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5 Best Muzzleloader Bullets For Deer and Elk Reviewed

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Five Muzzleloader Bullets To Try Out This Season

Open season is almost upon us and with it comes the excitement of target practice, hunting, game meat, moving targets and a whole lot of fun involving guns. But there comes the main concern of which bullets to go with.

Most of the commonly available bullets are full of lead. This fact alone would render most of the hunt inedible defeating the process of going hunting in the first place. Manufacturers have dedicated a little more effort to developing and advancing their less-than-popular product, the lead-free projectile.

This is a collection of five of the best muzzleloader bullets that you can acquire to aid you in your deer hunting adventures. These bullets are the cream of the crop and will more than ensure that you get value for your money.

1. TomBob Outdoors ITX Muzzleloader Roundballs


These muzzleloader bullets are made from highly compressed iron and tungsten. They are bound by some proprietary material with the density of 10 g/cc. This is almost equivalent to the density of lead. These ITX Roundballs do not damage the traditional bores of muzzleloaders thanks to their ductility and trajectories that are almost similar to those of lead trajectories.

The band that circumscribes these ITX Roundballs at the midsection make them quite effective when it comes to damaging vital organs.

Available calibers include:
• .32 (0.312”)
• .45 (0.436”)
• .50 (0.487”)
• .54 (0.524”)
• .62 (0.601”)

They are a little undersized in comparison to their lead equivalent but with a little practice, impeccable accuracy can be attained.

Suggested Retail Price: $11.99 to $16.99 per package of 8-30 balls.

2. Cutting Edge Bullets MZL Raptor


Any muzzleloader bullets review would be inadequate without the inclusion of the MZL Raptor bullets. This hollow point projectile is all copper, having evolved from brass. It is designed uniquely with the four petals separating from the rest of the projectile at around one or two inches of penetration. This is advantageous as it generates five separate fatal wounds within the target area.

The base bores in further while the petals travel outwards from it. The animal then quickly bleeds after this and soon hits the ground. Most animals, no matter how large cannot get more than 80 yards from the impact point.

Available calibers available:
• .50
• .40

The Raptors take a little getting used to but with time, accuracy can be achieved.

Suggested Retail Price: $28.08-$59.99 per dozen

3. Nosler Jim Shockey Signature Series Ballistic Tip MZ


The Nosler Jim Shockey Signature Series Ballistic Tip MZ Is one of the only best muzzleloader bullet within this review that is still constructed using lead. They were unveiled back in 2013 and have a core made of a lead-alloy. It is contained within a gliding metal jacket that promotes up to 1.75 expansion of diameter. This occurs at velocities of about 2000 f.p.s with an accompanying weight retention of about 55%.

Available calibers include:
• .45 (orange)
• .50

Both of the calibers are suitable for deer and other game.

Suggested Retail Price: $12.80 per 15-count package.

4. Federal Premium Trophy Copper


The unconventional nature of Federal Premium Bullets has begun to slowly redefine in-line performance. This is clearly expressed in the B.O.R (Bullet Obturating Ramp) Lock MZ System that provides exceptional accuracy not witnessed on other muzzleloader bullets making it unique. They are also easier to load thanks to the non-sabot design.

The Trophy Copper Bullet has a polymer cup that is attached to the base of the bullet permanently. The ignition force pushes this cup forward expanding the bullet diameter. This seals the bore, taking the accuracy and velocity to an optimal level. The cup also has a polymer ring that is reinforced with fiber.

This scours powder residue from the breach during loading, decreasing the need for cleaning in between shots. This makes it easier to reload even after multiple shots. The cap also has a deep hollow cavity that allows for constant expansion. The lack of a sabot from the .50 caliber bullet makes it legal in areas where such restrictions apply. The copper alloy that is used to make the Trophy Bullet ensures the retention of the pre-expansion weight. The bullet opens, exhibiting six sharp petals outwards on impact. The accuracy of the bullets is quite high.

Available calibers include:
• .50 (270-gr)

Suggested Retail Price: $21.95 to $24.99 for a 15-count pack.

5. Knight Bloodline


These are some of the best muzzleloader bullets available. They were made by the Lehigh Defense for the knight rifles and are made of solid brass. They are pre-stressed to break off into six-equal sized sharp segments that disperse outwards upon impact. This makes the damage more amplified. The base keeps penetrating creating sever different wound channels. The Bloodlines are best suited for amedium-sized game with thinner skin making them perfect for deer. They weight either 185, 220, 250, 275, 300 and 350 grams for the various calibers. They come with sabots.

Available calibers include:
• .45
• .50
• .54

Suggested Retail Price: $19.59 to $37.39 per 20-count package.

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It is evident from this muzzleloader bullets review that the muzzleloader-specific bullets have changed quite a bit over the past half-decade. Most of this change is attributed to the regulations of hunting that accompany different species.

With these new bullets, however, there is a little something for everyone. You thus have regulation-adherent bullets that you can take to your next hunting trip without hurry.

You can get this kind of ammo for accuracy, maximum damage on impact or those that are just affordable. Parents can finally take their children on hunting trips in the different states without the fear of getting turned away by the regulations. Fathers and sons can bond in hunting blinds as they explore the limits of their accuracies.

Best of all is that the bullets work exceptionally well in quite a collection of hunting rifles so you don’t necessarily have to get a new gun to use the new and improved ammunition.

So, don’t just stay home this fall, grab one of the best muzzleloader bullets for deer from the list and go have a blast!

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