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5 Best Rated Affordable Sniper Rifles On The Market Reviewed

  • February 9, 2018

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Are you looking for the best budget sniper rifle? You are on the right platform to search for one. Though there are tons of products on the market, this review is tailored to bring you the best there is. A good quality sniper model is a viable option for throwing long distance shots. We have covered details of the absolute tops to make your search easier. Read on!

Before Buying a Sniper Rifle on a Budget

Sniper rifles are great for throwing accurate shots at long distances, but they come in different price range and quality. There are certain factors you must consider before buying this kind of gun to make the right choice even on a budget. You will be able to buy once and be happy with your purchase. Factors like the price, durability accuracy and scope are among things to consider. Read details below.


Most individuals’ mindset is that it is impossible to find affordable sniper rifles. And without properly research, you may never find a good quality sniper product on a budget. Most of the top quality gun cost more than a thousand dollars. There are good quality ones on the market. We are going to provide details to make your search easier. Compare the prices of different models before taking a decision. Ensure it is within the scope of your budget and needs.


The scope is one of the things that make up a good sniper rifle. That said, your budget sniper rifle must have a good quality one before you proceed to buy. The scope will enable you to throw precise shots at long distances. So it must be accurate and have powerful magnification. The picture quality when an object or the target is magnified should be clear. It should also hold zero even after throwing hundreds of shots.


When it comes to performance, then everything matters. The bolt, trigger and even the scope should be excellent in terms of performance before you ever think of buying. Find the best cheap sniper rifle whose bolt action works smoothly. The trigger should be crisp and easy to adjust. In fact, everything about the firearm should make life easy for you; but maintenance should be easy. Buy a sniper model that you can dismantle, clean and attach back with ease. In fact, some products don’t need a special tool to loosen and clean them.


Durability is a function of the material and construction of the rifle. A rugged model will always survive abuse or extreme conditions. You will mostly encounter or hunt in an environment that is unfavorable. That is why it is good to invest in a durable firearm that can withstand or survive any condition. Again, the stock should be well-finished. And depending on your budget, you can buy a product made with synthetic or wooden stock.

The barrel life is also of importance. It should last long even after throwing thousands of shots. The finish and material used plays a major role tool. Buy a gun with quality material that can resist rusting too.


Accuracy is one of the factors people consider before buying a rifle. So buy a model that will land the bullets at the right place or target. It should be consistent and precise.

Reviews: Affordable Sniper Rifles To Buy in 2018

Remington 700 ADL Scope & Rifle Combo

700 adl model

Price: $459.99


The Remington 700 is no doubt the best affordable sniper rifle given its performance and build. It is not the lowest in terms of weight but very accurate and rugged. It is a sniper gun that can withstand any condition you make use of it. The stock is high-grade synthetic material and it features a 24 inches long barrel that is straight and accurate. This product and scope combo is the best combination you will find at this price point. It features a scope of 3-9x40mm and superior blued finish barrel.

Remington is a popular figure with a solid reputation in the gun and accessory making business. They have been around for decades and utilized the finest quality of materials. They also offer a pocket-friendly rate for their products to give hunters to hunt for fun and put food on their table without breaking the bank. Overall, this is a well-made model to invest in considering its performance and build quality.


  • Durable
  • Accurate
  • Budget-friendly
  • Synthetic stock not prone to warping


  • A bit heavy

Savage Arms Axis II XP Hardwood

axis 2 model

Price: $504


The Axis II from Savage Arms is a budget .308 sniper rifle with a class. It is hard to tell if this model is a budget one because of its great performance and build quality. It features a 22 inches barrel with blue finish. The 3×9 power scope is good quality and accurate. It is not easy to find a scope attached to such a budget product that can hold zero well. In addition to holding up well, the scope has a clear glass and delivers a clear and high-quality picture.

You will save money investing in this high-quality and affordable firearm and enjoy the best performance. Bolt action operation is smooth and the rifle features a box magazine you can detach and attach with ease. The overall length of the gun is 43.7 inches and weighs approximately 7 pounds. The stock is made of hardwood, a great quality material.


  • Great magnification
  • Smooth bolt action
  • Removable magazine


  • Stock is prone to warping

Ruger American Rifle Bolt Action

ruger model

Price: from $489


You can talk about best inexpensive sniper rifle without including this Ruger American product. It is well-made and affordable and great to take on a hunting trip. It features a free floating hammer-forged barrel that is 22 inches long. This part of the gun is durable, accurate and designed with consistent precision. The trigger is easy to adjust and breaks clean. It can be adjusted from 3 – 5 lbs and customized to suit the user.

The ergonomic design of the composite stock makes it easy to handle. It is designed for comfort and quick action. Thanks to the grip serrations, you can hold the firearm in different positions to throw shots. It also comes with a lightweight stock that is sturdy and makes the rifle convenient to transport.

The lens is fully multi-coated for enhanced light transmission. It also features a fast focus eyepiece to capture fast moving targets and ensure easy reticle focusing.


  • Dual-cocking cams
  • User-friendly tang safety
  • Fully multi-coated optics


  • Finish needs to be improved

Mossberg MVP Patrol Tactical

patrol model

Price: $732


The Mossberg MVP is a very powerful rifle designed for long-range shooting. It is suitable for tactical shooting operations and delivers unmatched accuracy. The rubber recoil pad is a plus. It also features a Picatinny rail mount you can attach any scope of your choice.  It is perfectly balanced, lightweight and easy to handle.

The wood stock of the Mossberg MVP has a great textured finish. It is also one of the unique bolt action rifles that can make use of the AR magazines. The patented lightning bolt action trigger system is one of a kind. You can also have it adjusted from 2 – 7 lbs with ease.


  • Perfectly balanced
  • A 10-round magazine
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • Accepts AR-style magazines


  • Left-handed shooters will have challenges with the right handled bolt

Ruger M77 Gunsite Bolt Action

m77 model

Price: $999.99


If you need a compact, lightweight and fast-handling sniper rifle for hunting, then consider the Ruger M77. This is the most expensive choice on this list but great in terms of performance. It features a black laminate stock and a removable flash suppressor.

This model can withstand any hunting situation or environment and delivers superior accuracy. It features detachable 10 round magazine and a sturdy stainless steel bolt that is resistant to rust. Nylon trigger guard is glass reinforced and the stock is weather resistant.

The stock features a recoil pad that prevents slippage and protects the shoulder while aiming. Overall, this product is rugged and well-made. It features a cold-hammer forged 16.1-inch barrel that is accurate for long distance shooting


  • Stainless steel bolt
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Weather resistant stock


  • Action is a bit on the rough side


Buying a budget sniper rifle that throws accurate shots at long distance is possible. But you have to research to find them. We understand how tedious and time-consuming such search can be that is why we made this post available. You can find the top firearm on a tight budget that will make hunting or any shooting activity you are into fun and easy. Read details of each choice presented in this post to make an informed decision.

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