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Best Shotgun To Buy For Hunting: 2017 Reviews

putting in shotgun shell

Among the hunting accessories, having a decent shotgun at your disposal is a good thing!


Reloading is quick and shotguns are one of the best close-range hunting weapons available. Period!

And because they are not cheap it is important that you should know all the details about them before investing.

With that out of the way, here are the top 5 hunting best shotguns to buy that are currently available on the 2017 market.

1.Mossberg 935 Turkey/Waterfowl Combo

top shotgun brand Mossberg 935

One of the best made shotguns, there is nothing that Mossberg can do wrong when it comes to hunting shotguns. This gun is one of the best reliable products that have ever been crafted. Sure it is expensive, but the features that have been added will make your hunting experience extremely safe, easy and enjoyable too.

This 12-gauge gun is considered a beast in the pump-action category with its large barrel length of 26 inches, which provides the perfect blend of functionality and durability. The capacity too is large which lets you incorporate 5 bullets in the main loader and 1 extra bullet in the tube, for those that need the one extra shot too quick without reloading.

The Mossy Oak break up is an extremely expensive material that has been used as the core material to build this gun. Due to the guerilla nature of the material and its ability to mix with the forest surroundings, this shotgun perfectly camouflages with the surroundings, which is important when you are tip-toeing towards your prey.

The fiber optic is the core attachment to the front sight which provides excellent accuracy and the rear sight includes an adjustable fiber optic, which is only incorporated by the top shotgun brands in the world. With superior down-range and close combat performance, dual vent systems and one of the softest shotguns, the 935 Magnum is one of the best shotguns to buy.

2. Benelli USA Nova

Benelli pump action shotgun black

Benelli has been in the business for a long time now and they have been one of the top brands in the world. Shotguns had become a bit common in their shapes, and structures, until Benelli decided to introduce their own Nova Pump-Action. This is one of the major products that have been incorporated into shooting games, and is officially licensed to do so.

One of the best looking firearms ever, the Nova is an extremely powerful at a good base price. Including a massive barrel length of 26 inches, it has the power of storing up to 5 bullets (4 in the main and one extra) before it has to be reloaded. The matte black finish gives it a touch of class and is particularly essential when approaching a game, since a glossy finish might compromise your position.

With immense strength for melee attacks and an all-weather resistant, this shotgun features an Italian style with high-tech ergonomics. The grooves have been engineered with immense perfection and precision and the magazine includes the fixed Magazine Tube.

Weight a mere 6.6-lbs, this 20 gauge hunting equipment delivers power like no other and is one of the most effective close range combat shotguns ever built. The rear sight has no attachments, but that does not make a difference. This is a pocket friendly firearm, which will allow you to hunt down excellent games with ease.

3. Winchester SXP Marine Defender

winchester semi auto shotgun silver

Another name that comes to our mind when we talk about Hunting Shotguns is Winchester. This brand, like Benelli has been in the business for many years now. Initially they used to make long barreled shotguns, but they soon went back to their 18 inch barrel length and decided to implement on their latest model, the SXP Marine Defender.

This gun was essentially made for the Mariners and has stood both the test of time and durability and has proved itself far superior to its counterparts. Featuring a classic matte chrome finish and an 18 inch barrel length, it has a 6-shell total ammo capacity that is just perfect for all your daily purposes, be it hunting, rough weather use or for domestic defensive purposes.

With a TruGlo attachment in the front, one will never miss a shot, because the shotgun has been beautifully balanced with equal distribution of muzzle velocity and weight, which minimizes the recoil to achieve high accuracy. Made of synthetic material and weighing just under 6.3-lbs, this firearm is extremely budget-friendly, making this one of the most reliable shotguns ever.

4. Mossberg 590A1

mossbert 9 shot shotgun black matte

Another reliable gun by Mossberg, this is a budget shotgun, which has been perfectly blended to churn out high amount of firepower as well as an easy to use firearm. This pump-action shotgun has a barrel length of 20 inches and is decent enough for close combat situations, where you need to hold the muzzle to prevent recoil and missing your shot.

Mossberg has been extremely consistent when it comes to adding the maximum number of shots per round and they have managed to max it here with 8 shots in the main barrel and 1 extra shot for any emergency purposes, that can be used before it is reloaded.

This is one the first shotguns by Mossberg, where they have included a Parkerized finish, that gives a touch of class and elegance, and also includes a state of the art design for prolonged combat and defensive situations.

The muzzle type has been kept as plain with big tubular fixed magazines. The front sight has beads attached to it, which can be customized to either the ghost ring attachment or the standard heat shield attachment, so there is room for further improvements.

The rear sight has no attachments though. The 12 gauge shotgun weighs slightly heavier than its counterparts at 7.25-lbs but does not compromise on the range and accurac. With its unique nature and decent functionality, this is the best shotgun to buy if you are looking to go easy on your pockets.

5. Mossberg 500 Chainsaw

mossbert pump action shotgun black

Mossberg is one of the top shotgun brands in the world, and this one is one of the best in the business, when it comes to hunting and domestic defensive purposes. Mossberg have been very fundamental about their structures and type of their shotguns, but this is one of those guns which has an unusual look associated with it.

The barrel length is 18.5 inches and provides enough length to hold the firearm properly without compromising on the shot and accuracy. The white dot front sight is an excellent addition for a heavy shotgun like this, which not only increases the accuracy of the gun, but is also an excellent accessory for hunting.

This pistol-grip pump action with no stock was an excellent choice for domestic purposes, until Mossberg decided to make it one of best hunting firearms by adding a wrap-around chainsaw-style, which enormously improved the grip without compromising on the fps.

While there is no attachment in the rear sight, the fixed magazines included here are the efficient tubular magazines, which are perfect for a good game. Although a little heavy, this 6.5-lbs pump action gun is an excellent addition as a hunting accessory.

The matte black finish will just keep the gun under the radar of suspicious animals. The top handle allows the user to cycle through the action continuously and in addition to the chainsaw-style.

This concludes the list of the Top 5 Hunting Shotguns of 2017 which are not only efficient in placing a bullet in your prey’s body but is also easy to maintain. There are quite a few other shotguns available at the markets which are good, but at least now you know which ones to go for if you are looking for the top shotguns in the world.

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