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Best Hunting Rifles of 2017: Reviews and Buying Guide

how to choose the best hunting rifle

Hunting is celebrated as crowd-pleasing sports widely praised by the sports person since few years. It is not merely played as a recreational game but is also played to fulfill the basics of the hunter through hard work. Hunting includes aspects like identification, manual aiming, chasing and much more.

A hunter's actual potential can only be measured or known with the equipment he uses. Yes, the best all-rounder rifle which he chooses to use judges whether he is good at hunting or not. There are several types of rifles available for the hunting purpose, but the deer hunting rifles are the widely used rifles. But what is a deer hunting rifle and why is it the best for this kind of sports? Let's elaborate some points to get enough knowledge about the best rifle for the money.

Have you ever stepped into any gun store or searched online for the best cheap hunting rifle? Doesn't it confuse you with bundles of different rifles and pistols to select from? Yes, the amazing collection at the stores would make it hard for you to decide which rifle or gun you are looking for. All the rifles, pistols or guns have their own unique purpose, shape, and size which should be considered while purchasing. So how will you select your hunting rifle? Let's make it easy for you through the following factors to save your hours.​

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There are several aspects one must consider while looking for the best budget hunting rifle for a lucrative hunt. Some of them are as below:

    If you have ever purchased the best all-around rifle, you must know that different rifles carry different lengthened barrels. The average length of the barrel lies from 18 inches to 26 inches. The length of the barrel also works on the weight of the rifle, its instance, accuracy, barrel stiffness, velocity and speed the bullet has and much more.

    In case you are going on a long trip for hunting, the short hunting rifles are highly preferable. The weight and height of the barrels in such hunting rifles are light and hence can be easily carried. The adduce while firing in the game is with speed but that also disturbs the stability of the bullet. Apart from that, censor and the resale of the rifle can blast at any moment which is the main drawbacks of the short side rifles.

    The rifles with barrels that are lengthy, the sensor velocity are long but also carries weight. It is favorable for distant hunting due to its speed as the bullet needs to cut off a long distance before leaving the barrel. As the resile is less, the stability of the rifle remains under control

So how about best deer hunting rifle?

Have you ever used a high capacity rifle for a small animal? If so, you might have seen that the animal is overkilled due to the caliber of the best budget hunting rifle. The animal killed in this manner would not be served as the flesh would be destroyed due to the killing wounds inside and outside also.

In the same way, if you choose the best rifle for money with low capacity for a huge animal, you I got end up in wounds that are big leading to blood loss. This process of hunting cannot be called human hunting at all as it is not done for any specific reason.

Another point while selecting the capability of the rifle is the distance between you and the animal. Of while shooting a deer the shooting range is in quarters, get the rifle which is low in calibers. In the same way, if you are shooting from a distant place, you should adopt the high caliber rifle with great speed and power.

When enquired to the people who have experienced deer hunting about what is the best capacity of the rifle, we heard different reviews which mean that all have their own selection for the rifles. A rifle which would be the best all-around rifle for one would not be working for the other.

It is also possible that two rifles share the same capacities but are different if you consider the cartridges. The best example of this is the 30-30 Winchester and the .300 Weatherby Magnum who have similar calibers and size of the bullets but vary with the traveling speed and cartridges.

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While selecting the rifles, the calibers you select should have the following qualities:

1. Availability of bullets

Yes, while selecting the best budget hunting rifle, make sure you check the availability of the bullets in any of the stores where guns are sold. You should also make sure that the storekeepers don't charge you high for a box of bullets.

2. Riffle fitting

The caliber fitting should also be checked. No doubt the rifles have their own bullets or ammu, there are some whose fitting need to be checked.

3. Striking power

The striking power is widely known as the foot pounds per energy. While striking the bullet, along with the speed the striking power or say energy also matters. For instance, while shooting a deer, the capability of the bullet should be 1000 foot-pounds or more.

4. Weight of the bullet

The bullets of the best all-around rifle are measured in grains. While taking and out the weight of the bullets, the normal weight should be in a range of 150-180 grains. The weight contains the weight of the overall ammu which also includes the shell. It also includes the weight of the formerly fired bullet. The weight of the bullet will also be considered as the effect of the bullet would be considered while hunting the animal.

In case the bullet would have appropriate striking force, the animal will not be able to run away from the scenario and would be hunted easily. Also, it's necessary to kill the deer at its vitals so that the hunting wouldn't be named as humane killing.

5. Mechanism

The mechanism or you can say the action is measured as how is the ammu loading carried out in the storage chamber of the rifle. It depends on the prima you select while loading from the three, the number of rounds you will be able to fire prior reloading.

Bolt Action Rifles

bolt action hunting rifle example

The bolt action rifles are the popular ones among the hunters as they are easy to use. In these rifles, the ammo in the rifles are loaded in the chamber with bolt locks for security. When the rifle is carried in a discharge state, the bolt is unlocked and this process is done manually when the bolt rises up. When the bolt is pulled backward, ejection takes place of the casing and that's the exact time when the next caliber takes the place of the released one. Again the bolt is locked in its place and the similar process is repeated.

The bolt action rifles are easy to use and clean which attracts several hunters towards it. You can manually take the bolt out of the chamber exposing the passage.

The best rifle for the money, the bolt action rifle, permits the hunter to load many calibers at a time into it which is also a major plus point for the hunters. Some other attractions of the rifle are its simple maintenance, silence shooting, and accurate aiming. But if you think to know about reloading, the rifle is the slowest among others.

Lever Action Rifles

lever action hunting rifle example

As the name suggests, the lever of this rifle keeps on moving upwards and downwards every time while firing. The bullet is released from the rifle when the mechanism is downwards. At this point, the next caliber replaces the prior one and the lever gets pulled up at the same time and the rifle is ready to shoot again. The weak point of this rifle is the speed which is slow compared to other action rifles.

Another negative point of the rifle is that when the lever is pulled down, the shell which is spent doesn't get ejected on its own. This would result into jamming while you pull the lever again. But still, the lever action rifles are widely used due to their durability.

Semiautomatic Action Rifles

semi automatic action rifle example

The semiautomatic action rifle fires one bullet only when the trigger is pulled for firing. This kind of best cheap hunting rifles doesn’t eject manually the casing and also don't insert the new caliber in the storage. When the firing is done, the spent casing goes out automatically allowing the next cartridge to slide inside.

The semiautomatic action rifles are time-saving and also consume less effort than the others as you need to switch to the other magazine only when it is empty. This kind of action rifles is also adopted to jamming as it may happen that the used cases don't emerge out after firing immediately. This may also lead to an accidental firing

6. Rifle weight

While purchasing the deer hunting rifle, the weight of the rifle is also an important aspect to think over. You have to make sure that the long trips for hunting are not carried with the rifles which are lengthy. If your rifle is containing a long barrel than it would be difficult to carry the rifle and walk giving burden on your back. There are many hunters who prefer to carry short barrels for long hunting journeys as they weight light and can be carried with ease. This also adds a plus point in the stability while hunting to emboss their hunting skills.

7. Kind of Terrain

While considering the terrain, the lengths of the barrel and the caliber or cartridge are the main factors. The rifles which work in the open areas may not be the best in forest areas where you will have to walk among the bushes. This factor is limited to the rifles which have lengthy barrels. The long barrels, when carried for hunting in the forest, would get stuck up in the severe bushes and greenery leading to missing shots. At this phase, the short barrels would be the best choice.

Similarly while hunting in the country areas, the long barrels are highly recommended as they would give you a stable trajectory. This also allows the bullets to travel with tremendous speed for a proper hunting on the vitals of the deer.

8. Rifle finishing

Generally, the bodies of the best all-around rifles are made with carbon steel and the stainless steel. The reason behind using them is the durability and rust resistant power they carry.

The rifles with carbon steel may rust but in order to limit that, bluing method is carried out so that the rifles are protected from rusting. This gives the rifles a blue-black outlook.

As the rifles made from the stainless steel are rust proof, they are costly. The silver rifles are coated with different colors among which black is the widely used color.

9. Stock material

The rifle stock is the mainly looked after by the hunter while he is in a position to shot. The stock material helps the hunters to get into the best comfortable position while shooting. The stock materials include wood, plastic, and fiberglass.

The ancient material for the stock is wood. But the popular wood stick is the laminated wood stock for the hunting rifles. It increases the durability as they resist to warping and degradation in different weathers.

The stock Materials made from fiberglass and plastic are quite cheaper than other. They get affected by the weather and hence get moist due to the synthetic material they include. They cannot be advisable at places with high temperature as they also lack rigidity.

10. Rifle scope

For deer hunting rifles, a rifle scope is an important factor. The hunting is carried out from a distance which improves the rifle scopes. In such cases, the hunter should have patience and tactful hunting skills to hit the deer vitals instantly.

11. Hunter age and sex

The age and sex of the hunter are also a crucial factor while selecting the rifle. If the hunter is a female and it's her first experience, she might find the high cartilage rifle extreme to carry and shoot. She is not in touch of the recoil and the sound the rifles make while shooting. As a result, she may miss her animal which can also be dangerous. The bullet can also harm the hunter who is standing beside her. For such women, the rifles with low caliber are favorable.

For such hunters, the small caliber rifles are the best as they would be light in weight and witness recoil. The same thing also relates with the youngsters who love hunting. The hunters should very well know that they can't fire from a rifle or gun that cannot be controlled. It is important for the hunters to calculate their efficiency we for they get the hold of any rifle so that they don't miss any target.

12. Price

It is the human nature to go through the price tag of the things before they purchase it. This also relates with the hunters who are looking for the best budget hunting rifles. But while talking about the rifles, the situation changes slightly. When you select any rifle with low cost, it doesn't mean that the rifle would be lower in quality. Before moving to the price, all the other factors should also be taken care of as well as the finishing touch and the stock material

Best Deer Hunting Rifles of 2017

1. Remington 700 ADL Bolt-Action Rifle and Scope Combos

Remington 700 ADL Bolt-Action Rifle and Scope Combo black

The Remington 700 ADL Bolt-Action Rifle made in the USA, carries all the features one is looking for in a deer hunting rifle in a cost effective way. It comes with a black stock in synthetic, a recoil pad and swivel studs. It has a sight of 3×9×40 mm sight with a cartridge of 3 rings in steel.


  • Model with strength
  • 2 position safety
  • Accuracy with a stunning performance.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Easy in maintenance


  • Ejection problem with the bolt
  • Limited back to back firing due to rough mag well

2. Ruger M77 Gunsite Scout Bold Action Rifles

Roger M77 Action Rifles dark silver

This amazing rifle comes with a facility that allows you to use it in any game or situation. It comes with all necessary accessories which make it easy to haul. With a weight of 6.25lbs which makes it favorable for or even the female to carry except the fresher. The bolt of the stainless rifle is also easy to use by the shoulders.


  • 16.1 inches free floated barrel
  • Soft rubber recoil pad
  • Accurate sighting system
  • Front mount pica tinny rail
  • Adjustable length of pull


  • Loose screwing of the mounts
  • The barrel is not fully floated

3. Savage Arms 11/111 Trophy Hunter XP Bolt Action Rifle

Savage Arms 11 Bolt Action Rifle black

The best all-around rifle comes with a complete package of mounted and bore sight scope. The rifle carries a sight of Nikon 3-9×40 scope and a BDC reticle. The rifle is the best to carry for a distant shooting. The bolt design gives secure lugs. The rifle holds great functions and yet is practically carried for long term use.


  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Accu trigger which is accurate and secure
  • Free floating matte finishing barrel
  • 3 position receiver tang safety
  • Detachable magazine


  • Poor scope
  • Not preferable for fresher

4. Marlin Model 336 Lever Action Rifle

Marlin Model 336 Lever Action Rifle brown

The Marlin Model 336 is one of the best cheap hunting rifles with good price, accuracy, power and accessories. It is preferable in areas with thick wood for long shots. It is also used for big game hunting for big animals.


  • Durability with accurate shooting
  • Ergonomically stable, balanced and comfortable
  • Better for short distance shooting


  • Limited sightedness up to 150 yards
  • Not preferred for country areas
  • Poor Buckhorn sight

5. Ruger American Rifle Bolt Action Rifles

Ruger American Rifle Bolt Action Rifles black silver

Ruger American can be awarded as the best budget hunting rifle which doesn't break. It includes two amazing features like a rotary magazine, molded in bedded blocks and adjustable trigger which are rare in others. It comes with a 2-7×35 mm scope and Warne Maxima rings which are low.


  • Used for both hunting and marksmanship
  • Fast trajectory
  • Excellent and accurate calibers
  • The best all-around rifle
  • Versatile bolt action rifle


  • Difficulty in running the rifle or bolt
  • Expensive triggers
  • Doesn't lock the action for security

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6. Montana Rifle Company MSR

Montana Rifle Company MSR blue

Montana Rifles can be counted as one of the best cheap hunting rifles, especially for its design and chamber area. It is the first rifle which carries a standard 6mm Creedmoor. It is widely used for long distance shooting due to its accrued cartridge. It also carries a detachable box of the magazine with a flush mounted QD sling cups.


  • Modular design
  • High precision sniper rifles
  • Automatic carbines chambers
  • Powerful cartridge for small hunting games and training


  • Poor mechanism
  • Build up with soft materials leading to mechanical damage

7. Tikka T3! × TAC A1

Tikka T3! × TAC A1 black

The Tikka rifles are the best-used rifles for sports. It carries three calibers at a time for quick and accurate shooting for long distance. It is constructed with the T-bolt action process for long tactical hunting. It is widely used for big and small hunting games mostly in country areas.


  • Two stage trigger which is adjustable
  • Pica tinny rail
  • Front QD sling mounts
  • Durable steel folding
  • 5/8-28 muzzle barrel


  • Not preferred for short distant hunting
  • Heavy to use for the first time hunters

8. Anschutz 1781

Anschutz 1781 dark brown

These best rifles for the money are popular for their accuracy and perfect vision shooting. The rifle was made in 1856 in Germany. It allows smooth shooting with reliable results. It carries the triggers which weight from 700 grams to 1800 grams. It also prevents from dry firing with the help of one piece firing pin.


  • Integrated bolt handle
  • Thumb hole walnut stock
  • 30-06 caliber and 560 mm barrel height
  • Cocking mechanism


  • Limited to forest hunting
  • Manual trigger pulling for next caliber

9. Bergara B-14 HMR

Bergara B-14 HMR light brown

The best budget hunting rifle comes with a solid synthetic molded stock. It supports for full and free floating to the calibers for smooth shooting. The rifle is light in weight and hence is mostly preferred for long hunting journeys. It delivers the best performance with precision.


  • .308 caliber with 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Sliding plate extractor
  • AICS styled mag with Bergara barrel


  • Slightly expensive than other similar rifles
  • Less in weight which leads to stability issues for the first time users

10. Christensen Arms Mesa

Christensen Arms Mesa silver

The design comes with the similar designs and power as the prior rifles of the same Company. It comes with a steel barrel and removable muzzle, bullet, invar pillars etc. It comes with a reliable and cost effective package which makes it the best cheap hunting rifle among many similar rifles. It is the first carbon Fibre rifle introduced to the world.


  • Favorable for both long and short distance games
  • Accurate night rifle
  • Carbon reinforced Fibreglass stock
  • Tungsten Depakote finishing


  • Accuracy problem with cartridge
  • Favorable for forest hunting

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Finally, how do you choose the best rifle for the money?

Henceforth, while selecting the best rifle for the money for deer hunting, one should prefer purchasing the rifle which matches your necessities. It should be understood that purchasing a gun or rifle is obvious to be costly and hence rather for looking for cheap rifles, look for relevant rifles to neglect wrong purchases. It's better to look at the durability of the rifles rather than the price.

Once you are holding the best all-around hunting rifle with the best accessories and gear, you are sure to enjoy your experience with utmost satisfaction and performance. So make an intelligent move while selecting the best all-around rifle which would give you memorable hunting experience.

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