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5 Military Grade Best Cheap Compass Choices For 2018

  • October 29, 2017

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As interesting and rewarding the hunting is, it involves a lot of risks. Are you ready to go hunting? Checking through the box of many hunters, you’ll find rifle and bullets, bow and arrows, a pair of boot, the decoys, and a pair of gloves among other tools. What if you miss your way because in the jungle? One of the least estimated risks is that of going in the wrong direction.

That’s why many hunters and outdoor enthusiasts or survivalists make the common mistake of not taking along the compass. Some don’t even have a good military grade compass in the first place, thinking that they don’t need it. This is quite risky.

You feel safe while hunting only when you are constantly aware of where you are and where you’re headed. You can’t just rely on the GPS or any other apps on your smartphone. They’ll fail you when you need them most.

But with a military grade compass, you’ll have a more tracking system that stands you in a better stead to come back home alive. Nevertheless, the possibility is still high that you would buy the wrong type of compass because it’s not all of them that are made with regular features.

That’s why you’ll need to consciously go through this lensatic compass review to be able to determine the product you’ll buy for your hunting.

Top Rated Military Grade Compasses For The Money in 2017 – 2018

Professional Multifunction Military Army Metal Sighting Compass under $20

This compass is a very great one because the manufacturers took their time to consider the needs of the survivalists and hunters. So they were down-to-earth in the design. That’s why it occupies its justified place as the best hunting compass for 2017 in many user’s reviews. There are a lot of great features that justifies the high ratings this compass is enjoying here and there.

The durability of this top-rated compass is nearly unmatched due to its waterproof construction and generally compact design. You don’t have to worry about rains when you’re in the jungle; even if it pours all day long. Worthy of mention also is the slope reference table it has on the back. This serves to assist you to navigate a difficult, sloppy terrain. And if you need to do a quick range measurement, a centimeter scale is at the back.

That’s not all; the compass also has the sighting lens that is a default feature. This assures you that you can see the minute readings very carefully & you’ll find your way out easily. What if you need it at night? The compass is made with a fluorescent luminescent outer and needle to provide illumination to your reading in the dark, making it the best compass for land navigation.


  • It’s 100% waterproof
  • Has a compact design
  • Is of a heavy-duty construction
  • Has a cord on a lanyard end
  • Has luminescent needle and luminescent outer edge


  • A bit heavier
  • It’s expensive
  • Too complex to use

Sunnto MC-2G In Global Compass under $100

Suunto MC-2G Global Compass
List Price: $83.95
Price: $59.50
You Save: $24.45
Price Disclaimer

Any compass of Sunnto belongs to one of the good compass brands. Their MC-2G In Global Compass is distinctly different from the other types of compass because it leaves out no known great features of a good compass. All of them are right there. That’s why you have to find it in this unbiased review of the top military compass for hunting 2017.

For example, its baseplate has a magnifying lens that assists in accurate map reading. It also comes with a straight edge to be used for precise measurement and the inch markings for more accuracy. In the absence of daylight, you can count on the luminescent out ring to provide the illumination. Adjusting the declination is not a big deal because MC-2G is designed to allow for minor adjustment to locate the true north.

Imagine what you would do with the sighting hole for the detailed measurement that this compass has. You’ve got a safety net if you have to take your readings of the compass far beyond the civilization. The portability of this compass is enhanced by two features. The first is its handy lanyard with which you can hang it around your neck or wrap it around your wrist. The second agent of portability is the weight. It’s a light as weighing just 2.6 ounces. You feel almost no weight around your neck while wearing it.


  • Bezel is easy to grip
  • Has patented global needle
  • Has a default magnifying lens
  • Declination scale is adjustable
  • Is lightweight


  • Bezel ring doesn’t click while trying a dial in a particular setting
  • Needle can be sticky with use
  • In some compass, it’s hard to open and close the lid

Lensatic Military Compass for Easy Navigation under $30

You’ll agree that this compass by Under Control Tactical is indeed the best-military compass if you appreciate the value of durability and ruggedness. There are great features that make it one of the best-military grade compasses. It’s made from heavy-duty material, so it’s difficult to break. If by mistake it has to drop from a height, just pick it up and you’ll find it intact.

Like a few others of its rank, it has luminescent marching lines and luminescent needle that. This feature will give you a rest of mind if you have to find your bearing in the jungle during the night. So that you will accurately pinpoint your location on the reading, the compass has a magnifying viewer with a sighting hairline.

If you value traveling light, you will appreciate the fact that this compass is lightweight with about 2.9 ounces only. For this size, you won’t worry about the space and weight while going hunting. With all these exciting features comes a relatively cheap price. While it’s useful for the professionals, just anyone can afford it.


  • Is very cheap for its function
  • Has a luminous marching line and needle
  • Is made from a heavy-duty material
  • Has a magnifying viewer
  • It’s a lightweight compass of just 2.9 ounces


  • Face dial can be stiff and hard to turn
  • Sighting lens and the dial are plastic, which can make it damage with ease
  • It has no metal case; can’t be for everyday use

Sunnto M-3 G Compass

The strongest point of Sunnto M-3 G is its affordability. It’s the best cheap compass here because there’s no quality hiking compass that is as cheap as M-3 G Compass. Interestingly, the affordability doesn’t detract from its quality. It’s quite durable; a compass made to keep working in the most extreme conditions and even survive repeated falls.

Another strong feature of this compass is that you’re less concerned with rust and corrosion because it’s made from hard plastic. The same hard plastic is the casing of this compass. Since its entire parts are complete of plastic, you have a guarantee of 100% waterproof.

This inexpensive compass has a bezel that surrounds its outer circumference and its needle is luminescent. This ensures low light use and makes it functional in the dark. And to make sure that its measurement is accurate and stable, its needle is placed in a fluid. Another usefulness of the bezel is that you can adjust the declination and find true north with it.


  • It’s completely waterproof
  • Case made with hard plastic
  • Has a magnifying lens
  • Its bezel and needle are luminescent
  • Very cheap


  • Plastic case reduces ruggedness
  • There can be bubbles in the pack

Brunton World’s Best Compass

Brunton World's Best Compass
Price Disclaimer

One would wonder how on earth Brunton Compass would claim to be the world’s best. The manufacturers of the compass are very confident of the features of their product such that they believe it’s the best hunting compass of the military grade. It also boasts of a rare longevity and commercial values.

Going by the accuracy of the Brunton Compass in the compass market, you won’t doubt the claim. It is equipped with a Rare Earth Ever-North magnet. It comes with a sapphire jewel bearing so that it can enhance a precise measurement. It almost achieves perfection in measurement because it’s accurate to the range of 0.5 degrees. Enhancing this accuracy is the short and long sights. It’s waterproof with silicone seal.

This ensures that under any weather condition, it’ll remain accurate.


  • It’s waterproof because of the body that is sealed with silicone
  • It has a sapphire jewel bearing
  • Has precision aligned mirror
  • Equipped with a Rare Earth Ever-North magnet
  • Has lightweight composite body


  • Too heavy; despite being a lightweight, it weighs 1.2 pounds
  • It’s expensive
  • Not consistent with the claim


We’re sure that the review here would have sharpened your focus on the kind of military-grade compass you’ll like to go for when you intend to use it on your hunting trip. This is because a compass that will combine all of the features you want in it is rare.

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