Top 5 Best Hunting Bone Saw 2017 - 2018 Reviews (Great For Deer Hunting)

5 Best Bone Saws For Deer Hunting Reviewed

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If you are planning to go on a deer hunt, one tool you should not leave behind is the hunting bone saw. You will have a great need for a saw after bagging a game to get the dirty jobs done. Animal bones are very hard to cut through with a knife but with the best hunting bone saw, you can cut them to any size you want. Awesome tool to have in 2018 season.

What To Consider When Buying The Best Bone Saw For Hunting Deer

There is a high number of hunting bone saw in the market, so one has to be careful when choosing a one for your needs. In order to invest in the right tool, these are the things you should consider before making buying moves.

The Teeth

Of course, the reason for buying a hunting bone saw is for cutting through bones and other objects. For that, you will need a saw with very sharp teeth. Hunting saw can either have large or smaller teeth. The smaller teeth cut very fine and small, while the large teeth cut deep and is ideal for larger game hunting. In addition to sharp teeth, a saw with low friction is ideal.

The Material

When deciding on the type of material, two things that come to mind are durability and ease of maintenance. Hunting bone saw with blade built from high-carbon stainless steel is sturdier and durable. The stainless steel does not rust easily, and cleaning the blade can be done with ease. The plastic handle should also be made of good quality material so that it can withstand any damage caused by impact or wear from use. There are other quality blades apart from carbon stainless steel that is durable. They are also coated with rust protection to prevent corrosion on the blade.


Choosing saw size will depend on the size of what you want to use it to cut. If you are using it on smaller animals with smaller bones, a small and portable saw will get the job done. The smaller the size, the easier it will be for you to transport or carry the tool. Most hunters prefer using a smaller sized saw because of convenience.

The Grip

For safety reasons, saw with a rugged grip will be ideal. This will prevent your hand from slipping to the sharp point of the saw which could be a disaster. The grip should be designed in such a way that your hand will not slip while using the saw to cut.


Bone saws for hunting come in different price range. But before finalizing plans to buy a saw, you must be certain of how much you are willing to spend. Consider the quality and features of the tool before making a final buying decision.

How to Maintain your Hunting Bone Saw

Use a sharpener

Sharpening a hunting saw could be challenging for a beginner, but it is something one can learn easily with consistent practice. Use the small triangular or diamond file to sharpen it. The file should be convenient for the saw’s teeth. The Larger file will not give a good result. File all the teeth of the saw till they become equal in length.

Get rid of rust

Scrub any rust spot on your saw with a razor blade or suitable sandpaper. Oil or wax the blade after scrubbing to prevent further corrosion.

Store in dry place

Keep your saw in a dry place and also keep it dry. Always apply lubricant to the blade after each use before storing.

Inspect before use

Always inspect this hunting tool before using it. Check if the blade needs to be sharpened or if there is any broken part. Replace damaged blade before use to prevent accident or disappointment.

Best Rated Hunting Bone Saw For The Money in 2017 and 2018

Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw

The design and quality of this unique 9 inch folding bone saw is unbeatable. It is the ideal saw for hunters who are serious about hunting. The 7-1/2 inch blade is not only built for cutting bones. It has 7 teeth per inch and cuts both dry and fresh wood and also the plastic materials, thus saving you from using your hunting knife on these materials which might become dull after use.

The blade is very sharp and great for cutting. The rust protection coating on the blade makes it durable and prevents the saw from becoming blunt due to rusting. It is also specially coated for low friction and great cutting experience.

This saw is very portable and simple to carry around. It can be carried like a pocket knife because of its small size and the fact that it can fold well. It comes with a unique safety lock that prevents children from accessing the blade.


  • Great price
  • Easy to use
  • Decently lightweight
  • Easy blade changing
  • Safety lock control features


  • Cutting thicker materials require more energy


This is another great all-purpose folding saw. It is enhanced for hunting, camping, pruning. The razor teeth of this 8-inch blade are great for cutting smaller bones, PVC and, wood. The teeth are hardened to let it remain sharp for longer periods and cut faster.

The gear style lock is installed specifically for safety. You can have the blade adjusted to a comfortable position for better cutting action and result. The ergonomic design of the grip handle is a big plus, making it slip-resistant. In addition, the folding design makes it safe and easy to carrying around.

The Japanese pull cut sawing style, coupled with superior design greatly lowers the friction of the saw. This will make the blade not to get stuck while in use. Overall, it is a reliable tool to use for bone saw hunting.


  • Low friction design
  • Slip-resistant grip handle
  • Extra hardened blade
  • Locks for safety
  • Closes completely with no exposed teeth


  • Slightly heavy
  • Blade can lose sharpness faster

Gerber Myth Fixed Blade Saw

If you are looking for a great value deer hunting bone saw, the Gerber Myth Fixed Blade Saw will not disappoint you. The saw was constructed with the needs of big game hunters in mind. It is lightweight and strong for cutting other materials other than bones.

The “T” style handle with a unique ergonomic design is comfortable in the handle. You can use it to cut anything without fear of exposing your hand to the danger.  The medium ground tooth style makes it great for cutting both trees and bones.

This bone saw remains sharper for longer than most saw at this price point, thanks to its SK5 high carbon steel blade. It is great for campers and bush-crafters as it cuts like a champ straight right out of the box.

Unlike other saw types, the handle of the Gerber Myth is more comfortable for most hunters with large hands.


  • Excellent grip
  • Sharp and compact
  • Great for field dressing game


  • Carrying case is very thin
  • Saw has too many teeth

Camillus Titanium Hunter’s Bone Saw

If you need a hunting saw that is thrice as hard as the usual saw, the Camillus Titanium Hunter’s Bone Saw will make a fine option. The bone saw is bonded with Titanium which makes it harder than other cutting materials. It is harder than untreated steel and can cut through objects other saw types will have a hard time cutting through.

For safety conscious hunters, the Camillus Titanium’s grip handle is also slip-resistant. It comes with a thick carrying case that is protective and makes carrying the tool much easier.

The blade itself is 5.5 inch long and comfortable for cutting smaller animals. The overall length is 9 inch long.


  • Well hardened blade
  • Great carrying case
  • Blade stays sharper longer


  • Blade is quite short

Havalon Baracuta Bone Saw

Havalon Baracuta Bone Saw, Green
Price: $49.49
Price Disclaimer

If you are looking for a great deer hunting bone saw or one that can handle cutting jobs of a bigger saw, Havalon Baracuta Bone Saw is a great match for your requirement.

The great blend of steel makes this saw long lasting and strong for cutting bigger-sized objects. It also has multiple replacement blades, so you can change blades anytime and anywhere the need arises. In fact, you will not be thinking of spending extra money on blades for a while.

The Zytel military plastic material coupled with black rubber inserts on the handle allows for better grip. The open back design also makes cleaning easy and less stressful.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Blade is easy to change
  • Beautiful design and style


  • Compatible with small to medium hand size

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After reviewing and sampling different hunting bone saw, we can recommend these five best hunting bone saw to you. A good hunting bone saw will save you time, money and energy. It should be able to cut through bones and other objects without you even exerting too much force.

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