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Top 5 Best Budget AR Scope 2018 Reviews

ar15 with tactical riflescope

If you already have an ar 15 rifle, then you certainly know how accurate these guns are. But if you want to hit the bull's eye almost every time, then you will need to mount a proper scope with clear optics on your ar 15 rifle. There is no such a thing as an ar scope, but some products will work better on an ar 15 rifle, and they could be a perfect match for your gun.

5 Top AR Scopes 2018

To help you select a best budget ar scope from the market today, we are going to show you the list of great and inexpensive optics. With these scopes, you will definitelyenhance your accuracy and become a better shooter. So, let’s see the best choices for your ar 15 rifle:

Nikon P-223 3-9x40 Mate BDC 600 Under $200 ar15 Scope

black nikon scope on ar rifle

Nikon's optics have been worldwide known for their reliability and crystal clear images they provide. This beautiful P-223 scope is no exception, and it is specially developed for ar 15 rifles and ammunition they use.

It has the unique reticle, named BDC 600, specially made for the best trajectory of the 5.56 NATO round. This reticle will allow you hash marks and open circle aiming points up to 600 yards. It also has a distinct parallax setting which will eliminate parallax up to 100 yards and give you more accurate shooting.

Your brow will be safe with an excellent eye relief, even with a heavy recoiling and shooting angles. Zero-reset turrets will help you with faster zeroing, and you will be able to maintain adjustments. You'll need a 1'' inch mount ring to successfully attach this scope to your ar 15 rifle, and we recommend the Nikon series mounts. With a correct mount, you will be able to see through the scope even with backup iron sight.

Optics on this Nikon P-223 are reliable and provide a bright sight and incredible clarity. This scope is waterproof and fog proof, while the producer gives a lifetime warranty on this product.


· Specially developed for ar 15 rifles

· Unique reticle, made for the best trajectory of the 5.56 NATO round

· A distinct parallax setting for more accurate shooting

· Great eye relief

· Optics provide a bright sight and wonderful clarity images

· Waterproof and fog proof

· Lifetime warranty

· Budget friendly, great quality for the money


· You'll need to buy a separate mount

· It has a pretty narrow focus area

Bushnell Optics FFP Illuminated BTR-1 Under $250

black bushnell ar15 rifle scope

Made of the finest and durable aluminum alloy this Bushnell's scope has great multi-coated optics which provides improbable bright and clear images. With the 1-4x magnification, illuminated focal plane and bar reticle, you will be able to shoot more precise with your ar 15 rifle. But even without a battery, this reticle is easily visible in daylight.

Specialized throw down lever will allow you quicker power change, and with an illuminated reticle you will have excellent low light performance and precise holdovers even on a longer distance. Target turrets bring you pinpoint adjustments, and you will be surprised how efficient it is.

Bushnell optimized this particular scope for use with ar 15 rifles and 5.56 rounds, and you should successfully aim to 600 yards. The scope is rustproof, scratchproof and once you mount it on your rifle; you will use it for a long, long time.


· Made of the finest and durable aluminum alloy

· Multi-coated optics provide bright and clear images

· 1-4x magnification

· Illuminated reticle and first focal plane

· Excellent low light performance

· Optimized for use with ar 15 rifles and 5.56 rounds

· Rustproof and scratchproof

· Durable and quality made for a decent price


· Crosshairs can be useless sometimes when the sunlight is strong, and it goes your way

· At 1x magnification red dot is difficult to see

· A small distortion at 4x magnification

· It’s a battery eater, so always have a backup one

UTG 3-9X32 1" BugBuster - Affordable Scope under $100

black riflescope for ar

This eight inches long scope is a sturdy made, and durable piece completely sealed and filled with nitrogen. For a decent price, you will get a reliable scope for your ar 15 rifle. Optics are crisp and provides bright, clear images even when you are shooting on long range distance. With a range estimating reticle you will get an optimal aiming and better accuracy.

Target turrets are specially produced for a proper elevation and windage adjustments, and with a resetting and locking features you shouldn't have any problems with zeroing. Made on a strength platform, UTG BugBuster is waterproof, fog proof and shockproof.

This UTG scope is not made specifically for ar 15 rifles, but it has proved a great effectiveness with 5.56 rounds so it could be the best budget ar15 scope. The main drawback is a limited eye relief, and sometimes you can feel a bit uncomfortable. Also, the mil dot is pretty small and difficult to recognize.


· Sturdy and durable scope, sealed and nitrogen filled

· Good quality for a decent price

· Crisp optics provide bright and clear images

· Range estimating reticle

· Elevation and windage adjustments

· Waterproof, fog proof and shockproof

· High effectiveness with 5.56 rounds


· Limited eye relief could make you feel uncomfortable

· A small mil dot is difficult to recognize

· The illumination can be annoying

Aipa AR15 Tactical Rifle Scopes 4-12x50EG

black tactical ar 15 scope

With a 4-12x magnification and lovely crystal clear optics, this Aipa rifle scope is a perfect match for any ar 15 gun. Multi-coated optics and detachable sight with unlimited eye relief will provide bright images, so this could be a good ar scope for fast moving targets. The electronic red and green dot sight will help you with accuracy, also as range estimating reticle, and elevation and windage adjustments.

Shockproof and waterproof, this rifle scope is filled with dry nitrogen. With a 33mm reflex lens, you will get a nice field of view. The manufacturer gives a one-year warranty, and this product also has some drawbacks. The green dot looks out of focus, and some called this laser a cat toy. Also, it can be a little blurry in bright sunlight. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like a durable piece. And don't be surprised if a customer service doesn't give any feedback.


· 4-12x magnification works pretty well

· Multi-coated optics and unlimited eye relief

· The range estimating reticle

· Elevation and windage adjustments

· Wide field of view with a 33mm reflex lens

· Shockproof and waterproof

· One year warranty


· The green dot could be a cat toy

· Doesn't look like a durable scope

· Bad customer service

Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40

nikon black matte riflescope

As we already said, Nikon is one of the world leaders in sports optics, and we would like to show you another great product which can be a good match for your ar 15 rifle.

Nikon ProStaff has a good field of view – 23.6 feet at 100 yards with a 4x magnification, and 7.3 feet at 100 yards with a 12x magnification. Filled with nitrogen, this scope is waterproof and fog proof. The body is fully made of aluminum and polymer, and it is a durable scope which will serve you for years (buyers also get a lifetime warranty).

With a 40mm objective lens and multi-coated optics, this rifle scope will transmit all available light, and provide bright, clear images. A special BDC reticle will allow you to be more precise and effective, especially for long range shooting. Nice and constant eye relief will boost your confidence, and you don't have to worry about heavy recoiling. It will hold zero on 100 yards with no problem.

It is a budget friendly rifle scope, but you will see there is no major issues with this product. It maybe can't handle the low light as we expected, but it is not a big deal. Crosshairs should be less thick, especially when you are using maximum magnification.


· Bright and clear sight images

· A wide field of view

· A durable scope with aluminum and polymer body

· An exclusive BDC reticle for more effectiveness

· Nice and constant eye relief

· Holds zero well on 100 yards

· Great quality for the money

· Waterproof, fog proof and a lifetime warranty


· Crosshairs should be thinner

· Can't handle the low light like other light conditions


When you are buying a scope for your ar 15 rifle in 2018, we strongly recommend you to choose the one specialized for this type of weapon and 5.56 rounds. But you can also select the scope which has proved as a good match for ar 15 gun. It is important that you can easily mount it on your rifle and use it without big issues.

We hope that products on our list will help you buy the best budget ar scope. Each one will be a good choice, and we are sure you are going to love shooting from your ar 15 with a new scope on it.