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5 Best Rated Gun Safes For The Money Reviewed

  • December 18, 2017

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After buying all the accessories to make your firearm accurate and efficient for hunting, the next thing to go for is the best home gun safe. The gun safe will help you store your gun safely, so you don’t get to look for a missing part all the time when you need your rifle. But if money is the issue, now it’s possible to get the best budget gun safe even though you are on a tight budget. Read to know how!

Things To Consider Before Selecting a Budget Gun Safe

A gun safe is necessary for gun security purpose. But you have to consider certain factors when searching for a gun safe. To make the right selection, below are some factors to consider when searching for an inexpensive gun safe that will meet your needs.

The price

The gun safe is another essential piece of accessory to own. It helps to protect firearms and other valuables – and increase the lifespan of your gun. Price is a very crucial factor to consider before buying a gun safe. Check the cost of the product to know if it suits your budget or the amount of money you are willing to spend at that time.

When you find the best gun safe under 300 or at any price range – sample prices of more products to have an idea of their prices and check for quality. Your sampling should tell you what gun safe will be ideal for your budget size.


Gun safe comes in different sizes, so choose accordingly. You need to buy the size you think is big enough for what you intend using it for. Always sample the different sizes of gun safes before concluding plans to settle for any. Also, ensure that the gun safe you intend buying can fit into your closet, room or other places in your home. In as much as considering size is a good idea, you shouldn’t buy extra large gun safes that will take up more space in your room.


When reading gun safe reviews, check for what is being said about durabilities. The thickness of the metal used in making the gun safe will give you some clue on how durable the safe would be. You can go for a safe with minimum steel gauge of 11 or more. Hammer and other gun accessories made of metal can damage your safe if the metal used for the body is not robust enough.

You also need to consider door construction as well as the locking mechanism used for the gun. If you can follow these instructions thoroughly, then finding a durable gun safe will not be difficult.

Fire rating

Fire rating is another factor buyers need to consider to help find good cheap gun safes. Users are asked to look for a gun safe with a U.S. or U.L made safe. The reason being these safes have certified fire ratings of about an hour and more sometimes. Add more protection to items stored in the safe by getting a little U.S made or U.L certified firebox. You can keep either of them inside, a safe for paperwork as well as other essential items.

Best Value Gun Safes On The Market in 2018

Barska Large-Biometric Gun Safe

Barska Large Biometric Safe
List Price: $534.99
Price: $518.99
You Save: $16.00
Price Disclaimer

The Barska Biometric Safe is one of the best-rated gun safes for the money. It has plenty of room for you to store your weapon and other associated accessories. Unlike other gun safes, the Barska is very easy to set up. Barska is the leading producer of quality and top of the line gun safes. Their latest gun safe with biometric features shows their innovativeness. It shows the company’s aim to make things much easier for users.

Most gun safe at this price point uses key or combination. However, the fingerprint technology makes Barska a smart choice. The fingerprint technology is an excellent option for gun security and home safety. It makes keeping firearms safe in the house surrounded by adventurous kids.  You can also bolt this gun safe to the wall if you don’t feel like keeping it on the ground. 

The Barska Biometric Safe is designed in such a way that you can remove all the racks if you want to create more storage space. Overall, Barska is the best gun safe under 600, considering its features and performance.


  • Great security
  • Racks are removable
  • Unique biometric feature
  • Solid wall and beautiful finish


  • Not large enough for some users

Stack-On Elite Junior Executive Fire Safe

If you believe you cannot get the best gun safe under 1000, then get ready to change that mindset. Stack-On Elite is one of the gun safes on this list that will make you believe that you can. The Stack-On Elite is built with quality material and yet is very affordable. It is solid, heavy and very easy to use. The Stack-On because of its weight is impossible for thieves to carry. Your weapons will be safe wherever you place them. It weighs 265 pounds when it’s empty.

You can have the Stack-On Elite installed in your entry closet, living room or any position you desire. In addition to storing your firearms, it has enough space for you to store documents, money, jewelry and other valuable items. The Stack-On Elite uses a touch keypad which is a great addition to this product.

You can also turn the beeping sound on and off whenever you please. In fact, saying the Stack-On Elite is the best cheapest gun safe is a wise decision because the gun safe performs beyond expectation and is affordable.


  • Great price
  • Can hold a lot of ammo
  • Built with strength and quality


  • Not tall enough to accommodate rifles

Steelwater Heavy Duty New and Improved Gun Safe

If you are searching for the best gun safe under 1500 – the Steelwater will satisfy your taste for quality and affordability. The Steelwater Heavy Duty gun safe had been modified with features that make the safe much easier to use. This safe will protect your valuables from any form of attack.

It is built with 12 gauge solid steel body and 12 gauge composite style of the door which combines with the unique gear driving lock system to protect against illegal intruders.

The Steelwater is large enough to accommodate a number of ammunition. It can hold up to a capacity of 10 long guns. It is very sturdy and has a re-locking device that helps to secure the safe whenever an intruder punches the lock. The interior is also completely carpeted to prevent your guns and other valuables from any form of damages.


  • One hour fireproof
  • Heat activated door seal
  • Locks operate smoothly
  • Accommodates more ammunition


  • Huge weight – 300 lbs

Vaultek Pro VTI Full-Size Biometric Handgun Safe

The Vaultek Pro will blow your mind away. It has tons of features that make it one of the best budget gun safes for handguns at this price range. It has the unique biometric system for fingerprint found in higher priced models. The fingerprint system also functions accurately though a bit tough to setup. The fingerprint scanner can store the ID of more than 15 persons.

Vaultek knows what handgun enthusiasts want. That is the reason why they created this Vaultek Pro to be more robust and rugged. The Vaultek Pro comes with inside light that shines bright no matter how dark the room is. It is also large enough to occupy two guns. The interior is padded with non-absorbent closed cell foams which help in the preservation of handguns.


  • Rugged design
  • Very difficult to penetrate
  • Great quality craftsmanship


  • Small size
  • Fingerprint scanner feature difficult to setup

American Security Defense Vault

American Security Defense Vault
List Price: $456.74
Price: $456.74
Price Disclaimer

The American Security gun safe is a well-built device for keeping guns safe. It is suitable for people living in apartments that are too small for the larger-sized safes. It was designed to comply with the size or weight restrictions for the apartments. The American Security gun safe is lightweight and suitable for storing long guns. It is so low that you can hide it under your bed to create more space in the room.

The interior of the American Security gun safe is padded with foam to protect the weapon from any form of damages.  It also stores weapons horizontally because of its unique design and size. It also has a digital keypad combination lock to let you have quick and easy access to your guns. It can also handle a couple of firearms such as the full-sized AR 15 or shotgun.


  • Well-padded interior
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Can accommodate the full-sized AR 15


  • Can easily be stolen because it is lightweight


You want the best gun safe for the money; now-here you have it. These weapons bunkers are great for the budget-conscious folks and they perform well. The reason for buying is for the safety of your weapon as well as other accessories. In fact, some of the gun safes have features to accommodate quite a number of gun accessories and documents you place in them.

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