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The 5 Best Hunting Gaiters For The Money Reviewed


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Every hunter has a lot of staff in his hunting equipment besides firearms. There are plenty of things that are quite necessary – a knife, cleaning kit, binoculars, special scope for a particular rifle, specific hunting outfit, and boots, etc.

But in the last couple of years, one thing is starting to be pretty popular among hunters, and these are hunting gaiters.

Maybe you will hear from some people that leg gaiters for hunting are nothing but a caprice, but wearing the best hunting gaiters can be such a useful and valuable thing.

When the terrain is difficult, and the weather is wet and snowy, these gaiters will be your best friends, keeping your bottoms of the pants from getting sodden, but also your boot uppers.

Also, when there is a lot of rough vegetation, they will protect you from spears and scars. With a pair of waterproof gaiters hunting is much easier and comfortable, but don’t expect to keep you dry while you are crossing a river.

What you need to know before you buy hunting gaiters

If you never had experience with leg gaiters for hunting, you need to know certain things if you want to buy the best gear.

Waterproof aspect

First, every hunting gaiters have to be waterproof, and it is simple as that. Their primary function is to keep your legs dry. But, a pair of good hunting gaiters should be quiet, because you don’t want any noise when you are in stealth mode. So, it is essential when it comes to a close shooting.

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Weight aspect

You will want to feel comfortable in a pair of legwarmers, and it is important to find a lightweight product, with an easy entry system. You don’t want to spare your time putting them on, and sometimes you will need to remove them on the field quickly.


When you are wearing this gear, you want to feel hassle-free, and you should make it sure they will fit well with your hunting boots and pants. Be aware that length can vary from one producer to another, so always check the specification before purchase.

You should select mid-calf gaiters, or knee gaiters because ankle gaiters are not the best option for hunting. Knee gaiters cover you from the mid-top of boots to the knee, and they are usually 15-18 inches long, while mid-calf gaiters are 8-12 inches long.

Both of these hunting leggins are great if you are going through long grass and bushes. The choice will depend on the terrain where you are hunting, and on your level of activity.

Special material

And these days you can even find insect repellent hunting gaiters. That’s right; these gaiters have been produced with materials to deter insects. And it could be a lifesaver when you need to stay in one spot, waiting for an animal.

If you require beating mosquitos when you have to stay calm and quiet than it is better to stay at home.

Best Gaiters For Hunting For The Money

To help you select the best hunting leg and pants protection, we will present you top five products available on the market. After these reviews, we are sure you will make the great choice.

First Lite – Brambler Gaiter

These First Lite’s hunting gaiters are quite burly and quality made, we can say they are produced to last a lifetime. Your pants and socks will stay dry with these waterproof gaiters, so you don’t have to worry about moisture or dew in the morning.

They are made of a special nylon fabric which is very breathable and then reinforced with Cordura panels to provide protection for any weather or terrain condition. But they are not made to be snake proof.

You will be impressed how comfortable these leg protectors are, and they don’t feel baggy at all, like some other gaiters. The inner part is made of Cordura nylon, and this type of material is so strong for its weight.

The entry system is so easy, and you will be able to take them off in no time. The product is available in two different sizes – small and large. These are quite expensive product, but you will get the best quality for your money. With these boot gaiters, hunting will be more pleasurable.


    Durable and sturdy-made

    Special nylon fabric

    Reinforced with Cordura panels

    Great protection in any weather or terrain condition

    Comfortable, with an easy entry system


    Quite expensive

    Not made to be snake proof

OUTAD Waterproof Outdoor Legging Gaiters

If you want something in a lower price range, but still effective and quality made, then you should check out these OUTAD’s legging gaiters. Made of a waterproof and breathable nylon fabric, these gaiters are a great choice for hunting and hiking. The material is pretty durable and tear resistant so you will feel protected at any terrain.

With a weight of 250 grams, you will barely feel them on your legs, and they are pretty easy to remove. With a special metal hook at the bottom, you will be able to fasten them to shoe lace.

These leg gaiters are available in three different sizes – small, medium and large, while you can choose from six different colors to match with your outfit. If you have any problems with the product, the manufacturer will send you a new pair.

They won’t last forever if you use them frequently, but it is a nice choice for a low price.


    Waterproof and breathable nylon fabric

    Durable and tear resistant

    Lightweight and comfortable

    Easy entry system

    Good quality for a low price


    Cinch strap is a weak part

    Check out the dimensions before choosing the size

Kenetrek Unisex Hunting Gaiters

These Kenetrek’s leg protectors are made to fit over any boot, and they have a nice loop closure which provides easy opening from the front. The manufacturer is a pioneer in hunting gaiters producing, and this design is one of the most imitated on the market.

Made of waterproof and breathable material, these hunting boot gaiters are durable but quite expensive.

A special micro fleece exterior is bull’s eye, because it is dead quiet, and you don’t need to worry about dangerous animals. These pants protectors have unique rubber straps on the bottom, so they would not collect ice and snow. Boot section is reinforced with 1000 denier nylon.

Available sizes are medium, large and extra large, while the only color is a realtree ap.


    Waterproof and breathable material

    Quality made with a great design

    Loop closure provides ease opening

    Fleece exterior is dead quiet

    Unique rubber straps

    Reinforced boot section


    Pretty expensive

    The strap clips are plastic

Sitka Stormfront Gaiter

If you are a hunter with the unlimited budget, then you should check out these Sitka’s leggins, because they are so nicely made, and they are among the best products on the market.

These legwarmers are produced for heavy use and for hunting in extreme weather conditions. Maybe they will feel a little bit stiff, but you will be protected and your legs will stay dry.

If you are hunting in wet grass or snow, you will see how effective these hunting legwarmers are.

A new hook system will save the buckle’s exposure to outside tear, while full front zipper provides an easy entry system. These Sitka’s gaiters are available in two sizes – large and extra large, while the only color is camouflage gray.


    Great quality made

    Produced for hunting in extreme conditions

    New hook system saves the buckle

    Easy entry system


    Can feel stiff

    A bit expensive

IC ICLOVER  Outdoor Hunting Leggings

For those hunters who want good characteristics for a reasonable price, these IC Iclover’s hunting clothing could be an excellent selection. They are made of quality fabric to be waterproof and highly breathable, but they will also keep you warm in cold weather.

With a magnetic tape in the front, these kind of gear are pretty easy to take on, and they have adjustable band, too.

Produced to be comfortable and durable, IC Iclover’s gaiters will protect you from sharp stones and insect bites, and they are available in one universal size (the height is 17’’ inches).

Maybe you will find them a bit heavy, but after a while, you will get used to it. If you choose this model, you’ll get a nice hunting gaiters for your money.


    Quality waterproof fabric

    Highly breathable

    Easy to take on and off

    Protect you from sharp stones and insect bites

    Good quality for a decent price


    A bit heavy

    Only one universal size


Maybe you’ve already heard from the older hunters, that with leather gaiters hunting is more comfortable, and nowadays there are plenty of hunting leggins made of modern materials.

Leg gaiters for hunting become a part of a standard hunting equipment, and if you want to keep your feet dry and protected, you should mandatory have those ready for use.

We are sure that our list of top five hunting leg protection will help you buy the best product on the market.

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