. There are tons of products on the market which makes it more challenging. There are good quality mounts though but to get the best, a little bit of research has to be done.

The good news is that we have done all the hard work and research you would require finding the top AR scope mounting item. Now you can read through each of the products to make the right choice according to your budget and needs.

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