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10 Warmest Hunting Gear and Clothing On The Market in 2018

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Gone are the days when hunting was strictly a means of survival, majority of the people now sees hunting as a sporting event with lots of excitement. Also, there is a revolution in the tools used in hunting. In ancient times, they used sophisticated tools for hunting, while modern day hunting uses tools that are specially constructed to give wonderful experience on the field.

For hunters that are planning to get the best cold weather hunting gear in 2017 and 2018, they need to know that there are various purposes for which these gears are needed. Some are for warmth while others are for camouflage. There are even some that are meant for children and women

The brand of the hunting gear is one key factor potential buyers should put in mind. Getting the right information on the best attires for hunting will give you a wonderful and successful experience.

Whether you are buying winter overalls or the warmest hunting gloves to keep your hands protected, there are some key factors you need to consider before going to the market.

Things To Consider Before Buying Warmest Hunting Clothes in 2017 and 2018

For newbies that are just entering the hunting endeavor or even the experienced ones that are missing out something when it comes to buying the best cold weather hunting gear, below are some factors you need to put in mind when buying these attires.


When buying anything, the quality of the item should not be compromised for whatsoever reasons. One of our intentions of buying hunting gears is for them to serve us for a reasonable time frame. 

The fabric should be made of high quality materials that can withstand any tough situations. How do you know if the quality of the one you are planning to buy is high? You can visit online shopping websites to check the product out and read customers’ comments on the quality.


Every day, different brands of hunting gears are launched which makes the market flooded with lots of options. Although it is somewhat good that we have lots of attires to choose from, but it could also be stressful and daunting picking out the trusted brands.

Some brands are full of fake promises and features that will make you waste your hard earned money if you buy them. To make it easy for you, as you read further, we have put together the best cold weather hunting clothes reviews for this and next year.

3.Hunting season

The season of hunting has a lot to do with the kind of dress you put on. If you are hunting during the winter, there is a need for you to go for the best hunting clothes for cold weather.

It will be a disaster for you to be on a cold field with lightweight hunting gears that are not padded to shield cold. Likewise, if you are hunting during hot weather, you don’t need warm hunting pants that will make you uncomfortable. But our focus is on extreme cold weather hunting gear.

Note: The essence of wearing the right hunting clothes for the right season is for you to have a thrilling hunting experience. Hunting is a form of sport that’s to be enjoyed and not to be endured.


There is a wide range of prices when it comes to buying hunting attires, thanks to the numerous number of manufacturers we have in the industry. If you are a high earner or a low income earner, there is certainly one or two products that will fall within your budget.

But you must understand that most brands with high-end qualities are always accompanied with high price tag. So you need to look for the hunting gears that fall within your budget and have the qualities you need.

Having looked at some of the factors to bear in mind when buying hunting gears, it’s time for us to review the warmest hunting clothes that are making waves in 2017 and 2018.

Top 10 Best Hunting Clothes For Cold Weather On The Market in 2017 and 2018

We shall be breaking this down into different categories to make everything clear and simple to follow. We will focus on the best jackets, socks, gloves, hats and pants for hunting.

Warmest hunting jackets

1.Eglemall Men’s Outdoor Hunting Waterproof Jackets

If you are searching for the best cold weather hunting jacket of 2017 - 2018 to buy, then Eglemall Waterproof Jackets should be your first option. This jacket comes in various sizes which makes it suitable for different body size.

This soft shell jacket is made from high quality materials that are able to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are lined with fleece, have waterproof features, breathable, and lightweight.

This warmest hunting coat is suitable for hiking, hunting, tactical combat, airsoft, and other outdoors. It has a drawstring waist, adjustable wrist cuffs, elastic hook and loop, and other nice features that makes it one of the best.


•It is made of durable and long lasting materials

•It’s suitable for different outdoor sports

•It is waterproof and lined with fleece to shield you from cold


•It has little issue with sizing, so you may need to add some extra size when ordering

2.ScentBlocker Outfitter Hunting Jacket

This is one of the warmest hunting jackets you can get in the market. ScentBlocker Outfitter is made from 100 percent polyester and it has amazing features that makes it stand out.

At the back of this hunting coat is a safety harness slit for easy attachment & concealment. It is 100 percent waterproof, lined with fleece, breathable, and has a zip-out wind blocker. The durability and ruggedness of this gear makes it the warmest winter jacket and can be used for various outdoor events.


•It is made of great material

•Durable and rugged for extreme cold weather

•It is waterproof

•Comes in various sizes for different body size


•The forearm is a bit snug

•Some customers complain of the zippers getting stitched 

Warm hunting pants

1.Eglemall Men’s Military Tactical Hunting Pants

These warm hunting clothes are made from high-end quality material. They are waterproof, lightweight and suitable for hiking, hunting, camping, airsoft, and other outdoor sports.

Eglemall hunting pants are lined with fleece to provide the right amount of warmth needed to be comfortable. Other features of these hunting pants include anti-wrinkle, anti-shrink, breathable, and dries quickly.


•They are made of high-end quality material

•Suitable for various outdoor sports

•Provide adequate warmth during cold weather


•Have Sizing issues

•The quality of the zipper can be improved

2.Helikon-Tex Outback Line OTP Outdoor Tactical Pants

This tactical hunting pant is one of the best that offer maximum support while on the field. It is made of 93 percent nylon and 7 percent spandex, making it durable and strong. Helikon-Tex design makes it suitable for virtually all outdoor sports.

It has a slim look, comfortable to use, and protects you from harsh weather conditions. It has so many exciting features that distinguish it from other brands.


•It is comfortable to wear

•Can be used for various sporting events

•It is durable and long lasting

•It is warm enough for cold weather


•Not too suitable for hot weather

•Makes some noise due to the nylon material

Warm hunting socks

1.Heavy Work Boot Socks for Hunting, Hiking, Camping

Among the best cold weather hunting socks available, Heavy Work Boot Socks remains one of the most favorite. It is made of very soft yarns that is purely meant for outdoor sports. The material is thick enough to offer superior warmth during cold weather.

The durability and long lasting features of these socks is what makes it outstanding when compared to other brands. Other features include moisture wicking, breathable, and has a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. 


•It is made of thick material for excellent warmth

•It is durable and strong

•It doesn’t trap water, thanks to its moisture wicking features

•It is breathable for comfort


•It doesn’t extend over the knee 

•It is not suitable for the summer

2.Thermal Compression Socks Graduated for Performance and Recovery

If you need warm socks for hunting, going for Thermal Compression Socks will be the best choice for you. These socks are optimized for performance and recovery, which makes it a perfect hunting socks for you. It is made of superior thermal material that helps to keep you warm and support muscle function.

Thermal Compression Socks have an amazing arch support that boosts comfort while on the field. It also increases circulation, which helps to prevent shin splints and cramps. The anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties of these socks reduces odors, irritation, and blisters. 


•Made of superior quality

•It keeps you warm always and support muscle function

•It boosts circulation to prevent cramps

•Its amazing features help to reduce odors


•They are quite tight

Warmest hunting gloves

1.GearTop Touch Screen Thermal Glove

GearTop Touch Screen is one of the best winter gloves for extreme cold weather. It is great for keeping you toasty with the perfect amount of snugness. This glove is made of great material and it is designed to work with your smartphones & GPS.

GearTop Thermal Glove is breathable, keeps your hands dry and warm, and wicks away moisture perfectly. This glove is not too bulky and it gives you the chance to easily grasp and hold any item. It has a Velcro wrist strap that helps to hold the glove firmly while in use. Its versatility, durability, and flexibility makes it the best choice to buy.


•Made of thick and warm materials

•Durable, flexible and long lasting

•It is compatible with your smartphone & GPS

•It can be used for various outdoor sports


•They emit some chemical smell when newly purchased

•The touch feature doesn’t work in extremely cold weather

2.Glacier Gloves ICE BAY Fishing Glove

The Glacier Gloves are one of the warmest gloves for hunting, and of all their products, the ICE BAY is the number one favorite. This amazing extreme cold weather gear is made from premium neoprene, blind stitched and lined with fleece to shield you from cold.

It can be used for fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. It is great for dexterity, warmth, and durability. 


•It is made of top-notch material

•It is perfect for extreme cold weather

•It is durable and strong

•It is suitable for various outdoor events


•It doesn’t extend to the elbow level

•Elastic cuff would have helped to prevent water from coming in

Cold weather hunting hats

1.SIGGI Faux Fur Trapper Hat for Hunting

Getting a hunting hat is one of the basic requirements when going to the field. There are different cold weather hunting hats available for purchase and one that is highly recommended is the SIGGI Faux Fur Hat. It is made of 100 percent cotton and other materials to offer full protection to the skull.

It is durable and strong to give you a long lasting solution. It has earflaps to keep your ears warm and it is also wind proof. The versatility of this hat makes it perfect for all outdoor use.


•Made of thick and warm materials to shield cold

•It is versatile

•It is durable and strong

•It is soft and comfortable to wear


•The face shield can obstruct your vision

•May not be perfect for people with big skull

2.LETHMIK Outdoor Waterproof Boonie Hat

This extremely cold weather hunting gear does a great job in protecting your head from harsh weather. It is one of the best you can get in the market and certainly not the cheapest. It is made of 100 percent polyester fiber that is waterproof.

LETHMIK is known for its sleek design and it is equipped with so many features that makes it amazing. It is foldable and crushable, has an adjustable chin strap, adjustable wind trap and two air vent to provide maximum comfort. This hunting cap can be used for various outdoor events.


•It is durable and comfortable to use

•It is foldable, crushable and lightweight

•It shields you from harsh weather


•It is a bit small in size

•Its quality can be improved


Hunting is an interesting outdoor event that every adventurer needs to take part of. However, it is essential that you have all the necessary hunting attires needed for a wonderful experience.

From the warmest hunting coveralls to the best hunting socks, you need to protect yourself from harsh weather conditions. The best cold weather hunting gear has a part to play on the field.

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