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Top 5 Deer Calling Systems Reviewed

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Deer hunting can be more interesting with the right set of hunting tools. In addition to having the right rifle, camouflage clothing, ammo, and setting up your stand, you need the best electronic deer call to attract the bucks for the prey. It helps to mimic the sound of the animal and gets them closer for you to make a kill.

Finding a good quality deer call is confusing, given the numerous brands available in the market. But with electronic call reviews, making the right selection would be much easier.

Knowing the types of electronic deer call equipment

Before you can buy the right equipment, you need to understand the various types available and what they used for.

Grunt call

This type of call is usually made to mimic the doe or buck grunt, as well as a vocalization that is commonly used among the deer population. The grunt might also be a low grunt by either a doe or buck.

Bleats call

Deer usually make a signal called “bleat” when calling others. The doe uses it to inform others of where it is or seek attention for food. You can also use this tool for hunting any time of the year.  Bleats call mimics the sound of a doe or younger deer. Once you notice the presence of does, you can use the bleat call to draw them closer.

Roar call

This call is very aggressive as far as deer vocalization is concerned. Bigger buck usually uses it to make a signal to other male deer. It indicates a sign of a doe ready for mating, calling for other bucks.

Snort-wheeze call:

This type of aggressive call is made by a buck before engaging his opponent physically. Though it sounds like an alert snort, the end has a wheezing sound.

Electronic deer call:

This type of deer call makes use of a battery. It offers many different vocalizations that allow the deer hunter to attract the animal. It operates with a remote control. All you need is to press the button and operate it. There is a manual type of deer call which is less expensive.

Things to consider when choosing a deer calling system

Deer hunters that want the hunt to be must take along with them good deer calls. Though finding one is confusing and tasking, if you already know what you are looking for in a deer call device, it won’t be much harder. Your choice of this device will be influenced by factors such as;

Ease of use

The main reason for buying a particular product is for easy usage and not to make your hunting game miserable. You are buying it to lure deer and not to scare them away. For this reason, you would want a product that is easy to use.


Though this hunting equipment does not cost, buying a durable product still matters a lot. Buying good quality brand will not only prevent any disappointment, but help you save money.


Buy a product that requires low maintenance. In addition to requiring low maintenance, it should also be appropriate for any weather.


Choose a product that offers a plethora of sound. The sound should also be natural and the instrument should be easy to adjust.

Reviews of The Top Rated Electronic Calls For The Money in 2017 – 2018

Extreme Dimension Wildlife Calls – Pro-Series Wired Whitetail Call

If luring bucks seems impossible, this is one of the top deer calls to get you the result you seek. The sound is natural and loud, thanks to its 126dB of volume. It can also mimic the sound made by two giant bucks engaged in combat.

It delivers different white-tail sounds ranging from social sparring; dominant grunt; snort/wheeze; social grunt; estrus bleat; tending grunt; antler tree rub; fawn distress; deer step, ground scrape and forage paw.

The 15-watt speaker is also built to work perfectly in all weather. It also comes with a detachable belt clip that makes it easier to transport. The battery life also makes it a great hunting deer call device as it can last for a full day of hunting.

The Pro Series also comes with extra speakers, wires, and connectors in case one has an emergency need for them. It is fairly priced, yet comes with additional features other calls at this price point do not have.


  • Compact
  • High-density plastic
  • Easy to use and carry around
  • Offers numerous sounds


  • Expensive
  • Sound not easy to adjust

Wildgame Innovations Flextone Mimic Electronic Game Call

Avid hunters looking for the best handheld electronic game call for deer will find this product satisfying. It is handheld and very compact; the call is initiated via a trigger.  All you need to do is point and pull the trigger to deliver a crystal clear sound through its powerful speakers.

This improved hunting device comes with a simple to use LCD interface designed for easy navigation. And if you like hunting at night, the backlit screen allows a clear view during the night period.

It is designed for 40 different preloaded high-definition calls, which makes it a great option for hunting different categories of animals. The rubber-coated body makes it water resistant and durable.


  • Great price
  • Very quiet in the field
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Limited one year warranty


  • Not loud enough in open field

Hunters Specialties Johnny Stewart Deer Attractor

Johnny Stewart makes one of the best deer calls that satisfy the needs of different hunters. It sounds louder and better than other systems at this price point. In terms of sound, it features five pre-program which includes: doe bleat, buck grunt, snort wheeze, rattling and estrus bleat.

The different sounds of this calling system play in a loop in order to render continuous calling action till a game is landed.  The remote can be replaced easily once it gets damaged and it also has a range of about 50 yards, which is great for hunting when the deer is close by.

The belt clip and molded loop make transporting this calling system much easier. The molded loop allows you to hang it on a tree in order to free your hands to take a clear shot.


  • Durable
  • Great sound
  • Attractive design
  • Five pre-programmed sound


  • Call sequence is quite fast
  • Remote’s volume button clicks very loud

Cass Creek Ergo Call Electronic Deer Call

The Creek Ergo ergonomic design is one of the attention-grabbing features of the product. It is lightweight, compact and fits in your palm very well. It is very easy to operate and comes with easy-push buttons you can operate with just your thumb.

This electronic handheld caller has five exceptionally clear and loud whitetail deer sound settings: Lost Fawn to signify a young lost deer; Tending Grunt signifies a buck’s call for mating; Buck Grunt representing a buck’s call for mating and communication; Snort/Wheeze signifying a dominant buck’s call before a fight; and Rattling Antler which represent two bucks’ sound during combat.

Rated as the best electronic call for deer with a sound that is exactly as that of the animal it mimics. The adjustable volume dial is very easy to adjust and offers better control. You can also change between the different sounds faster, thanks to its override technology.


  • Very loud
  • Lightweight
  • Small and compact
  • Overlap technology for instant sound change


  • Pitch is a bit off on most settings


Primos Hunting Speak Easy Electronic Deer Calling System

This calling system is designed to deliver six pre-programmed Primos deer calls; wheeze, challenge, grunt, bucks sparring, roar, estrus bleat and the doe bleat. It comes with a unique rubber strap so you can place it somewhere in order to free your hands to have a better shot at the target.

The Primos deer calls are one of the best products manufactured with the needs of every hunter in mind. Be it a recreational, casual or professional user, it fits perfect for hunters at all levels.

It comes with a remote control great for hunting when the deer is close by. The remote control also has an impressive range and battery life of this device is great for full day use.

The volume control is also very easy to use. The sound is also very clear even when the volume is completely turned up.


  • Accurate sound
  • Great volume
  • Adjustable LED volume indicator


  • Calls are mostly aggressive

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Choosing the best electronic deer call will make your deer hunt a success. It will enable you to attract the prey and bring them close enough to take better shot. However, finding the right electronic deer calls can be confusing because there are numerous products in the market. But after reading this electronic calls reviews, finding the right one will not be a challenge for you anymore.

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