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5 Best Cheap Knife Sharpeners For Hunting Knives

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What is the best knife sharpener for hunting knifes?

Hunting is fun and can be more fun when one has the right hunting tool. And if you are someone who likes to go hunting with a knife, then you need nothing but the best hunting knife sharpener to help keep your knife sharp always.

There are tons of knife sharpeners on the market, which makes it challenging for buyers to make a choice. The question is what is the best product in this category? And what really makes a hunting knife sharpener the best? Read on!

What to look for in Choosing a hunting Knife Sharpener

Before reading best hunting knife sharpener reviews, there are things you must consider before choosing a product for your hunting knife. The following are must-know factors to consider before investing on a tool.

Duration of sharpening session

A touch up is what is required when using a field sharpener. It can sharpen your knife to desirable in less than 2 minutes. Home sharpeners, on the other hand, will vary with the result.

Electric sharpeners are quite fast. They can be used to completely sharpen a dull blade in less than 2 minutes. Unlike the manual sharpener which takes more time to properly sharpen a knife, the electric sharpener comes with the electric motor that spins fast and gets the job done faster.

The advantage of using the manual sharpening system is that compound angle can be created which usually comprises of two angles, adding both durability and sharpness.

The Angle of the Sharpener

Most hunting knives are at an angle of 20 to 25 degrees out of the factory. Hunting knives of expert knife makers are built this way, and that’s why they show great field durability and cutting ability.

Knives that are sharpened at an angle of 10 degrees might appear to be razor sharp, but the blade becomes dull after using them to cut a hide or rope.

The Coarseness

A sharpener that can cause the hunting knife to have a little bit of coarseness that is a little bit of roughness is a great option. This type of blade will give a little bit of bite when it hits the cutting surface. The sharpener should be able to provide both fine and rough cutting edge that is suitable.

Multiple Uses

If you also would need a sharpener for your pocket or kitchen knives, it is better to choose a sharpener that works for any knife. It will reduce costs and enable you to sharpen your fine cutlery whenever you want.

Different Uses of Hunting Knife

Hunting knives have multiple uses, but are majorly used for activities like skinning, boning, gutting, and butchering. Though the hunting knives we have these days take different forms, they are mainly designed for slicing and cutting than for stabbing. The hunting dagger specifically designed for stabbing.


This type of hunting knife is designed to cut through an animal’s skin without damaging its abnormal tissues or muscles during the process.  The skinning knife has short, thin and curved blade for this purpose.


After skinning and gutting the animal, a deer, for example, the hunting knife can be used to take off the meat from the bone.


The butchering knife is used to cut or butcher the meat to reasonable or smaller sizes after skinning and deboning the animal. The most important requirement for the butchering knife type is to make a clean and easy cut when used.


Though most people rarely use hunting knife for hunting, but prefer to take it along for cutting whenever the need arises that does not mean knives are not used for hunting. A popular way people hunt with knives is commonly called “Hog hunting”.

5 Best Rated Knife Sharpeners For The Money in 2017

Edge Pro Apex

The Edge Pro Apex is the best budget knife sharpener to invest on. It can be used to sharpen any blade shape or type including serrated knives. It also works for any blade size up to 3.5 inches wide.

Re-sharpening with this sharpener is quite fast because it can sharpen the knife at the same angle consistently. It is very easy to setup and creates no heat that can damage your knife’s temper.

The carrying case is portable and convenient for carrying the knife around.  The knife guide system does not clamp down on the blade when in use. It is designed with adjustable sharpening angles ranging from 10, 15, 18, 21 and 24 degrees. Having a simple design also makes it convenient for the sharpening cutlery of different shapes and sizes. It is also great to use on straight edge hunting knives.

The highly custom designed water stones are long lasting and free you from messy oil stones. You can change the water stones easily with just a twist of the knob.


    • Easy to use
    • Very portable
    • Works with any knife
  • Will not damage the blade temper


    • Requires regular practice to understand and use correctly
  • Slower operation than what users might want to deal with.

KME Precision Knife Sharpener System

This knife sharpener comes with everything you need to get your dull hunting knife to a razor-sharp level without the need to buy extra stones. It is designed with a spherical bearing rod guide, which does not allow angle deviation during use. It offers smooth sharpening motion too.

In addition to being small and portable, this manual rod-guided controlled sharpening angle tool comes with a rotating blade clamp that allows it to sharpen faster. The rotating clamp also allows sharpening of both sides of the hunting knife at the same angle.

The sharpener works on any knife. It is also very easy to use in sharpening broadheads and knives, thanks to its spherical rod guiding system which consistently maintains precise sharpening angles making it possible.

The stone holder and grip are built with great quality and attractive cherry wood material. The holder also makes changing the larger 1x 4 inch stone very quick and easy.


    • Solidly built
    • Blade clamps in place
    • Simple angle adjustment
  • Great quality and operation


  • Struggles with holding on to full flat ground knives

Smith’s Edge Pro Adjustable Angle Sharpener

If your survival depends on the sharpness of your hunting knife, then this sharpening tool will make a fine option. Unlike other sharpeners at this price point, the Smith’s Edge Pro Adjustable Angle Sharpener is solid, stable and fun to use.

It is rated the best electric knife sharpener for hunting knives at this price point featuring two sets of sharpening wheels. It comes with a set of dual-sided diamond sharpening wheels used to shape the edge of the knife, including a set of ceramic wheels specifically for honing.

In addition to offering precise and fast sharpening of both sides of a knife blade, very little metal is removed from the blade during the process. There will be no burr on the knife’s cutting edge after using this tool.

This sharpening tool works well on knives of carbon, alloy or stainless steel. It sharpens all types of knives including custom knives, sports knives, pocket knives, hunting knives and any other type of kitchen knives available.


    • Great price
    • Sharpens faster
    • Non-slip rubber feet for safety
  • Works on standard-edges and double-beveled knives


    • Might overheat with prolonged use
  • Won’t work on ceramic blades with one-sided grind

Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

If you are eager to try out an electric knife sharpener and want the best cheap knife sharpener in this category, the Presto 08800 EverSharp will make a fine option.

It comes with solid precision blade guides that help to position knife at the perfect sharpening angle for great results. Though this sharpener might not get your knife to a razor-sharp level as other higher priced sharpeners would, it will make them sharp enough for carving meat and cutting.

The Sapphirite sharpening wheels on it work fine. With its two-stage sharpening system, the 120 volts Presto knife sharpener helps to sharpen any non-serrated blade quickly and with ease.


    • Budget-friendly
    • Durable and stable
    • It will last longer than expected
  • Used for sharpening and honing


    • Angle is not adjustable, but pre-set.
  • Might not make the knife razor sharp, but great for cutting

Wusthof PEtec Electric Sharpener

The WusthofPEtec Electric Sharpener is an easy to use and budget-friendly sharpener. With a weight of 5 pounds, the sharpener has a lightweight and is surprisingly very stable.

Unlike other electric sharpeners at this price point, the WusthofPEtec has three stages for sharpening knives. Stage 1 is designed specifically for sharpening, stage 2 is for honing while the stage 3 is designed for edge polishing or stropping.

The stage 3 which is designed for polishing or stropping will help you refine the new edge of your knife to razor sharpness. You can repeat this stage every 2 or 3 weeks to maintain the sharpness of your hunting knife.


    • No burrs after use
    • Makes knives razor sharp
    • Simple to understand and use
  • Used for sharpening, honing and finishing


    • Not dishwasher safe
  • Cannot sharpen thick blades, concave blades or scissors


A razor-sharp hunting knife will make your hunting game more interesting. And instead of spending money on professionals to get your hunting knife to razor-sharp level, it is better to have your own hunting knife sharpener to use anytime the need arises. If you are looking for the top products, these five tools should be on your list. Besides hunting knives, these sharpeners can be used for any other type of knife.

We have listed the best on the market, but the final decision on which to select is up to you. After going through the review of each brand carefully, you can make an informed decision.

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