Best Tactical M4 Optics Army Uses - Military Scopes Reviews

Best Tactical M4 Optics Army Uses – Military Scopes Reviews

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Here you can find the best tactical optics for M4 carbine that are also used by army and navy seal military. These are very good quality scopes to try.

If you are looking for the best optics for colt m4, then this post is for you. The M4 is a great weapon that’s in a class of its own. Though not on the less expensive side, you will enjoy using the M4 for military or any other purpose. Choosing the right M4 optics can be very dicey. But we have provided all the information you will ever need to make the right choice.

What You Should Consider When Buying M4 Optics

Before checking out the scopes for m4 reviewed in this post, take the time to read through the buying guide. It will be of great to help if you decide to search for products not included in this post. These are factors to consider or look out for when buying a scope for your handgun.


Everyone would be interested in buying a durable scope. You can determine the durability of the Colt m4 Carbine scope by using the product. On the other hand, another way for you to have an idea of scope’s durability is by reading other people’s comment about the product. Consider the material used in making the scope. That will give some idea of how durable the accessory would be. Another factor is the construction. Does it look solid or well constructed? These are factors to consider or questions to find answers to when searching for a scope.

Structure of the Scope

The structure is one of the factors to consider when choosing a scope for the M4. It all depends on what you want for your weapon as there are many designs and styles on the market. Most people don’t consider the structure because to them it doesn’t affect the performance of the scope. The structure can become relevant when you the buyer attach importance to it.


Budgeting for an M4 sight is a great idea. The price of this accessory differs from one brand to another. So you are going to be making the decision on the right scope for your budget. Buying a scope doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. There are good budget scopes you can get with a low budget. You can read reviews to compare prices of different models. Once you an have an idea of the different prices, making a decision wouldn’t be a problem.

The weight of the scope

A lightweight scope will make a great choice for the M4. The gun has its own weight and it will not be ideal to buy an M4 scope that will add to that weight. Check for information on the weight of the accessory. Weight has nothing to do with quality though. It only depends on what you can handle. Most people wouldn’t mind buying a scope that’s heavy.

Intended Use

If your rifle is for strictly home defense, you will need a good quality scope suitable for close-range. It should also have effective means of overcoming darkness. On the other hand, if you are planning to use the rifle for hunting, your choice of scope will depend on a host of factors like game, season, environment and light conditions and tons of other factors to be considered.

The Magnification

The magnification is a very important factor to check for when before buying a scope. It differs from one scope to another and depends on personal preference. It determines the accuracy of the scope, especially if you are going to target objects that are far away. It is what determines how clear the M4 tactical scopes would be especially when shooting at long ranges.

Best Military Optics For M4 Carbine

Trijicon ACOG SCOPE Dual Illuminated

The ACOG is a great optic specially built for the M4. It has great features that make it the best optics for M4 at least at this price point. It is fun to hunt with and you can go predator hunting and also take down the smaller game.

This advance combat scope is built according to the required standard of the United States military. Its target acquisition is unmatched and has a special combat optic, red horseshoe reticle that is dual-illuminated.

The accuracy of the scope is superb. In fact, you can target object at a distance of approximately 800 yards away and aim at the target perfectly. Whether you are a novice or not, ACOG is a great scope that will suit your needs.

The ACOG is durable and well made. It is made of aluminum alloy housing that makes it almost indestructible. It is also made with cutting-edge lenses which are reflective free and distortion free. The relief is also very large as it should be.


  • Fog proof and waterproof
  • Durable aluminum casing
  • Fast target acquisition due to the style of reticle


  • Better for long distance

Leupold Mark 4 Navy Seal Scope

If you are looking for a unique scope of superior range, the Leupold will make a great choice for you. It is a good quality scope built for durability.  The tube on this scope is quite long, so you will have enough room for wind and elevation adjustments.

The Leupold is an illuminated reticle scope made for the United States military. It comes with a 2.5 to 8 magnification and a 36mm healthy-sized objective lens for better light-gathering performance. With the scope, you will be able to see your targets clearly even though the weather is unfavorable.

Unlike other scopes, Leupold is strong and lightweight. Its knobs are also very easy to adjust. Optics is well coated and overall, it is built to handle unfavorable weather condition or even a rough environment. This could be the best M4 scope that will make hunting more interesting for you. It has features many scopes are lacking and above all, has a lifetime warranty.


  • Easy adjustment
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Scope is lightweight


  • Installation can be a little bit tricky

Aimpoint Tactical M4 Optics

It is impossible to talk about best scopes for the M4 without mentioning the M4 Aimpoint. It is not only suitable for the M4 but other rifles that fall into this category. It has an easy to adjust built-in mount which you can adjust on the rifle to suit your needs.

The Aimpoint is designed to be energy efficient and comes with AA batteries. Enjoy 80,000 hours of battery life with one of the best M4 sights. Besides the long battery life that will last for many years, it also has the ability to hold zero well.

The scope has a solid construction and a unique mounting system. And it can handle the recoil of the M4. Aimpoint has both night vision modes as well as the regular red dot modes. It has 16 unique light settings and also compatible to use with a variety of night vision device.


  • Good quality batteries
  • Solid construction
  • Compatible with a different night vision device


  • Quite expensive for some users

EOTech 517.A65 Holographic Military Scope

The EOTech is designed to let you enjoy practicing or hunting with your M4. It offers incredible accuracy and no parallax transmission. A lot of adjustment has been done to let this sight more suitable for handguns in the M4 category. The front base was raised so it can fit handguards that many M4 and M16 style of weapons have.

Enjoy easy access to the control buttons while in action. These buttons have been moved from the rear to the left side to make this possible and allow you to mount a backup iron sight when needed.

The EOTech was made in the USA and the company has built a solid reputation for itself in the industry. The sight was produced with the needs of users in mind and offers unlimited eye relief.

The lightweight of the EOTech makes it more comfortable to use. It is 11.9 ounces in weight. Overall, the EOTech is a highly durable optic you can use whenever and wherever you want. It is water resistant and fog proof and great for underwater action below 10 feet.


  • Lightweight
  • Auto shutdown
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Detailed and complex reticle


  • There is no cover for protection when not in use

Elcan SpecterDR Flat Dark Earth Optics

The Elcan is a rugged and well-built scope. And if money is not an object, buying this scope is a decision you won’t regret. It is very easy to adjust and installation is also a breeze.

Unlike other scopes, the glass of the Elcan is crisp and clear. You will also fall in love with the wideness of the object and sight picture it has. Illumination is the best you can ever have a higher priced scope. It has several brightness settings to let you adjust easily during low and high light conditions.

If you are looking for a scope whose red dot is precise and not cloudy, the Elcan will make a great choice. The Elcan is very easy to zero and holds zero even after un-mounting several times. Once mounted, it remains firmly in place and can handle the toughest of recoils.


  • Easy mounting
  • Holds zero well
  • Balances out well on the M4


  • A little bit heavy

NightForce SHV 5-20x56mm Scope

When adding good M4 scopes, the NightForce should be on your list. Given the quality and performance of this scope, it is obvious that the company did everything possible to satisfy the needs of users.

The NightForce is a great target scope with magnification at a range of 5-20x. It also has a wide field of view and great performance at both distant and close ranges.

Unlike other scopes, the NightForce maintains its quality at high magnification. It provides superior clarity and crispness in its entire range, whether close minimum or maximum. The scope is considered a bit pricey but offers good value for money.


  • Easy to use
  • Fits the M4 perfectly
  • Superb magnification


  • A little on the expensive side

Reasons to Get the Best M4 Optics

The M4 is such a powerful handgun great for military or hunting purposes. The thing is the scope makes this weapon more useful. It offers huge benefits to the user.  Just as teeth are to the mouth, the scope is also very vital for the M4. Here are some reasons to invest in this scope for your handgun.

Great for target practice

The M4 with scope is great for target practice. It will make your shots count and also more accurate. It will encourage you to continue learning and to improve your shooting skills as well.


If you are thinking about going on a hunt, the first thing to worry about is being able to fire accurate shots. It might be difficult to take down a game if you don’t have a scope that works for long range shooting. But if you have one, you can take down any game that’s even 500 yards away.

The M4 Carbine scopes will help you make a reasonable kill. If you hunt to put food on the table, you will enjoy high success rate with these accessories for the M4.

Everyone can fire accurate shots

You don’t need to be a professional to fire accurate shots when using an M4. Even as a novice, you can fire accurate shots with the M4 with the aid of a scope. Most scopes are very easy to install and have lightweight. You may even hunt as someone who has been in the system before when using a scope.


Are you searching for the best scope for colt m4? Then you are going to find what you need here. We know how important a good quality scope can be for the success of your hunting or shooting and that’s why we have decided to make your search a lot easier by providing details of good quality sights. With the information provided in this post, you can make a decision on which one suits your need and budget.

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