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Best Deer Caliber: 2017 Guide

how to choose best caliber for deer

Everything you must know about Caliber, its selections, its type and more!

Caliber Meaning

Have you heard the word caliber several times? Do you know what it means and what does it relate to? Here is a simple understanding about caliber.

Caliber refers to the diameter of a bullet, which is measured in inches or millimeters. For example, if you hear .300 bullets, it means the caliber of the bullet would be 30 approximately. Now if you select any caliber like .30-06, .30-30 or .308, they all are calculated with a caliber of 30. However, if you go for facts, the bullet diameter is not .300 inches but .308 inch. However, even if the bullets have a diameter of .308, one does not need to change the cartridge.

Now let us work on another set of diameters that might confuse you a bit. If one is talking about .30-06, 06 here stand for the year 1906 when the rifle was invented. Similarly, if you go with the numbers .30-30, -30 here stands for the weight of powder that was used initially in the bullets.

Henceforth, if you select a caliber which is large and includes a good amount of RPG with amazing velocity regarding its muzzle, it is least selected for the best deer rifle.

Check the videos below on difference between the most popular hunting calibers:​

308 vs 30 06

30 06 vs 270

Selecting the right rifle caliber can be confusing especially for those who are doing it for the first time. Here is a list that you might choose.

Are you looking for a rifle especially for deer hunting? Here is a quick look at the legal selection of rifle caliber in different countries across the world.

In England, the highly used caliber with legal authority and expanded velocity preferred for deer hunting is the .240 inches caliber according to the act Deer Act 1963. The caliber is led by the Act for soft expansion with a choke of minimum power of 1700 ft lbs. But in order to use this caliber, one must get the permission certificate from any high authorized Police.

While coming to Scotland, the law is slightly unique. The Act in Scotland, namely the Deer Scotland Order, doesn't give any minimum caliber for hunting the roe deer. The caliber allows a bullet which is minimum 50 grains in weight with an ammo expansion and at least 1700 MV. This weight can be used with a loading of .22 fire rifles and caliber with specifications of 22/250, .222 and .223. Apart from roe deer, .240 caliber is used for other deer species which can be known from the caliber training note.

While talking about the .240 caliber, it is rare to find ammo. There are some hunters who prefer to select calibers with low capacity for a fired rifle with central scale prefer to use the .243 win. The caliber was primarily invented by Winchester Repeating Arms Company in the year 1955 of USA. It was introduced with the 70 bolt action model. The bullet was made down with a standard weight of nearly .308. The calibers are usually built with a soft steel jacket lead available in weights like 50 grains, 65 grains, 90 grains and 100 grains. This neck down caliber is also available in .270 win which was made with an inspiration from the .30-06 caliber. For the 30-06 rifles, the chamber can handle a caliber with expanding ammo of 100-150 grain in weight.

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Here are the choices of best ammunition

.243 Winchester

Created by necking a .308 Winchester cartridge down to 6.2mm, the .243 Winchester is viewed as a passage level deer chasing cartridge in many states. With shots accessible in an assortment of weights extending from 55 to 105 grains, the .243 Winchester is appropriate to various applications, particularly deer chasing. This little cartridge has built up a notoriety for being greatly viable on deer, also being exact, level shooting, and having an exceptionally mellow force. These qualities make the .243 Winchester one of the best deer chasing gauges for little-surrounded seekers, for example, ladies or youngsters.

Winchester Power Max Bonded Ammo

winchester poweer max 100 grain

This pack is famous for its bonding process. The core and the jacket are expanded together without separating or breaking it. The results of the bullet have a very high weight retention that gives maximum energy and it is a great choice for deer hunting.

Federal Premium Vital Shok Trophy Copper

Federal Premium Vital Shok Trophy Copper 20 cardridges

This is the best load for deer hunting which offers devastating downrange performance before of the grooved range of firearms. The copper-alloy design provides the 99-percentage weight retention with aggressive penetration and its expansion. The nickel cases prevent corrosion, faster extraction, and easy aid.

7mm Remington Magnum

7mm Remington Magnum 20 cartridges

This is one of the best deer hunting calibers for hunters who need longer range shots. The 7 mm Remington magnum load feature bullets with high ballistic coefficient fired at high velocities by giving the cartridges a flat trajectory. The performance of the soft is not needed for an average hunter but it also gives them the confidence to choose the range out past 250 yards. The 7 mm Remington Magnum have the manageable amount of recoil space that is powerful and helps in improving the popularity.

.30-30 Winchester

30-30 Winchester 150 grain

This was developed in the 1880’s for the rifle Model 94. It is still in use and this first cartridge is designed to work for smokeless powder in the United States. The cartridge is anemic on paper by the modern standards. The 30-30 Winchester has been clearly taking the deer for over centuries and it is also in use in the recent years. It is clearly the excellent cartridge for perfect deer hunting. It is capable of hunting at a range of 150 yards or even less. The .30-30 Winchester is one of the best in deer hunting business that is combined with most rifles chambered in .30-30 rifle action. They are popular in many countries and most of the hunters across the world would own one of these during their deer hunting experience.

.30-06 Springfield

30-06 Springfield 20 cartridges

With so many options available, it is going to be difficult for any hunter to find out the best caliber that has hunted many deer. However, there are all-time favorite calibers that are still in existence. Whether a new hunter or an experienced deer hunter few of the models mentioned here would definitely help you to hunt down the deer without missing the target.

It is tough to find out the cartridge that has killed most of the deer on the hunting field but .30-06 Springfield or the .30-30 Winchester does a great job. Comparing both, we can conclude that .30-06 Springfield is best. They have the best hunting deer calibers that are powerful for flat shooting and have the most manageable amount of recoil and it comes with dozens of great rifle chambers in the cartridges. If you want to choose one caliber to hunt for your lifetime, it will be none other than the .30-06 Springfield.

.44 Magnum

44 Magnum hornady 20 cartridges

Do you prefer hunting with a pistol? If you prefer a pistol for hunting you need to look for the right cartridge to help you with your hunting process. It is definitely hard to find the right one but there are many best deer hunting calibers that are exclusively designed to work well for your deer hunting. The .44 Magnum is powerful and it has the best power to shoot deer that is 150 yards away from you.

.45-70 Government

45-70 Government barnes x bullet

This is the favorite of many hunters that is suitable for deer hunting. This is good for the hunters using brush guns for shooting. This is, however, simple for the bigger side of the deer due to its powers. .45-70 comes with a bone crushing power which can be used for heavy bullet for a moderate velocity. .45-70 Government do not have a large amount of bloodshed and meat. Similar to the other cartridges this .45-70 Government also has a manageable amount of recoil and they are helpful at a close range. There are also many other cartridges that can be compared to this but .45-70 sounds perfect for deer hunting all the time.

12 Gauge slug/buckshot

12 Gauge buckshot load 25 shells

Using a rifled slug barrel topped with a scope is not allowed all the time in every country. They are specific to few countries and the hunters can have a great experience with these. This is suitable for hunters who are looking for their prey in thick vegetation. Also suitable for very close encounters with a deer. Choosing the best deer caliber depends on the needs of the hunter. Various factors like the place of hunting, the area of hunting and the time are also the major factors that need to be considered while looking for the best hunting caliber.

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Remember that choosing the right caliber improves the chance of hunting to a great extent.

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