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5 Best Rated Paintballs To Use in 2018 Reviewed

  • February 9, 2018

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The woodsball can brighten up the atmosphere in boring outings. But you must find the best paintballs to use else you will make a mess of the whole fun. There are many capsules on the market to choose from. They come with different properties and performances.

Back to the question – what are the best paintballs? Well, a good quality product should not lose shape before hitting the target. Its shell should be strong enough not to break when loaded into your weapon’s system.  Here are the five top products we think will make woodsball more interesting for you, your friends and family to have fun.

Before Buying

There are so many paintball types models out there on the market. So, you are going to have to take huge decisions and spend more time on research to know the best product out there. Such research is usually time-consuming and stressful. The thought alone is tiring because of it.

However, we took out time to research information about the best paintballs and what to look for when searching for one of these items. Finding a good quality gear is not a thing of luck but understanding of few tips which we are going to look into below.


Your first consideration should be the price of the item you are buying. It should not be too pricey to put a hole in your pocket just because you want to have fun. There are different models out there, agreed! And there are good quality paintballs that don’t cost a fortune. Finding a budget paintball depend on your search and commitment to get one.

If you are serious about it, get different products and compare their prices and performance. Does the product you are interested in have a tough shell? Will it make a mess of the whole fun process? These are important factors to consider before investing money in any product.


The quality of the paintball is a very important factor to consider before buying the product. Your reason for buying this kind of capsule is for fun. And fun can hardly be achieved when the gear you are using does not hold up well. If it breaks as soon as it gets into your weapon, then the aim will not be achieved.


Color isn’t that important a factor to consider. It is only when the individual has a particular color in mind that makes him or her very happy. If you are one of such persons, then the color of paintball to choose should be your favorite. Having your favorite color will brighten up the atmosphere and make you happier.

Quality of the paint

The next feature to consider is the quality of paint inside the paintball. In woodsball, the paint normally splashes when it hits the target and colors it. As a result, choose capsules that you can get the stains off easily. But this should not be your main priority. Its cost should be your main priority. 

Shooting efficiency

A good quality capsule will get to the target first before bursting. So, when buying a specific model ensure the product will not give problems to load into your weapon to play woodsball.

Reviews: What To Buy In 2018

Valken Infinity

Most paintballs come packaged with some of the contents already broken. Others can become greasy and be discouraging to use. The Valken Infinity has 2000 durable pieces well packaged and sealed. They are durable with a thick shell that doesn’t get broken easily. It comes well packaged and neat to use. In fact, the quality of this product makes it the best quality paintballs to use.

The Valken Infinity has a standard size of .68 cal. They are biodegradable but not the finest biodegradable product at this price point. Shooting these capsules is fun because they are thick and durable. If you have a  weapon that gets the balls broken before pulling the trigger, then Volken Infinity will be the ideal product for you because of its strength. In fact, these capsules may bounce of targets sometimes because of their thickness.

The gear also washes away from clothes easily as compared to other products at this price point. They are made for fun and perform well.


  • Affordable
  • Thick shell
  • Great size


  • Not the best of biodegradable models

Veska High-Grade 

These orange colored high-grade capsules are very accurate and thick. They are well-made and also the best cheap paintballs at this price point. Having such a low price did not make the manufacturer compromise on quality. They are smooth and have a very clean shape. Unlike other products, you can leave the Veska High Grade for long on the shelf without it becoming oblong or lose its shape. They are designed for fun and perfect to use.

In addition to the fact that the Veska High-Grade flies straight when fired, they don’t break in barrels like other products at this price point. They are the type of paints you can use for target practice to improve shooting accuracy. The only complain you may have about this paint is that they are not suitable for most guns. For instance, you can use them on a .50 caliber paintball gun. However, Veska has a product suitable for the .50 caliber gun but obviously not this one. The Veska High-Grade Size is .68 cal.


  • Low cost
  • Thicker shell
  • Accurate


  • Not suitable for .50 caliber guns.

Draxxus DXS Basic Training 

The Draxxus DXS have the feature and performance you would expect of a good quality paintball. Its high accuracy will make you love woodsball the more and always want to play. Using low-quality capsules can be frustrating. Not only will they be inaccurate but you will make a mess of yourself instead of the target. This Draxxus DXS performs well for low and high caliber guns. It is a .68 caliber paint that is mostly used for training because of its accuracy and strong casing.

People are becoming more interested in the use of eco-friendly materials to make the planet safer. They prefer to invest in something that would make the environment safe. The use of biodegradable paintballs is a top priority of environment-conscious woodsball enthusiasts. And being eco-friendly and biodegradable makes the Draxxus DXS Basic a great choice.

Players enjoy the break-on-target performance this paint offers. It only breaks on impact and not in the gun. Shell is also dark and comprises of bright orange color fill, and is one of the best paintballs for the money.


  • Well-made
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Superior break-on-target performance


  • Limited choice of color

Wrek Elite Premium 

If you are using a high caliber gun like the Spyder markers and Tippmann, then the Wrek Elite Premium has the best paintballs for you. The Wrek Elite has no feeding problem and will get to targets 30 yards away accurately.  You can shoot through the brush to aim at targets with these paints. 

All your capsules will be intact by the time you take delivery of your orders. None will be damaged or dimpled because of the shell’s thickness of these paints. Most of them can even hit targets without breaking.

These are also biodegraded and water-base paintballs. In addition to good quality and durable shell, the Wrek Elite Premium is very easy to the cleanup courtesy of its bright fill. 


  • Durable
  • Easy to clean up
  • Biodegradable and water base


  • Price for 1000 pieces on the high side

Venom Blowgun

If you have a blowgun, Venom product will make a fine choice for you. They are well-made and have 100 different colors of capsules. Though many might not prefer paintballs with one or two colors mixture, having more colors in the mixture is not a bad idea either.

These Venom are ideal for the .40 caliber blowguns. So, they are not suitable for other calibers because of their small size. They are perfect for targeting hard objects like trees, plywood and range targets. They are as solid as a rock, but not to the level they can inflict injuries on the skin. These models don’t explode on softer surfaces like clothing.

The price of the Venom balls is unbelievable. They are the cheapest in this list of best paintballs and great for woodsball.


  • Very hard
  • Low price
  • Great color mixtures


  • They don’t pop easily


The paintball market is saturated with a lot of products from different brands. And most of these products are poor quality and pricey. These are the 5 best paintballs for the money. They have quality and hard casing; cleanup is also very easy after having fun. Finding good quality capsule is challenging. But we have researched on behalf of those who want nothing but the top-notch quality and affordable product to have fun with family and friends.

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