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4 Best Rated Military Style Boots For Hiking (and Hunting) Reviewed

  • December 1, 2017

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Finding the best military style hiking boots is challenging but rewarding. These boots were worn by military and law enforcement personnel but because of their durability and ability to handle being used in unfavorable conditions and rocky areas they now serve as excellent footwear for hikers, hunters, and others. We have provided details of some of the best boots for the money to make your search much easier. Read on!

Things To Look Out For When Choosing Military Style Hiking Boots

Before buying a hiking boot, there are things you must know and decide upon. Know that you are going to be hiking in different environments and weather conditions that might be different from what you usually experience.


Having your mind made up for what you plan on spending before choosing hiking boots isn’t a bad idea. If you already know what the boosts cost, compare the quality to see if it equals the value of the money. Conduct a little research to know the different price range to have an idea of what you are spending. And you have to check properly to ensure that they are suitable for what you need them for.


The weight is a very important factor to consider when choosing hiking boots. Remember that you are going to be walking for long hours and distance and therefore need something that will not make you get tired quicker. Do not choose heavy duty boots, especially if you plan on spending more days hiking on that trail. 

Also, ensure the boot covers your ankle completely to avoid pain due to lack of support from the hiking boots.


Durability is a major factor to consider when choosing hiking boots. In your search for the best military style boots for long hiking consider boots that can survive any environment, both in a swampy area or jungle. However, you can choose boots that are waterproof. Your boots will not only last long but your feet will be protected.


Choosing breathable boots is a great option if you plan on hiking in a desert. Your boots should be made of lighter and breathable leather when you plan to hike in desert areas because of the hotness and unfavorable temperature that can make your feet uncomfortable.

Best Rated Military Style Hiking Boots On The Market in 2018

Garmont Bifida Tactical Boot

The Garmont Bifida is a superior boot made for the most demanding hiking conditions. Its suede leather-upper has nylon mesh material for breathability and proper ventilation which is ideal for hot weather. The ventilation is a big plus for handling the sweat that may likely occur as you begin hiking.

The boot is built to give comfort and optimum protection to your ankle and feet. It features a Vibram sole that makes it suitable for different hiking environments and surfaces. The sole provides maximum traction and stability. It is well constructed though takes some time to break.

The quick drying material makes it a great option for extremely wet climatic conditions.  And unlike other boots, the Garmont Bifida is very easy to clean and comfortable to wear. And above all, it dries out quickly.


  • Waterproof
  • Long lasting boots
  • Suitable for any environment and conditions


  • Great especially if your feet are narrow

Belleville 500 USMC Waterproof Combat Boot

The Belleville is one of the best military style boots for hiking and fits snugly. These boots will make you stay cool and comfortable throughout your journey. It is suitable for long hiking trips even though it fits snugly. These boots are great for hiking trips where you might need to cross a river. It will ensure your feet are perfectly dry no matter the condition.

In addition to being waterproof, these boots are very rugged for any rocky terrain. It will make you move quickly both on the smooth and rocky terrain. It is made with a complete rubber Vibram Chevron outsole for great performance and stability. In fact, this type of sole makes it great for tromping in jungle, desert environment.

Unlike other boots at this price point, the Belleville has good quality and thick tread. You will surely enjoy hiking with these boots on.


  • Dries out quickly
  • Comfortable and fits snugly
  • Built with Gore-Tex waterproof material


  • It lacks a steel toe or real crash protection

Viper Elite 5 Boots MultiCam

Viper Elite 5 Boots MultiCam size 10
List Price: $144.45
Price: $144.45
Price Disclaimer

The Viper Elite is built for any type of environment or outdoor adventure, thanks to its hydro guard waterproof membrane and a host of other features. These boxes will give you the needed protection, comfort, support, and let you enjoy quality time hiking in difficult conditions.

The Viper Elite is created with high quality and durable cowhide-suede leather material and a complete rubber sole that is suitable for any unfavorable condition or terrain you encounter.

The abrasion resistant lining and comfortable padding on the inside make the Viper Elite one of the best lightweight military style boots on the market. It is seam sealed to offer maximum protection and comfort.


  • High-quality material
  • Abrasion resistant lining
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Not the prettiest of hiking boots

Danner Men’s Tachyon Boots

It is impossible to list the top lightweight military style boots on the market without including any brand from Danner. And the Danner Men’s Tachyon, one of the company’s products is a great product that offers great value for money.

The boot is very flexible and sturdy. And has been tested and made with materials that make it even more suitable for combat training and other daily use. The upper is made entirely of synthetic material for superb weight savings and an ultra-fast dry time. It weighs just 26 oz.

Unlike most boots, the Tachyon is made with a real rubber outsole, which makes the boot to have superior traction and abrasion resistance.


  • Super lightweight
  • Real rubber outsole
  • Flexible and sturdy


  • Not comfortable without socks


We have mentioned some of the best military style hiking boosts so your search would be less stressful. These boots have what it takes to make your hiking trip more fun and engaging. Besides the good quality outsole and leather material, they are constructed with tons of features that make them suitable for any environment or condition.

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