Best BB Gun 2019 Reviews - 5 Most Powerful and Most Accurate BB Guns

Best BB Gun 2019 Reviews – 5 Most Powerful and Most Accurate BB Guns

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Here you can find the best bb gun to buy in 2019. We reviewed only top products: the most powerful and most accurate bb guns on the market.

Whether for engaging in a shooting competition, hunting or for chasing animals away, finding the ideal pellet gun is the right thing to do. These guns have evolved over the years and there are currently more options to choose from in 2019 than before.

However, if you are having a hard time deciding on which rifle to choose, then reading BB gun reviews will save you from making the wrong choice.  In fact, you will be in a better position to make the right decision after reading this post.

Things To Consider Before Choosing BB Guns

Before buying these guns, there are things you must put into consideration. These BB guns are versatile and as a matter of fact, there are many different brands you will find on the market. But even with the numerous brands available, there are factors that connect all of them, which you must consider before settling for any BB.

Power of the Gun

Choosing a gun based on its power is a thing of choice. You can either choose a pneumatic rifle or settle for a barrel. For medium range shooting distance, the CO2 kind of air rifle is a good option. This CO2 weapon is ideal for shooters seeking to cover a shooting distance of between 20-30 yards.


Accuracy is a very important factor to watch out for when choosing the top BB rifle. No one would like to buy a gun that doesn’t shoot accurately. While you want to aim at objects at a far distance with ease. It is best to make provision for a scope for your air gun. The scope will let your aim be more accurate.

Ammo choice

Buying a BB gun is one thing and choosing which pellet to use is another. Most shooters will prefer pellets that are Eco-friendly. Examples of these types of pellets are the Crosman Powershot, Wad Cutters, etc.

Design and style

There are quite a number of designs of BB guns you will find in the market. Examples include assault weapons, handguns, and the sniper rifles. These products come with different prices determined by the level of performance of the gun and the material used in constructing it.

Expensive varieties are constructed with high-grade metal materials and velocity and firing rates are higher for these types of popguns. Most cheap varieties, on the other hand, are usually constructed with plastic materials. These choices usually have lower firing capability.

One thing about the cheaper brands of the top products is that they are great for people learning how to use firearms. They are also a good option for people doing target practice.

The use of CO2 cartridges or not

There are wind guns that require the use of CO2 cartridges while some don’t. Rifles that require the use of CO2 cartridges may have some more benefits to the user but are more expensive.

Quality and Use

The quality of BB gun to choose depends on what you intend using the gun for. As earlier established, for shooters doing target practice, settling for less powerful bb guns is ideal. Quality determines the rifle shooting capability. So if you intend using your airgun for hunting, consider going for a brand that is powerful and accurate.

Best BB Gun – Top 5

Daisy BB Gun – Best BB Gun For Kids Under $50

This Daisy Pump rifle is all you need to get started on your shooting practice. But it doesn’t come with safety glasses to help protect your eyes from flying objects nor does it include a scope that let you aim accurately at the target.

Unlike other air rifles at this price point, the pump rifle shoots pellets at the rate of 350 FPS. The gun also has a very attractive design and look.

The checkering is quite deep on the forearm and grip. This makes the gun much easier to operate and lets you take comfortable shots.   

The stock of this rifle is built with synthetic material, thus making it more durable than most rifles at this price point. It is enhanced to withstand different weather conditions.


  • Lightweight
  • Simple to operate
  • Enhanced for kids and adults


  • The scope isn’t included

Benjamin Titan GP – Most Accurate BB Gun

This rifle from Benjamin Titan is much easier to use and quieter than many rifles at this price range. It offers two different models that come with different kind of calibers making it one of the best BB rifles for the money. One of the models can shoot the .177 pellets.

The velocity can also increase to about 1,200 FPS if good grade alloy pellets are used. The other can shoot the .22 pellets with velocity reaching up to about 800 FPS with lead pellets.

The gun is smoother to cock and shoot. As opposed to the metal spring that makes noise uses power pellets, this gas piston delivers less recoil and works silently. The Titan GP is made of hardwood stock and can withstand unfavorable weather conditions to a reasonable level.


  • Shoots great
  • Uses gas piston
  • Hardwood stock
  • Solidly built


  • The scope adds extra weight to the rifle

Hatsan 95 – Most Powerful BB Gun

The Hatsan 95 is a Spring-piston rifle and one of the most powerful bb guns you may find in this category. It is a solid rifle made with superior Turkish walnut material for enhanced durability. The finishing on this BB gun is well-made and the gun looks attractive on the exterior.

There is an impressive checkered grip and forearm that allows users to enjoy a comfortable experience while shooting. It also comes with rubber recoil padding that acts as a shock absorber that helps to absorb some part of the gun’s recoil for better shooting experience.

The fiber optic front sight and rear are made by TrueGlo. These are good quality optic that is not easy to find in guns at this price point. The rear sight is adjustable while the front one isn’t.


  • Sturdily built
  • Decent scope
  • Powerful and accurate
  • Superior wood and finish


  • A little bit noisy
  • It is quite big and heavy

Ruger Blackhawk – Very Accurate BB Gun

Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle
Price: $120.24
You Save: $16.71 (12%)
Price Disclaimer

Shooters who are looking for the most accurate pellet gun will find the Blackhawk Combo made by Ruger very satisfying. It has a smooth break barrel system including a safety system that turns on anytime a reload is done.

The stock of this rifle is built from high-quality composite material and that is why it can withstand any weather condition. The open fiber sights on this rifle are mounted on the back and front area of the gun. You can easily adjust the rear sight while the front one is fixed.

The scope is waterproof, shockproof and also fog proof. In addition, when making use of different pellet types, the scope has to be re-zeroed. The reason for this is that the pellets’ flight pattern is different. The rifle shoots the .177 lead pellet types at 1000 FPS. In addition, higher velocities can be achieved with the alloy pellets.


  • Serviceable scope
  • Multiple lens coating
  • Gives accurate shots
  • Great price and quality
  • Rifle is built for all weather


  • Scope isn’t of the best quality

Daisy Outdoor 880 With Scope – Best BB Gun For Squirrels

The Outdoor 880 Rifle from Daisy is one of the coolest BB guns on the market. The gun is very simple to operate and offers unmatched accuracy.  In fact, loading this air rifle is very easy and it shoots BBs and Pellets efficiently, with a maximum velocity that is approximately 800 FPS.

The gun looks stylish on the exterior with wood grained and the well-molded Monte Carlo stock. It has a beautiful ramp front and the rear sights are adjustable.

Having a gun at this price point that can shoot both pellets and BBs at different shot capacities is awesome. The gun is very comfortable to hold and loading it is also much easier than most guns in this price range.


  • Sturdy and light
  • 50-shot BB capacity
  • Easy to adjust rear sights
  • 800 FPS maximum velocity
  • Great multi-pump pneumatic action


  • It is an all plastic air gun

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Buying the best BB pellet rifle will make shooting practice and hunting more interesting and easier. Though there are different BB rifles in the market in 2019, with this review, you can find the right one that meets your needs. If accuracy, durability, and cost are a major concern, then you will find a suitable gun among the top choices provided in this post.

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