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Best Electronic Predator Call 2019 Reviews

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Here you can find the best electronic predator calls to buy in 2019. These are very good quality coyote calls for every budget – mostly under 200 dollars.

Only a few tasks can be accomplished the way they were centuries or even decades ago. Civilization is everywhere these days, even in the jungle and is changing the behavioral pattern of wildlife. You cannot continue to do hunting the way it was done in those days.

Imagine attempting to lure animals into your traps by calling with your mouth. The hunters of those days used bones, wood, plastic and things like that to call the predators. It would work then because most predators were less wary. These days, those animals are smarter and would not easily be caught by such primitive calls.

To avoid spending endless hours in the field waiting for predators to become their game, hunters must devise ways to outwit their target by means of the electronic game call.

Most hunters are now using this device because it’s making their job a lot easier. Since there are so many electronic wild game callers in the market with different features and characteristics today, you may ask, what is the best predator caller? We’ve answered that question in the top 5 electronic game call reviews here.

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Best Electronic Predator Call – Top 5

Primos Alpha Dogg Catcher – Best Coyote Call Under $100

Primos is a big name in the manufacturing of predator calls since 1963. The hunters who have been using the electronic game calls have rated the Primos Alpha Dogg as the best electronic game caller based on the functionalities and features. It’s a product of meticulous research and development, and its improvement over the other game callers is remarkable.

One of the features that make it the best electronic game call is its impressive complete audio coverage. This is made possible by the external speakers that come with it. In addition, it has a default 2GB memory with the capacity to store more than 1000 sounds. Of course, as much as 75 different sounds have already been stored in the memory by default. It also has a remote control that you can operate from the range of 200 yards to where you’re hunting.

It also has the auxiliary jacks that enable you to insert a USB drive and introduce other sounds apart from the default 75. This gives you some smartness and unpredictability so that you can easily catch your games. The sounds that come with Primos Alpha Dogg Catcher greatly mimic real animal sounds such that they’ll always be deceived to come into your trap. This is so far the top coyote caller for low budget.


  • Is a lightweight device
  • Is very loud
  • Can simultaneously play two sounds
  • Has additional input and output options
  • Has camouflage design


  • Battery compartment poorly designed
  • Remote doesn’t last long
  • Sounds get poorer with time

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FOXPRO Inferno – Best Coyote Call Sound

FOXPRO Inferno is another product with top coyote sound. Every hunter that goes for the Inferno will have a good story to tell. Apart from being cost-effective, it has good features that place it among the best electronic game calls. Let’s start with its durability. This is a game caller that you can consistently use for 3 years.

Apart from that, it’s very loud. You can literally hear it unaided even when you are about 700 yards away, giving you the advantage of being able to hide from an aggressive predator you may be hunting. You won’t believe that a game caller that produces such a volume is as small as weighing just 1.5 pounds. This enables great portability.

What about the awesome memory capacity? It’s able to store 75 diverse calls and you can add up to 130 calls of your choice to the list to make it 200. It’s versatile enough to allow you to program it according to your taste.

It’s designed with ABS Composite materials that have been tested and trusted after surviving the toughest environment. The performance is also unmatched among its peers. With a remote control that’s highly sensitive, you’ve got one of the top-notch products that can be operated with the utmost convenience and customize according to the relevant circumstances.


  • It’s portable and lightweight
  • Easy to organize sounds into different categories
  • Has a low battery indicator
  • Comes with an auxiliary speaker jack
  • Has a tripod mount at the unit base


  • It doesn’t work consistently for long
  • It can be hard for some to use
  • Expensive for the function

ICOtec GC500 Electronic Predator Call With Perfect Coyote Sound

According to many of the predator hunters, the best coyote sound call for the money is the ICOtec GC500. It has the capacity to store over 200 sounds that will lure coyote, bobcat, fox, wolf, bear, and any other predator out of their comfort to come and catch their supposed prey. It comes with 24 default sounds with programmable features that improve its versatility. This model gives you all the reasons to excel in hunting by calling out your game to your trap.

A very attractive side of the electronic preditor call of such models is that it can combine multiple sounds of supposed prey like snow geese, moose, and other animals so that coyotes and other predators will be deceived into feeling confident that they’re in for a feast. This hybrid call is difficult to detect as a mimic.

Hunters love this game caller for giving them the ability to operate it when they’re yards away from it. Its remote control is so sensitive that it can perform multiple operations on the game caller without the hunter getting close.

This enables you to lure the wariest predator like coyotes into your trap since they’ll never have a hint that their own predator is hiding somewhere while they’re searching for the prey that they assumed is calling. That’s why many hunters rate it very high for the price.


  • Has multiple sounds of preys
  • Has a sensitive remote control
  • Is very loud
  • It’s affordable
  • Enjoy versatility while operating


  • Programming unit doesn’t work with Mac, works only with PCs
  • Doesn’t come with a battery for remote
  • Doesn’t come with replacement parts

FOXPRO Shockwave Electronic Predator Call

Going back to the FOXPRO, we find one of the most expensive predator calls for the use of the hunters. There are a lot of interesting features of this game caller. You can pay anything for its four-speaker horn unit that you can set until you get the sound characteristics that suits your hunting. The sound from this is loud enough and will become louder as you add external speakers.

Another reason for its ability to raise its head higher in the rank of the best game calls is the quantity of sound and the size of the memory. It comes with about 100 sounds in the memory. As if that’s too small, you can, by means of its programmable feature, increase the sounds to 1000 and the memory is capable of running it.

One is left to wonder what any hunter would or won’t do with that volume of memory. Besides, consider its screen display. With its friendly full color, you’ll be able to browse through as you’re customizing your device for a particular need.

There are other tempting features of this game call. You’ll appreciate the temperature sensor and barometers. Not to be forgotten too is the common feature of the ability to store and play multiple sounds. An uncommon feature is its ability to record the past hunt so that you’ll be able to predict the pattern of your next hunt.


  • Able to change the sound direction, thanks to FOXMOTION system
  • Has barometer and temperature sensing unit
  • Able to record past hunt
  • Able to store and play multiple sounds
  • Has a four-speaker horn unit


  • Remote control prone to accidental use
  • Sounds don’t go too far

ICOtec GC350 24 Electronic Predator Call

Any electronic game calls reviews can never be said to be complete without the review of ICOtec GC350 -24. This programmable remote electronic game call deserves its place in this rank. Though it’s coming last in the list, it doesn’t in any way come least. Regardless of the skills and experiences of any hunter, this electronic game call can be used by all.

So when you’re searching for the best electronic game calls for the money, don’t shortchange yourself by overlooking a game call that has the pre-installed 24 calls that are able to attract nearly all predators, even the more ferocious ones that can attempt prey on you the hunter.

But there’s no need to worry, you can operate it by means of remote control from a very safe distance of 300 yards; actually the safest distance. And it’ll produce a noise that’s loud enough to cover the reasonable distance.


  • Can be operated from 300 yards away
  • Can attract all sorts of predators
  • Helps you to focus on the hunt instead of call
  • Has a built-in audio
  • Can be used by the all-level hunter


  • Not loud enough
  • Some sound could be more accurate


The reviews here will surely assist you greatly in choosing the top electronic calls.  Reading it will give you the confidence that you know what you look for when you’re surveying the market for the game calls because not everything called electronic game calls can actually serve well.

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