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4 Best Optics For Glock Mos 2019 Reviews

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Here you can find the best optic for Glock Mos to buy in 2019. These are top quality red dot pistol sights for every budget.

Choosing top quality Glock Mos sight is a good decision. But there are things you must consider before buying one. There are tons of optics available on the market. The good news is that you will be able to identify and buy a great product after reading this post. 

Things To Consider Before Buying Red Dot Pistol Sights

If you want to make the best choice and not waste money, then there are things you must know and decisions you have to make before launching your search. These factors will let you make the best choice that will put a stop to your search for good quality Glock mos sights.


It is best to find out how much different models of optics cost to determine your spending limit. Though the prices of the different optics are not the same, good quality budget optics still exist. You might be able to make the right choice with little research.  You don’t need to trust what every seller tells you because they want to make sales. Read reviews to get more ideas about good quality budget optics from reviews.


Most people would prefer an optic that is lightweight and portable when mounted on their weapon. A good quality optic does not need to add extra weight to your weapon. It has to be light, portable and comfortable.


The optic should be quite easy to mount. Most models have solid large screws that make mounting much easier. Besides mounting, another important factor to consider is how easy the optic is to adjust. It should not be hard to adjust.


Accuracy is another thing to consider before buying an optic. Though you have to use the product to know if it is accurate as claimed or not, reviews can also provide help on that. It should be extremely good to use for fast target acquisition and hold zero well even after rough uses.


The lens is the reason for buying a Glock mos sight. A good quality lens should be well-coated to resist light transmission and scratches. A lens with a parallax error-free design will let you aim at the target without the need to even center the dot.

Best Optic For Glock Mos in 2019 For Every Budget

C-MORE STS2 Super Bright Red Dot Sight

If you are looking for the best optic for Glock 34 mos then the C-MORE is a wise choice. It offers one of the fastest target acquisitions, thanks to its heads-up display design.

The superior brightness of the red dot is not the only special feature of this model. It also has 10 different manual brightness settings to choose from. You can use it anytime and any day, even during the brightest days.

Unlike other sights at this price point, the C-MORE is able to hold zero even after removing and replacing the battery. However, this feature is attributed to its removable battery tray.

The sight is small, portable and very easy to mount on the Glock pistol. It is well constructed and strong. In fact, it can handle the recoil of calibers that are more powerful such as 10mm Automatic and .357 SIG.


  • Easy to mount
  • Superior brightness
  • Large solid screw for mounting


  • Installation screws are longer than expected

Trijicon RMR Red Dot Sight

Trijicon has never failed to impress shooters with quality optics. The company has proven that good quality optic can be bought on a budget. RMR Type 2 is no doubt the best optic for Glock 19 mos. It has features that will help to enhance your shooting skills.

The optic has a wide area of view, better than most optics at this price point. It also emphasizes precision and speed; it is built with controls that are very easy to operate. In fact, you can control the brightness level manually to any suitable level you desire.

The optic has a very lightweight and will not add much bulk to your weapon. It is also very accurate and would help to improve your shooting.


  • Accurate
  • Great price
  • Enjoy over 550 hours of battery life


  • Shuts off on its own after 12 hours

Burris Fastfire 3 Red Dot Sight

The Fastfire 3 is a classic red dot optic from Burris. Being the third generation of optics, the company has made an upgrade on this model for better user experience.

The Fastfire 3 is constructed in a way that you can have free access to the battery through the top. This makes it possible to replace the battery of the optic without un-mounting it.

The Fastfire 3 is well made and another amazing thing about this optic is the fact that it can be adjusted without a tool. In fact, you don’t need any screwdriver to effect any changes. It has the manual or automatic brightness settings. If you are looking for great quality and affordable beginner optic, this is one of the best to get.


  • Great for long range shooting
  • The battery is durable and easy to change
  • Brightness can be adjusted manually and automatically


  • There is no base to mount to a Picatinny rail

XS Sight Systems

The XS sight is a well-designed accessory. It is built in a way that nothing will obstruct your view while shooting. It is a great defensive night sight you can make use of under any light condition. The large tritium dot is great to use during the day with a primary mass that comprises of a bigger white dot.

You can pick up the dot with ease during the night, day and anytime. This is made possible, as a result of the tritium material it is made of. Tritium glows when used in low light conditions.

Installation is also very easy and the sight is fast on target. Such accurate and sturdy sights are hard to find, especially at this price point.


  • Affordable
  • Great accuracy
  • Fast target acquisition


  • Not the best to use beyond a range of 30 yards


Optics is a very great accessory to mount on the pistol. It offers a great opportunity for you to aim at your target far distance away. Mounting one on the pistol also makes the target practice experience interesting. And with the best red dot sight for Glock, you will improve your shooting skills.

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