5 Best Instant Tents 2019 Reviews - Top Pop Up Tents

5 Best Instant Tents 2019 Reviews – Top Pop Up Tents

how to set up an easy up tent

Here you can find the best instant tents to buy in 2019. The products are easy to set up by yourself top pop up 2 to 4 person cabin tents for every budget.

Those who regularly engage in different outdoor activities need not be told that tents are indispensable for them.

How would the hikers, campers, and hunters enjoy their adventure without the tents?

If you are a new beach visitor or you just started enjoying other fun-filled outdoor recreational activities, you won’t really feel the need for a tent until you see the other side of the weather that has been hitherto favorable.

The blazing & scorching sun that can give you sunburns or a mild to heavy rainfall will teach you not to venture outdoors without this equipment.

Nevertheless, those who are new to camping or hunting may lack the clue as to how to erect a tent they would need some help. These days, it’s no longer fashionable to stress oneself erecting a tent. That necessity gave birth to the invention of the pop-up tents.

Though portable tents are available to be set up manually if one has the right tools, the popup tents are a lot easier to erect. In fact, it takes just 60 seconds or less to assemble some. That’s why they are referred to as the self-erecting tent.

You may have a large garden where you want to have a feel of nature, or you may be at a festival, or you are just camping out overnight.

Best Instant Tents For Camping in 2019

You will certainly find these 5 best self-erecting tents for 2017 that we review here great. We’ll leave it to you to pick the absolute top product for your needs.

TSWA Automatic Instant Pop Up 4 Person Cabin Tent

The automatic pop up tents made by TSWA is in two colors, namely the blue cabin tents and the green tents, and both are beautifully designed. They’re very useful for camping and as well as other outdoor activity. It is made of polyester and can accommodate up to three to four people.

You won’t need any tool to assemble it because its mechanism is completely automatic. It comes with double doors and also has insect-repellent windows. So you don’t have to either be suffocated because of fear of exposure or be disturbed by the insect because you need ventilation.

The pop-up tent has a pocket where some items, like a camera, cellphone, lighters, wallets, and other things can be kept while you are camping in the open. It can be considered as one of the waterproof pop up tents because its coatings are made with durable materials. In spite of that, it still protects you from the harmful ultraviolet rays, so that you can use it under the sun.

The cabin tent is portable since it’s packaged in a bag that you can bear on your shoulders and transport it anywhere with ease. And it’s not at all complicated to use. Once you untie the straps of the bag, throw the tent into the open, you’ll see how the instant pop up tent will pop up with ease.


  • Is a pocket-friendly tent to accommodate up to three persons
  • It’s set up instantly
  • Has an internal storage
  • Is very spacious
  • Is portable
  • Is easy to store


  • Needs improvement in the aspect of waterproof
  • Needs to be treated before use
  • Is not easy to pack

Coleman Self Erecting 2 Person Instant Tent

Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent
Price: $48.60
You Save: $21.39 (31%)
Price Disclaimer

You certainly need to consider Coleman Pop Up Cabin Tent if you are looking for one of the top pop up tents for your camping needs. It’s a quite small and compact self-erecting tent that comes in a dome shape after it is set up. It has plenty of mesh that keeps it well ventilated at all times.

The strongest selling point of the tent is that it ranks among the best easy up tents because after you unpack it, you need just a single trigger to have it up and erect. Some first-time users find it difficult to pack though.

The green and white color tent have ample space for a single user, but there are bigger sizes that come at an extra cost if you need them. Nevertheless, this tent is very cheap for its use since it even has pre-assembled poles; this shortens the set-up time even further.

And if there is a light or medium rainfall, don’t worry about getting wet. The tent can withstand it without caving in. And the tent features taped floor seams which guarantee dryness as long as you’re inside the tent and there’s no downpour.

It also has pockets that you can keep your small items so that you won’t need an extra bag.


  • Is very lightweight
  • Has a modest waterproof property
  • Is fireproof
  • Is very quick to set up


  • Is barely fit for two provided both are not adult
  • The shape compromises the beauty making it poor for a backpacking adventure

Five Joy Instant Pop Up 3 Person Cabin Tent

Five Joy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Cabin Tent is among the top quality pop up tents around. If not for the cost, it has compensated for the negatives of the other pop up tents in its class. It comes only in army green color so you don’t have a luxury of choice as to color, but it has a nice carrying.

It automatically pops up when released and you’ll love its design and builds when you’re seeing the dome shape that is to provide a shelter for you from the elements. So it’s quite easy to set up such that it’ll be ready for your use under one minute. There are mesh windows that allow access to ventilation and at the same time shut out insects and rodents.

Considering its double doors and multiple storage pockets on the inside, together with a floor area of 80.7 inches by 78.7 inches and a height of 47 inches, it is one of the biggest if not actually the biggest pop-up tent you’ll ever need. It is actually designed to accommodate four adults.

A very big advantage over the others is that it’s quite easy to pack; in just a few minutes after the use, you’re done with the packing. There’s a small area where you can keep your shoes making it a room outside your home.


  • Is easy to setup
  • Is likewise quick and easy to pack up
  • Has spacious interior
  • Has mesh windows
  • Has an additional internal storage
  • Comes with a nice little porch area


  • Is relatively expensive because of its distinct features
  • Can only withstand mild rainfall, can’t stand a heavy downpour

Gazelle Outdoors Large Pop Up Instant 4 Person Tent

As you can discern from the name, Gazelle Outdoors Large Pop Up is a large pop-up tent that is attractive and spacious with a dimension of 95 by 57 by 39 inches. Made from 190 T polyester, which is somewhat water-resistant, it is silver-coated in order to protect you from the ultraviolet rays.

Its full-size D door at the front makes room for an easy access. The front door and windows have mesh screens which give ample ventilation. It is very portable due to its circular carry bag and its setting up is very easy. Just throw it into the open and see it taking shape. It’s not so easy to pack it, however.

Barring some issues with wind, it can be set up without ground stakes and it works well. Even at that, it can withstand most of the storms if you apply water repellent on the outer surface of the tent.

Because of the camouflage material and due to its modest weight, it will, in any case, make a nice and attractive summer tent for 2 to 4 adults and they will find a perfect camping excursion accessory in it.


  • Its pop up time is instant
  • Is very spacious
  • Is quite portable and movable
  • Has two doors


  • Is hard to pack
  • Is poor as a waterproof tent
  • Its window zippers are outside

Survival Hax 2 Person – Easiest Tent To Set Up By Yourself

There is a justification for including this automatic and instant set up a tent among the best pop up tents for 2017. It has made the tent pitching a hobby rather than a chore because of its makeup and functions. Just throw it into the air and the tent automatically forms in seconds.

Though it is so light, it’s marvelously durable to the extent that it can withstand some harsh element. Still, considering the structure; it has ample allowance for ventilation because of the front and back doors.

So in the hot sun, you can have a cool breeze depending on where you’re camping. And with the dimension of 6.5 by 6.5 area, you’ll agree that it’s a spacious tent that should accommodate up to four adults or at least, a family of four without stepping on each other.


  • Is easy and quick to setup
  • Is very cheap for its quality
  • Is quite spacious
  • Has two doors


  • Can’t withstand even medium rain because of poor waterproof
  • Material is not strong and tears easily
  • Is difficult to pack


The popup tent reviews you have read here should arm you with enough information regarding what to look for in this product. You can see from the foregoing that cost is not only the factor to consider; you have to look at the quality, space, aesthetic, and ventilation, among others. We believe you will make a great deal of this information!

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