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6 Most Realistic Duck Decoys On The Market Reviewed

  • October 28, 2017

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Goose hunting is unique in so many ways. The strategies are largely different from the ones you’ll employ when you’re hunting for other preys because of the nature of the bird themselves. The very fact that you never dare shoot a bird on the ground unless it’s flying makes it more challenging. So a goose hunter needs to have determination, discipline, skills, patience, and importantly, the gear.

You need to devise a way to lure your prey to fly within your catch range. Unfortunately, ducks and goose are among the smartest species. Hunting for them requires you to be a master at deception. That’s why you need to get the best goose decoys that will make these birds feel secure until they’re caught by your skills.

The use of duck or goose decoys supersedes other methods involving the use of basics like boats, calls, blinds, and clothes because the birds are naturally restless and watchful.

No wonder the decoys have proved to be effective tools for bird catchers. The knowledge of the inherent characteristics of duck and geese will help you to go for the realistic decoys that will be compatible with their nature. 

You should be able to lay your hands on the goose decoys for the money for the year 2017 and 2018 by the time you are through with the duck decoy reviews you’ll find below.

1. Dozen Dive V2 Canada Goose Decoys

You can trust this decoy to do the magic of fooling the birds. It’s a highly realistic decoy for the year and it’s one of the best duck decoys on the market. The trick of V2 Canada Goose Silhouette Decoys manufacturer will fool the smartest goose. This decoy is made of ultra-tough corrugated material that is very strong and can last several hunting seasons more than the common decoys.

They look so real to the goose because the image of real life goose was imprinted on them firmly such that they can’t fade, peel, scratch or chip, despite the toughness of hunting. Even anyone will take them as the real goose. They have two 20-inch stakes made of spring steel which makes them deployable to the hard soil and remain intact.

They’re very easy and fast to be set up and take down. Therefore, if you are facing the threat of destructible birds in your farm, you can always count on this decoy to help you put them off.


  • Have spring steel stakes
  • Have eye-grabbing color deep dark
  • Are light and sturdy
  • Real goose image is printed on a side
  • Easy to set up


  • May not perform on frozen grounds
  • A bit expensive
  • Difficult to install on hard ground.


2. Big Foot Goose Decoys

Many hunters have chosen the Big Foot Goose Decoys as the best motion decoys over their competitors for a number of reasonsThey also are made with hard plastic polyethylene. They’re impressively realistic and incredibly durable, giving you the guarantee that you will get real value for your money.

Different harsh treatments like being thrown in the back of the truck and being kicked across on the icy ground will not affect their form and structure as they are sturdily built to withstand such treatment without losing their durability.

For either duck or goose, they’re the best decoys because their plastic bodies are designed with the most realistic measurement around. With the dimension of 34 inches by 26 inches by 11 inches, they’re easy to move around to any zone you want to go hunting. Their big foot employed a unique technology that, together with feather detail and flocked heads, will bring in the ducks.


  • Movement is realistic
  • Have flocked heads
  • Very durable because they’re molded plastics
  • Real goose image is printed on a side
  • Are molded in paint


  • May not perform on frozen grounds
  • Bulky and difficult to move around
  • Are expensive


3. Primos Final Approach Honker Decoys

If the price is the only consideration and you close your eyes to the quality, you may not give a chance to these best duck decoys. However, their anatomy justifies their high price and this makes it the toast of many hunters regardless of the price. Their bases enable realistic movement such that the birds’ bodies precisely and specifically swivel.

The pack of six decoys comes with a heavy shock cord that makes for unique postures and endowment of realistic details that have no match. Each of the walker, sentry, rester, and the three feeders have distinct positioning and they combine to provide a complex head formation and near-real realistic feathers. Because they are molded with a very hard polyethylene material, they can last for several hunting seasons even with a repeated use.

One thing that makes Primos honker decoy best motion duck decoy is the way the sentry and resters are positioned on a static stand; and the feeders and walkers are motion stands. Birds will be perfectly deceived, and that will reduce the level of havoc they can wreck on your farm.


  • Made of hard molded plastic
  • Very realistic, lifelike
  • The swiveled heads allows easy placement
  • Nearly perfect anatomy
  • Movements mimicked by a heavy shock cord
  • Comes with different postures


  • It’s the most expensive
  • It’s bulky
  • It’s difficult to transport


4. Greenhead Gear Pro Shell Decoys

Greenhead Gear Pro Shell Decoys can be said to be the most realistic duck decoys of the year. They’re a product of a purposeful research by Fred Zink, who observed and analyzed the photo and carvings. Here he comes with goose decoy shells that any hunter that understands the terrains would not cast aside.

If you skillfully use these shells with full bodies, you’d realize that it’s bird hunting made easy because any goose can be caught in the trick of this artistry. They are the most realistic decoys in the market that best utilize the advantages of paint schemes uniquely conceptualized to produce an unequaled realism that makes it look real and lifelike.

The pack of 12 comes with two each of resters, sleepers, semi-resters, and three each of right and left feeders. So, you have a choice; you can choose the best type that suits your needs.


  • Usable in fields along water edges
  • Highly efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Fit for icy environment
  • Detachable heads allows for ease of transportation


  • They’re smaller in size
  • They may not withstand whistling breeze
  • The image may fade off


5. Higdon Outdoors Floating Decoys

Higdon Outdoors Full-Size Mallard, Foam Filled
List Price: $54.99
Price: $54.99
Price Disclaimer

You can cast aside any of the Higdon decoys when you’re considering goose decoys because they stand tall among the best duck decoys. All of Higdon’s decoys have striking similarities that may give you some hard time in picking the one you really need for your hunting. But your unique circumstances and needs will come to the rescue in determining which one you eventually go for among them.

An example is the foam-filled standard mallard floating decoys from Higdon. They are designed and produced by core professionals who have seen it all in bird hunting. The affordability of these decoys earns them the award of the best duck decoys for the money. Their sizes make it quite easy to deceive the goose. The same goes for the positioning of the heads of these decoys. Their feathers unparalleled assume the beauty of the real ducks or geese. What a perfect decoy!


  • They’re very portable
  • Have realistic designs
  • Have lifelike feathers
  • They’re affordable
  • Highest number of varieties


  • Aesthetically not pleasing
  • Movements less than real
  • May not withstand heavy wind.


6. AvianX Honk Floater

AvianX Top Flight Goose Honk Floater Decoy (4 Pack), Grey
List Price: $129.99
Price: $120.00
You Save: $9.99
Price Disclaimer

The decoys from AvianX are no doubt in the class of the realistic duck decoys. Their appearance that radiates their level of realism and their liveliness simulate real-life goose. Regardless of the smartness of the geese, it’ll be drawn to the natural posture of the feeder decoys. And their body anatomy is perfect such that it can trick the wariest of the birds.

They’re the best on the waters with the intricate paintings. The schemes accurately produce all the structure of the bird from the beak to the longest feather of the tail. The designers no doubt paid attention to the smallest details in designing the plastic decoys. This offers attractiveness in addition to their efficiency.

They can endure rough handling without giving in to cracking and chipping. In the most extreme weather condition, the heads won’t pop off; it’ll remain as fitted from the factory. The pack of four decoys comes with two swimmer decoys, one caller decoy, and one sentry decoy.


  • Move perfectly like life birds in the water
  • Sturdy
  • Keels are weighted
  • Every decoy in the pack can be well positioned
  • Can endure cold weather


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Requires extra skills from the hunters
  • Maybe bulky.



The lessons learned in this review are expected to come handy when you are making the final decision on which one to buy that will serve your needs best. You would want to give attention to, not only the price, but also other considerations when you’re buying your goose decoys.

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