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Best Glock 26 Holster 2019 Reviews

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Here you can find the best Glock 26 holsters to buy in 2019. These are a very good Gen 4 and Gen 5 Glock holsters mostly for IWB carry made from kydex.

Most people like to use the Glock 26 for personal protection because it is a potent and reliable pistol. This powerful weapon favors personal usage and its power and reliability make it so popular and rampant all over the world. In order to have the best experience with this tool, it is essential that it is concealed in a firm holster to keep it ready for use at any time.

Carrying holster is the best way to conceal your firearm for most shooters. It offers in-depth concealment which keeps your gun hidden perfectly always. There are lots of benefits to achieving by using this item. It is comfortable to use and easily stick to your skin.

It is quite difficult to find a holster that is comfortable and made of high-quality material because the market is flooded with many brands. Even when you see one that says it has all the necessary features, it ends up not being so when you put them into use. This is the essence of this article, to help you get the best holsters for your gun.

Now, we have taken out time to carry out market research on the top Glock holsters. We compared various brands and came up with an objective judgment that will help you make the right choice in choosing the best Glock 26 pocket holster.

When buying the Glock IWB 26 holster, there are some specific things to put into consideration such as comfort, versatility, security, ease of draw, etc.

When talking about its easiness to draw, it means that it shouldn’t take your effort to get your weapon out from the holster and also withdraw it back to the holster. The kind of material employed in making a holster determine its retention rate. Holsters are majorly made from kydex, polymer or leather.

Apart from this, holsters should be well attached to the interior of your waist strap always and the gun also needs to have a cozy fit in the holsters. When drawing out your gun from your holster, it should not pull out with the gun but remain in its position. Therefore, there is a need for you to get a good loop system or belt clip so that the holster can retain its place.

Before Buying Glock 26 holsters


One of the best ways to spot the best IWB holster is through their concealment. A holster should offer maximum concealment and this is important, especially during activities such as driving and running that require you to move most parts of your body. If you put on untucked clothing, this is when the concealment of your holster is most effective.

You can adjust your holster at any point on the belt of your waistband through the help of a belt clip just as you want it to offer you with the perfect comfort when putting on the holsters.


In most cases, it is likely for you to feel uncomfortable if you are putting on a holster for the first time. However, after some time, you will learn how to use it properly and the waistband holster will stick securely to your body and you may not even notice there is anything there. It will now become your second skin.

Besides this, you can adjust most of the holsters at different points according to how you want it, thereby giving you multiple ways to carry it. Some holsters also come with a sweat shield to protect your weapon from sweat emanating from your skin thus offering you with great comfort.

Easy to store

It is vital that your gun is quickly accessible, especially in serious situations. What this implies is that your weapon should be easily accessible by quickly and easily drawing it out from the holsters to make it available immediately as the need arises. It is vital that your holster maintains a firm state always to make it very easy for you to holster & re-holster your firearm.

Best Holsters For Glock 26

Galco KT224B Kingtuk IWB holster For Glock Gen 4

This is arguably the best concealed holster for Glock 26 gen 4. It is versatile because it has the capacity to fit into a variety of Glock pistol, especially G33, G32, G32, G27, G26, G23, G22, G19, and G17. This means that investing in this holster makes it possible to use for different types of Glock pistols. This holster is also perfect for belts that are up to 4.45 cm and you can alter the holster to fit any point on your belt.

Apart from that, it is possible to carry the holster downwards and upwards in the appropriate hole of this holster to make adjustments in terms of angle and carry the weight of your gun. What this implies is that you have to position the screw fastened to the holster to make it easy to adjust.

The Galco KT224B holster comes with a belt clip that is made from metal, which makes them tough and rugged. Nevertheless, it might be kind of flimsy so there is a need for you to position them well or get more belt loops to add more security to the holsters to the interior of your waist strap.

Furthermore, this holster is made from kydex material and napa leather. The back plate of this product is basically made from saddle leather, the front is made of napa leather while the pocket is made from rugged kydex material which makes holstering and reholstering of your firearm easy and simple.

The part of the holster that is made from napa material has a prompt break-in time, which offers great comfort as soon as the break-in time is accomplished when putting on the holster. Also, the holster attaches firmly to your body which makes it secured. The pocket that is made of Kydex ensures nice retention rate which is vital when pulling out your gun from the holsters.


  • It is compatible with most Glocks
  • Made from high-quality material
  • It can be easily adjusted to your taste
  • Holds the weapon pretty well


  • Not very good when it comes to comfort

Concealment Express Appendix Kydex Holster For Glock Gen 5

The Concealment Express IWB Holster features an audible retention lock system that ensures your Glock 26 pistol is firmly secured in the holster. You can adjust the retention lock system to how you want it at a carrying angle of 0 – 15 degrees which change the angle at which your weapon is pointing at.

This holster is designed to have several carry options and it is versatile since you can wear it at any point on your belt, behind your back or appendix. This holster comes with a firm belt clip which helps in making adjustment thanks to its ability to swivel. Hence, the clip belt helps to securely put your holster in place when you pull out your firearm.

Besides that, this product comes with an integrated sweat shield which basically keeps your gun dry always. This feature is mostly useful for people that wear their holster for virtually the whole day long. This sweat shield also prevents the corrosion of metal elements of your gun from sweat.

The Concealment Express holster can accommodate G33, G27, and G26. This holster weighs 2.5 ounces and it is constructed from Kydex with 0.08 inches thickness. The thickness of the Kydex structure is enough to make sure the holster doesn’t collapse when you draw out your firearm. Unlike other types of materials, the Kydex is not affected by moisture.


  • It is durable
  • It is quite easy to conceal
  • It can be used for a lot of models


  • It becomes a bit sticky if moisture gets to it

Fobus Tactical Glock 26 Paddle Holster

Fobus is a great holster for Glock 26, 33 and 43. Its price is very affordable in comparison to other manufacturers and it is very comfortable to wear. For less than $30 you get a solid construction with a rubber backing. This makes the holster very stable and comfortable.

You can easily adjust retention with screws but it lacks locking mechanism. We think that for this price range it’s quite a good option overall.


  • Very comfortable
  • Lots of mounting options
  • Adjustable retention
  • Low profile
  • Low price


  • Only right-handed
  • No locking mechanism

OUTBAGS OB -30ANK Nylon Neoprene Ankle Holster

The OUTBACK is one of the best Glock 26 ankle holster available for purchase. It can also accommodate G27 and it is made in the United States. The materials used include premium nylon & Velcro closures. Neoprene is used for the ankle sleeve instead of elastic and it has a retention strap and a reinforced pull tab. It doesn’t come with additional padding, but can be won over socks.

Although the lack of padding on the interior of this holster may look uncomfortable, putting it on over socks should solve the padding problem. Nevertheless, you are going to experience some sliding. The sleeve is made with neoprene material which is great for withstanding any factors that might interfere.


  • It holds the pistol firmly and securely
  • It is made of high-quality material
  • It can be used for G27 and G26


  • Its lack of padding makes it uncomfortable when walking


Getting a good holster for Glock pistol is a nice way to conceal your weapon and make carrying so easy. We have listed some of the best holsters available in the market, choosing any of these holsters on our list will serve you perfectly.

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