6 Best Long Eye Relief Scopes And Mounts For Mosin Nagant Rifle 2018

6 Good Long Eye Relief Scopes And Mounts For Mosin Nagant

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The Mosin Nagant rifle is a very popular hunting rifle. It is also very affordable and versatile. To help you deliver accurate shots you need to invest in the best long eye relief scope for your Mosin Nagant. It will not only help to improve your shots but also improve shooting skills. This post is created to help you find the right Mosin scope and mount among the various models in the market. 

6 Factors To Consider Before Buying Scope And Mount For Your Mosin Nagant Rifle

Before buying a new scope, there are things you must put into consideration. Finding the best scope can make a whole lot of difference in your hunting game, so you have to be careful when choosing one. Have a sound knowledge of what to look out for when buying optics to help you make the right choice.

1. Budget size

Buying a scope mount for Mosin Nagant is a wise decision anyone who owns this rifle would make. That doesn’t mean you have to go bankrupt to get this accessory for your rifle. It is advisable to plan your budget before launching a search for the accessory.

Have an idea of the cost of the different brands and model to decide if it suits your budget. Also, remember that a higher priced scope does not mean the product is expensive. There are many budget scopes for this type of rifles that are well-made.

2. Consider the mount

Most scopes come with mounts, but if yours doesn’t, then its best to buy one for your rifle. The mount is very important to your rifle and scope. It ensures that your scope is firm and steady as it should be. It will be difficult to have an accurate shot when the scope is not properly mounted. The scope must flush or fit the rifle perfectly. Most people prefer buying mounts separately but it would be best to buy a scope that comes with a mount to be sure it will fit properly.

3. The Magnification

The magnification is another factor or feature you should always check. You will not get the chance to test it physically since you are buying online, but you can get details about the magnification from the information given to you online. The scope’s magnification is what determines how clear the scope will be when you use it to shoot objects at long distances.

Many of the scopes have a range of 3x as well as 6x magnification. And above this range, then you are going to have a professional grade scope. It is best when you have an idea of the magnification the scope you are buying should have even before starting your search.

4. Durability

One of the best ways to determine the durability of a scope is to use it. But since you are just buying for the first time, there are ways to determine durability. One of them is judged based on the quality of the material. If the scope is built with a good quality material, then there is a high possibility it would last longer.

Another thing to consider is the ability of the scope to withstand fog or rain. This is important since there is going to be a time where you will get caught up in the rain.

5. Build

The build is also very important. Most people’s ideal choice of scope is one that is portable, solid and well-constructed. It might also have the same color as your rifle to give the weapon an excellent fit.

6. Weight

A lightweight Mosin Nagant scout scope would also make a fine choice. The rifle has its own weight and it would be inappropriate to buy a scope that would add to that. Buy a scope that is lightweight but solid. However, bulky doesn’t mean the scope is of good quality. There are lightweight scopes that are very solid and durable.

Best Rated Mosin Nagant Scopes and Mounts For The Money in 2018

Vortex Optics Crossfire II V-Plex Reticle

The Vortex Optics is a reliable and durable scope. It is one of the ideal scopes for hunters who are serious about hunting. It can handle being used in the cold, rain or any rough environment. Its O-ring seals and nitrogen gas purging makes it waterproof and fog proof.

The field of view of this scope is large enough and better than what most brands at this price point offers. The Vortex also has a lens diameter of 32mm. It has a magnification of 2x-7x with eye relief of 9.45 inch to give room for forward mounting and use of back iron sights.

Considering the price tag, this scope is awesome. Though it doesn’t come with a mount, finding one that will fit well is easy. The matte finish is professionally applied on the scope. It makes it look more professional and durable. In all, this could just be the best long eye relief scope for Mosin Nagant to invest in.


  • Lightweight
  • Solid construction
  • Fogproof and waterproof
  • Great value for the money


  • Mount has to be purchased separately

Aim Sports Long Eye Relief Scope

If you want a simple, durable and budget-friendly scope, Aim Sports is a great choice. The eye relief is adequate for a scope at this price point, measuring 8.5 – 10.5 inches. The recital also has a great brightness selection.

The Aim Sports scope has low light settings, so you can adjust however you want. The scope holds zero well and can also handle the recoil of the Mosin rifle. It is made with good quality aircraft grade aluminum. The multi-coating of the lens helps to protect it from scratch and offers better resolution, and light transmission than most scopes at this price point.

Aim Sports has a lot of features that make it a great scope for the money. And if you are looking for the best Mosin Nagant scope mount without breaking the bank, this is a wise choice.


  • Fog proof
  • Shock-resistant housing
  • Great magnification


  • There are complaints of it having a maximum range of 75 yards

Firefield PU SVT-40 Scope

The Firefield scope was not only used in World War II, but named as one of the most accurate and consistent scope in the entire Soviet Union. Everything about this scope indicates quality. It has a tough metal body and a mechanism that allows it to be able to withstand rough conditions and uses.

The thickness of the lens and multiple coatings are superior features the product possesses. Its lens is scratch resistant, thanks to the coatings. The picture quality of the scope is also great. In fact, it is the best scope for Mosin Nagant 91 30 you will find in the market at this price point.

This scope comes with a special cast iron scope-mount. The mount also comes complete with screws and mount receiver made of cast iron. The finish on the scope makes it look more of a high-quality scope and enhances durability.


  • Solidly built
  • Superior finish
  • Great accuracy


  • Requires detailed instructions

Leupold Waterproof Riflescope

The Leupold is an entry level scope produced by a company that manufactures optics that goes for thousands of dollars. It is a good long eye relief scope Mosin Nagant for shooters on a tight budget.

The scope is very simple and very well constructed. But because of its price tag, you aren’t going to some of those features found on higher priced models. But be rest assured that you are buying a good quality scope that will make you an expert in shooting.

The Leupold is very reliable and durable. Its lenses are completed coated with multiple coatings and superior finish. It gives a stunning light transmission of about 92 percent. The long-range reticle will let you aim at your target from 500 yards away.

The Leupold is shockproof, fog proof and waterproof. And even if you get caught up in the rain, Leupold will still operate fine. It is suitable for different applications including hunting and long distance shooting.


  • Fog, water and shock proof
  • Lens has multiple coatings
  • Ideal for long-range shooting
  • Optic is very clear and sharp


  • Not easy to adjust

Leapers Accushot Mount

If you are looking for a durable, budget-friendly and easy to install scope mount, then the Leapers Accushot mount will make a fine choice. Its hardware looks very good and comes with an extra screw as well as three Allen keys, so there would be no issue with the installation.

Unlike other mounts, the Leapers holds scope well and is also very sturdy. Even after firing ammo, the scope will still remain in position. It is also built with two rings which are integrated as a single unit into the base. You can also easily remove the top half of the mount’s ring in order to position a scope and reattach after that.

Overall, the mount is great once properly mounted. Though it will not fit every weapon, but is a great mount for the money. It is made of aluminum material with a great finish. 


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Holds scope well


  • It will not perfectly fit every Mosin

Combo kit Mosin Nagant Scope

The Combo kit is a great affordable accessory for Mosin owners working on a very tight budget. It is a bit smaller but does what it is designed for.  It has a very compact scope mount that is easy to install.

The scope offers an adjustable magnification of 2x to 7x. It is lightweight and also water, shock, and fog proof. The duplex styled reticle is very simple but effective. It is sharp, clear and offers a brighter field of view.

The Combo kit is produced in the USA. And is a very durable and budget-friendly scope to invest in.


  • Water resistant
  • Budget-friendly
  • Perform well under the highest recoil


  • Complaint of the rail having only a set of pinholes.

Benefits of Buying a Mosin Nagant Scout Scope

If you are yet to make up your mind on buying a scope for your Mosin Nagant, then knowing the benefits of the accessory will cause you to change your mind. The benefits of scopes for this type of rifle are numerous.

1. Fire accurate shots at long distance

The Mosin Nagant scope mount is designed to help you aim accurately at objects far away from you. Ordinarily, it will be impossible to accurately aim at such objects considering their distance, but the scope makes it possible. The scope eliminates any form of parallax error and also prevents you from straining your eyes. However, the distance or range covered by scope differs from one product to the other. It all depends on your choice.

2. Success hunting

It is frustrating to go on a hunt only to come back without making a kill. Such situations can destroy your zeal to continue hunting. The scope will make you fire accurate shots to make a reasonable kill. The game doesn’t need to be close to you before you can make a kill.

3. Improve shooting skills

Even if you are not good at using the rifle, the Mosin Nagant scope mounts will help to improve your shooting skills. It will also improve your confidence because you can make a kill even though you are a novice. You will see the result of your little effort.


If you are looking for the best long eye relief for Mosin Nagant, then this post will be of great help to you. You will find not only budget-friendly, but good quality accessories for your adorable weapon. There are tons of scope mounts on the market, but we have listed some of the best for you to make the right selection.

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