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Dove Hunting Cannot Be Accurate Without The Best Chokes

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When it comes to dove hunting, the best way to do it is by using chokes.

It is also very difficult to choose the best type of choke without deciding at first where you will hunt and knowing the exact conditions of that place.

If you choose anything from Improved Modified to Skeet, your decision would be a good one, but it depends on a lot of range. You should maintain a dense pattern to be able to hit the dove at the chosen range at which you will most likely be shooting at it.

Having in mind that a dove is not as hard to kill as a turkey, you will need a choke that can maintain a pattern that is dense enough at that exact range you want to shoot from. You should see more models before you decide which is the best choke for dove hunting.

How To Use Chokes When You Are Hunting Doves

Check the video below on understanding chokes:

In case you were wondering how and what choke to use for dove hunting, then you are in the right spot. If the place you have chosen for hunting is in a field, with a great cover and the birds are flying around, you can choose to shoot with skeet chokes in each barrel.

If the chosen spot is not what you were hoping for and the birds you are shooting at are flying in a cycle between water, feeding, and roost, you may want to use improved modified chokes in each barrel.

You should choose the area where you would like to hunt and then take a walk there for a few days to identify if it is worth it or not.

The Best Gun Used For Dove Hunting And Types Of Chokes

Some people say that the best gun to use for dove hunting is a shotgun with 7.5 to 9 pellets, small ones. Your results will be improved a lot when you will use the best choke for dove hunting, but remember that this depends on the distance at which the target is.

Each modified choke will offer you the possibility to shoot with a longer range because the ammo pellets can stay grouped for a longer period and also they can travel with more speed than usual. This type of choke is used when the distance of shooting is of around 40 to 50 feet and the impact area has a diameter of approximately 18 inches.

The normal choke is mostly recommended for the ground-up shooting, for those moments when you are on the move and start shooting at birds that fly away when you are approaching.

The target’s distance is nearer and you have to move quickly when you are shooting, so you will need a bigger impact area for the ammo, with a diameter of 2 feet and a 20 to 30 feet distance.

The Best Chokes That Suit Your Dove Hunting Needs

Over time, the shotgun manufacturers have developed more new interchangeable choke systems, with newer innovative designs and brand new versatility. This process has helped shotgunners save more money. You are no longer required to buy some extra barrels so that your shotguns can have different chokes choices.

Nowadays, guns are offered with different types of screw-in chokes that have the possibility to be switched in a jiffy.

When it comes to dove hunting chokes, you have to be careful what you buy because it should fit in your weapon’s barrel.

Here are three of the best chokes you can find:

Kicks Kic150 12 Gauge High Flyer Shotgun Choke Tubes

black high flyer dove choke

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These chokes are perfect for dove hunting. They can reduce the muzzle jump for more accuracy, denser and faster follow-up shots and improve patterns.

The Kick’s High Flyer can get you right on target, mostly because they are diagonally ported. They are manufactured in a computer-assisted environment, with precision-cut gas vents, an ideal braking system created to increase the pattern performance by 20 percent and reduce the felt recoil by 25 percent.

They can perform equally well with both steel or lead. This kind of choke can be easily installed; you will only need a wrench at the end to tighten it, so it won’t get loose while you are shooting. This choke is a lengthened one that has a parallel section to stabilize its construction.

Patternmaster Classic Long Range Choke Tubes

black patternmaster choke side view

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The concept of this choke is that the inside studs grab the wad’s base as it makes its way through and the wad’s front is flushed with the tube’s front. It can deliver a full-choke performance at long distances with shells of 2 ¾ inch.

These long range tubes, along with the right 2 ¾ inch shells can offer that dense and tight pattern that is characteristic for Patternmaster. If you choose to use 3 ½ inch shells, along with a long range tube, you will have the possibility to have a modified pattern. It is specially designed for shells of 3 ½ inch. 

If you choose to use 3 ½ inch shells, along with a long range tube, you will have the possibility to have a modified pattern. It is specially designed for shells of 3 ½ inch. 

Hevi Shot Waterfowl Mid-Range Non-Ported 12 Gauge Choke Tubes

black hevi shot choke tube

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HEVI-Shot offers more than just world-class ammunition. They are offering the best hunting chokes for the specific game and gun styles, covering most of the existing gun types and models. Each choke is manufactured with the 17-4 stainless steel of aircraft quality and a matte black finish for concealment.

They are guaranteed for life. The knurled fore-end offers you the possibility to change it without a wrench. These choke tubes were designed with a Pattern-Density Technology so that they can bring those lethal pellets on your bird.


If you want to start hunting doves or if you are already doing it and you would only like to change your style, you should think of using chokes. They can be most helpful in any situation you may face.

They can also ease the hunting process and get you the bird you like in one piece. Using a choke may lead to more interesting hunting results and you will surely be happy to see that this is an easier way than the classic one.

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