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Best Cold Weather Hunting Boots To Buy in 2017: Reviews and Guide

how to choose best hunting boots for cold weather

All geared up for hunting?

Yes your rifle, cartridges, bag everything is set and you are ready to duck that quarry but wait a second what about your boots?

Are they properly insulated and comfortable or you do not really care?

If latter is the case then you need to know that hunting is an extreme sport that needs you to be properly geared up. So if you wish to enjoy it and be successful at the expedition you strictly need a good pair of boots for all weather conditions.

As i believe you would not at any cost want to turn up home with bruised or frozen feet and totally weared out. So before you go out hunting, buy yourself a pair of the best hunting boots especially for cold weather that serve you protection in hard terrain and aid you in your expedition.

Basic points to consider while buying hunting boots

Your hunting boots like your other hunting equipment should be well equipped to suit the purpose and you cannot compromise on their quality. You cannot chase your hunt feeling uncomfortable at toes. Your boots work a lot during hunting so know what should be your pick.

Before you read further check the video below on how to choose the perfect hunting boots:

Know the fit

Boots that fit you aptly should be your first consideration. So get the actual size. You need to try them with socks that you would wear actually when you are going out hunting to know the proper fit. Many people try it with daily wear casual socks but when hunting you would be wearing woollen socks so will the boots be able to serve their purpose?

Too much tight shoes will make you immobile while hunting require you to be swift. Thus to avoid any sort of discomfort later, properly try them with your hunting socks. The more you are comfortable at your feet the more easy would be the task for you.

Correct insulation

The warmth provided by your boots is another factor that determines the level of comfort during the sport. So know how much insulation would be correct for you. It greatly depends on your level of activity and the weather condition. If you are on your feet after that deer then your body is in continuous motion providing circulation of blood that keeps your feet warm and as such you do not require much insulation from the boots.

But if you are just ducking behind the tree waiting for your quarry in the cold weather then your boots need to work to provide higher insulation to prevent your feet from freezing in the cold.

Also some people are cold feet and some warm feet, know your feet type too for a better judgement. Insulation is given by grams that is not actually the weight of insulation but grams per metre of fabric used. The higher the value the more is the insulation.

If you are going for hunting in extremely cold weather then you need to get good insulating boots for yourself. Best insulated hunting boots come with 1000 grams of insulation or above and provide much better warmth and protection than the regular hunting boots providing insulation from 200-400 grams. Let's look at the categories providing different insulation:

  • 0-200 grams: such boots provide little to no insulation and are suitable when high level of activity is involved.
  • 400-800 grams: it is the common insulation used by many of the hikers and hunters. Providing some warmth these are suitable for little chilly weather conditions.
  • 1000 grams or above: These are most suitable for low temperatures where little to no activity is involved.

Are they waterproof?

Hunting is out an out a tough sport where you would find difficult terrain with surprising elements. While running after your hunt you might land into water puddles or ditches so make sure your boots are water proof. Getting soaked feet in the cold harsh weather would be the last thing that you would ever want to happen with you.

Know that the terrain is surprising so expect everything in your way. Also even if you do not land into any puddle the early morning dew on the grass is equally likely to enter your boots if they aren't properly secured with some good waterproof fabric.

Hunting boots are proviuded with a layer of water proof breathable membrane sewn in between the sole and inner lining of the shoe that is properly sealed to give to prevent water dampening the inner lining and moisture reaching your feet. If you haven't invested in good water proof shoes then you might regret later.

Will they last?

You would not want to buy a new pair of boots every time you go hunting. If you want boots that remain with you for longer duration irrespective of the work they have done then do know the the construction of the boots, what material they are made of and whether they will last the rough terrain or not.

Good durable boots should survive harsh terrain and lots of activity without giving in. Further to make them last longer store them clean in cool, dry area and know if any other maintenance is required or not.

Are they easy to take on and off?

It might not be a grave issue for many hunters but some do look for the ease with which the boots can be worn. Some boots come with side zippers or lacy system that are quick to wear while others can be tricky and time consuming.

How high are they?

Height of the boot is measured from the insole to the upper portion that covers your legs. Hunting boots come in varied lengths ranging from 9" to 18" inches or above. While it can be a good protection too much height may affect your mobility and comfort. Your boot's height greatly depends on your own height so go for the height that appropriately matches your comfort and need.

Types of hunting boots

After you know the basics for your hunting boots let's hunt for the shoes that serve your purpose the best. There are so many different types of boots that you might be perplexed as to what to buy. But let me make it clear that every other boot serves specific purpose so choose your boots wisely based on your hunting terrain and requirements.

  • Rubber hunting boots:

If you are hunting in slope areas, marshes or creeks then rubber hunting boots would be the best pick. Breathable rubber boots are waterproof and provide you great flexibility with strong hold. These are made of vulcanized rubber (sulphur is mixed with the rubber at high temperature) that makes them hard and tough.

Heel kickers, side zippers, and many other designs of rubber shoes are easy to wear. Some are even snakeproof that is they are lined with a non woven backer material which is impenetrable by fangs. With a great range of designs the rubber boots are your safest style statements on slippery terrain.

A piece of advice here would be to store your boots in a cool dry location to enable longer durability.

  • Upland boots:

Upland boots as the name suggests are used for upland bird hunting. Such kind of hunting is done on moderate terrain so you need not go for much heavier boots. Also as you need to travel a lot and cover longer distances you need boots that are light weighted. Too heavy boots will limit your mobility to shorter distances proving to be a great impediment for such type of hunting.

Hence, upland boots unlike those common heavy soles are light weighted and soil shedding. These do not have heavy lugged sole that makes them pretty lighter. Further they are designed in such manner that the soles do not accumulate too much of mud with them, so you can travel longer distances comfortably.

  • High country boots:

If you have decided for a big game, then you would need shoes that provide you with extra support as your hunt will be deep inside woods with rough and rugged terrain having sudden elevations or low points. As such there are chances of getting twisted ankle or other injuries while chasing the animal. Thus you need boots that can sustain rugged terrain while providing good protection to your feet. High country boots are designed to meet such needs and carry on with much longer durability.

  • Over boots

Over boots or you can say insulator boots are for the sedantry hunts in cold weather. These are the boots that provide you with extra protection when hunting in extreme cold weather. They provide you with great insulation even in temperature as low as -110F. They are provided with high end insulation to protect you feet from freezing. These can be carried and easily slipped on when needed.

  • Multipurpose boots

It is indeed sensible to find boots that suit all types of terrains, as such you would not require a separate line up for hunting shoes for different terrains. Though specific boots are best in extreme conditions but when you know your hunting isn't going to be that extreme you can go for multipurpose boots that fairly survive mixed conditions and various types of terrain.

These boots are durable, long lasting and provide good support on all types of terrain whether slippery or rugged. They also come with different levels of insulations so you can always choose from varied options and get the correct pick for yourself.

Best cold weather hunting boots for 2017

As previously mentioned your boots are an essential part of your hunting kit. A bad choice can totally spoil the fun with you running back with cold feet. And if you are daring to go hunting in the cold weather, look for a pair of good insulating boots that protect you from freezing down at feet.

Boot manufacturing companies have come up with some great quality hunting boots that help you survive and enjoy the hunt in cold weather too. We provide you with a review of hunting boots that substantially answers your search of what are the warmest hunting boots of the season. Let's look at some of the best hunting boots for cold weather:

Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot

Columbia Cold-Weather Boot black

Columbia bugaboots are a great choice for cold weather hunting.These are a perfect pair of heavy duty boots made of good quality leather that is durable and provides good protection from cold outside.

What is good?

  • Made of imported leather these survive all sort of hunting and hiking adventures without any wear. Thus they provide high durability with great reliability and are one of best cold weather hunting boots.
  • Designed to make a statement. These will surely catch your eye for great style quotient.
  • These boots are heavy duty hence meant for providing great insulation from cold weather. Your feet will remain warm even in freezing temperatures.
  • The boots provide effective support to your ankle and hence are suitable for high ground hunting and rough terrain. You can chase you hunt without the worry of getting twisted ankle.
  • Thick rubber sole prevents any sort of conduction of ground temperature proving great insulation. Further the sole is flexible and thus proves to be extremey comfortable for travelling long distances.

Any loophole?

  • These may not be completely water tight.

Irish Setter Men's Elk Tracker Havoc Big Game Boot

havoc 800 big game boot dark brown

As the name provides these Irish setter boots are good for chasing big games. This Irish setters model is specifically designed to survive ultra cold condition and roughest terrains ever without any complain.


  • Designed using tough leather with a strong synthetic sole ( textile soles are also available but synthetic is preferred) the boots are dependable in most rough terrains that you can think of. These are one of the warmest rubber hunting boots.
  • These boots are provided with Gore Tex lining that makes them waterproof. Wanna go fishing?
  • Not to forget the bulls eye Air Bob sole of the boots. It provides better traction on steep and slippery grounds thus helps you aim completely at your hunt without any concern.
  • Made with toughest leather material these provide greater durability even on difficult terrains.
  • These contain extra support to withstand your expedition. The mid shin in the shaft provides a great support system for hunting big games.
  • The exceptional feature of the boots the one vwhich we are looking for is the great insulation capacity of one kg which makes them suitable for hunting in extremely cold weather conditions.

Any loophole?

  • Each sole is constructed with separate three layers so any wear in one layer may affect the other layers too.
  • With great insulation comes the barrier of heavy weight.

Sorel Men’s Bear Extreme Snow Boot

Sorel Extreme Snow Boot black

Sorel's extreme snow boots as hinted by their names are your extreme cold wearables. These extreme snow boots are manufactured to beat the extreme cold that may act as a hindrance in your sport. These are one of the best mountain hunting boots.

What is good?

  • The most remarkable feature of the boot is the sole made out of vulcanized rubber that keeps it lightweight and much comfortable. Vulcanized rubber gives unmatched strength.
  • Tough leather uppers make the boots highly durable and provide great protection in the extreme cold.
  • Its snow around and you feel that you cannot traverse the area. Sorel has provided a solution for it too. The boots come with a heel of 1.25" that will help you chase your hunt in snowy regions equally well.
  • These boots are meant to work in extreme cold so they are equipped with frost plug which is 25mm thick to provide an extra layer of insulation.
  • These truely stand upto their names and withstand temperature as low as -40 F.

Any loophole?

  • If you have large calves then there could be some fitting issue with the boots.
  • Though they have been designed to be lightweight they are still heavier but for the function they are that is providing good insulation you cannot expect them to be much light weighted.

Baffin Men’s Impact Insulated Boot

Baffin Insulated Boot white

Baffin's insulated boots are a careful and great design that efficiently works to provide you with great insulation. One of the top rated hunting boots, these are strictly manufactured to help you sustain low temperatures and enjoy your hunt.


  • These boots intelligently merge conventional felt with a new look foam that provides great insulation with a comfortable fit.
  • The boots contain upto eight layers of internal !ining. Added multiple wicking and thermal layers in the lining of boot, prevent any moisture from entering the boots and keeps them warm.
  • The boots speak quality and style with added nylon uppers. The nylon uppers are stylish but snow tested and crack resistant. They form a cover around your leg and prevent water from seeping in.
  • An added layer of leather around the ankle provides greater comfort and good fit to traverse steep terrains.

Any loopholes?

  • The size of the boot is large that might be a little troublesome while walking.
  • Though insulation is good but waterproofing is not upto the mark and as such it may rise concern.

Irish Setter Men’s Rutmaster WP 1200 Gram

Irish Setter WP 1200 Gram green

One of the best insulating product Irish seeters range, Rutmaster is worth consideration for cold weather hunting. With an insulation of 1200 grams, the boot will give you warmth in wettest and coldest winter.

What is good?

  • These are a revolutionary innovation in the field specifically crafted to substantially meet the needs of the hunters.
  • Nothing can be better than self care boots and irish setters prove it. Yes, these boots come with self cleaning outsoles, that do not let mud stick by making them heavy so that you can conveniently aim at your hunt.
  • Also the scent free technology keeps your boots free of any odour.
  • The best part of the boot is the Eco-flex technology that allows the boots to accommodate to your feet size that is they can expand to correctly fit your feet and can even contract in case you have lean feet. Thus these are the most comfortable hunting boots.
  • These indeed are a best version of waterproof boots that you might be looking for.

Any loopholes?

  • Incorporating great technology these boots are a little pricey for average buy.
  • Getting them on and off could be a little tricky and time consuming.

Baffin Men’s Apex Insulated Boot

Baffin Mens Apex Insulated Boot black brown

Another product from Baffin that is worth your consideration is the apex insulated boots. These are known to be extreme cold weather hunting boots that can sustain you in icy cold weather condition.


  • As mentioned before these are super warm boots that can withstand temperature up to -148 F.
  • If you feel irritated due to the difficulty in wearing hunting boots, then baffin's boots are best for you. With quick lace system these can be quickly worn on and off.
  • These boots are one of the best waterproof boots that allow you to even go fishing without any fuss.
  • With removable liners, the boots care for your comfort. You can remove the soggy liners to dry out.

Any loopholes?

  • Size may be an issue, they are too small, so order or buy a one or two larger number boot for correct fit.

Muckboots Men's Arctic Pro hunting boot

Muckboots Arctic Pro hunting boot brown

These boots are a complete package and thoughtfully attend to all your problems. Muck boots compile best features to survive cold weather, rough terrains and water issues to give you joyous hunting experience

What is good?

  • These contain multiple liners for good insulation. With 8mm CR flex foam and another 2mm of thermal foam Muckboots provide exceptional warmth to your feet.
  • These are waterproof and have been successfully tested to have good waterproofing.
  • With an outsole that can sustain high abrasion and a durable rubber shell these boots are good option for traction in difficult terrain.
  • Developed to sustain you in cold weather these can sustain to temperatures as low as 60F

Any loopholes?

  • For sustaining lower temperatures and harsh terrain the boots are provided with extra protection that makes them little bit heavy for convenient traction.

Kenetrek Men's Mountain Extreme 400 insulated hunting boot

kenetrek extreme insulated boot brown

If you are looking for a trustworthy and comfortable hunting companion, Kenetrek's boots can be a great option. These are reliable and strong with longer durablitly and greater resistance to abrasion.


  • The boots come with intelligent construction. They comprise of a rubber sole and 2.8 mm thick premium full grain leather uppers that makes them quite flexible.
  • Developed with a single vamp with no seams, these provide much better abrasion resistance
  • Also, no seams signify greater waterproofing.
  • The boots contain nylon soles that are thick and strong. The 7mm thick nylon mid soles provides excellent support in difficult terrain.
  • The reinforced rubber sole gives extra protection against abrasion.
  • The boots also contain wind-tex waterproof breathable flexible membrane alongwith 400 gram insulation to withstand extreme cold.
  • These are one of the best lightweight hunting shoes. The K-talon outsoles make them extremely lightweighted for their function.
  • Good support system for any rugged terrain.

Any loopholes?

  • The boots are undoubtedly one of the best hunting shoes but are a little pricey for medium budget


So above mentioned are some of the best boots for hunting in cold weather. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages so make a pick as per your requirements.

Let's wrap up with a summary of essentials for a pair of good hunting boots in cold weather:

  • Your boots should be of correct size, tried and tested before you wear them for the sport. Uppers should be tightly clad to legs.
  • They should be constructed of material that lasts in difficult terrian.
  • The boots should provide good insulation from cold weather. Make sure they have multiple linings to provide warmth. Insulation of one kg or above is ideal for cold weather.
  • Your boots cannot remember cannot let moisture seep in. Wet feet in cold weather is the most dreadful thing. So get good waterproof boots for yourself.
  • The boots should not be too heavy as it would affect your mobility. Good insulation comes with weight but smartly designed boots overcome it with intelligent use of material.
  • Good hunting boots should provide great support to your feet. Rugged terrain may cause injuries to your feet and ankle, to prevent that some boots are provided with additional support for the ankle.

With so many variables to consider choosing might be a difficult task, but I hope that our best picks prove to be good help in your hunt for best hunting boots for cold weather. I repeat that your hunting boots are very crucial for a good hunting experience, they not only protect you from weather and terrain but also provide good support and aid in your hunt. Thus, invest in a good pair of boots that is durable and reliable in your expedition. Hope you choose wise. Happy hunting!!

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