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5 Quietest Air Rifles For Neighborhood Use Reviewed

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If you want to scare the pests away from your backyard without causing any trouble, then get a quiet air rifle. Some firearms are just too loud and as a result, they don’t only scare the game away but disturb the peace of the neighborhood. So if you don’t want to be a noisy neighbor, check out the quietest air rifle for neighborhood use in 2020.

With such a rifle, you will not only be hunting without disturbing the peace of the neighbors but find hunting more interesting. 

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Must-Know Factors Before Buying An Air Rifle

Most people bought their guns based on what they read from quiet air rifle reviews, while others prefer words from the seller before making their buying decisions. However, there are factors anyone buying this type of rifle for the first time can rely on to make the right choice. And knowing these factors can help you buy a rifle like a pro.

The Power of the rifle

If you are a hunter or a target shooter, then the quiet pellet gun is what you should buy. You don’t need a powerful rifle because of the location you are going to use the gun as well as the purpose. But if you are looking for a powerful weapon to take down a game, then the rifle should fire at least below the range of 1200 fps.

At this range, the pellet being fired can break any sound barrier and you will get a popping noise that’s quite loud.

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Pellet’s Caliber

The weight of the pellet determines the ease at which the barrel will be able to get it out. What this means is that the air rifle you should buy must not make use of a pellet that is heavier than the .177 caliber or .22 calibers. These are too noisy and powerful.


Silence and velocity in a shooting is not the only important thing when it comes to choosing a rifle. Accuracy is also very important as both of them. Frustration will obviously set in when you find it hard to take down your target. However, you can make use of a scope when what you are targeting is 35-50 yards from you.

Reviews: The Most Quiet Air Rifle For Neighborhood Use in 2020

Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle

The Marauder is one of the quietest break barrel air rifle models with a very lightweight. It is also powerful and has great balance. If money isn’t an issue, this is a good quality rifle that will meet your every need. It is very accurate when the right pellets are used and can cover a long shooting range than most rifles at this price point.

The Marauder is a 10-shot repeater and uses compressed air in the range of 2,000 – 3,000. It is built with the raised aluminum breech that let you load the 11mm dovetail circular magazine with ease. The valve is well improved and this increases the number of shots the gun produces.

The gun is made with features that make it one of the quietest rifles for hunting. This is possible, thanks to the internal shroud so you can take down more than one game at a time.


  • Very quiet
  •  Easy to load
  •  Superior accuracy
  •  Lightweight and balanced


  • Does not come with a sight
  • You need the right pellet to get superior accuracy

Winchester .177 Cal. Air Riflex 40mm

The Winchester is a good quality budget rifle that can handle the .177 caliber or pellets. It is very accurate and powerful. It is also ideal for targeting small game as well as for target practice. Even with the bb’s, this rifle can still shoot accurately at a range of 20 yards.

The gun is suitable for children and adult. It has a very lightweight and requires minute pumping effort, unlike other rifles at this price range. The thumbhole makes the rifle comfortable on the hand. Thanks to the thumbhole, the gun fits any hand size and offers better support.

The rifle has a good scope, better than what you may likely find in most brands at this price point. The scope makes long range shooting or practices possible. With a velocity of approximately 800 fps, this gun is not only suitable for target shooting but also for pest control.


  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Needs small pumping effect


  • Much more accurate with pellets

Beeman Air Rifle Combo – RS2

Beeman RS2 Air Rifle Combo
Price: $126.29
You Save: $23.70 (16%)
Price Disclaimer

The Beeman is rated as the quietest air rifle any serious shooter can buy without breaking the bank. Per shot, the rifle produces just 88decibels. It has two options when it comes to choice of caliber; the .177 and the .20. The .177 caliber shoots up at a velocity of 1000 fps.

The Beeman has a good quality scope which comes with a plex reticle. It is compact, lightweight and comes with a double cocking lever joint that makes it much easier to cock the rifle. It also has a professional looking and high-end matte finish that makes it more attractive.

The finish makes it scratch resistant, which means your rifle will remain new and attractive for a long period of time. The rifle’s shortness and lightweight make it suitable for woman and kids that have a hard time handling other rifles.


  • Feels solid
  • Great price
  • Superior matte finish


  • A little bit shorter

Gamo Whisper Silent Cat – Air Rifle

If you are thinking of the quietest air rifle to buy, then the Gamo has the quality you are looking for in a rifle. It is a very quiet and accurate rifle, suitable for target practice and for hunting small game. Gamo has a velocity of 1200 fps with PBA.

Thanks to the noise dampener that is built-in, you can use this rifle to hunt without scaring the animals away or disturbing the neighbors. Noise volume can be reduced to more than 50 percent. The gun is more suitable for adults and can fire both BBs and pellets.

Gamo’s manual safety feature will let you shoot without getting caught up with accidental misfiring.  It is not just suitable for game hunting, but can also be used to scare pests away. It is made of good quality stock that can withstand all weather forms. The ventilated rubber pad is useful for absorption of the recoil.


  • Durable and balanced
  • Good quality material that can withstand all weather
  • Maximum velocity with pellet is 1200 fps while BB is 1000 fps


  • Complaints of regular adjustment of scope

Umarex Throttle Gas Piston air rifle

Umerex Throttle has a smooth cocking and tons of other features that make target practice or backyard shooting more interesting. The angle of the gun’s grip feels extremely comfortable in the hand. The gun is reasonably quiet.

The Stopshox technology helps for recoil absorption. And even though some complaint is that they still feel the recoil, the result this technology offers is far better than most of the quietest air rifle models at this price range.

The rifle shoots straight and unlike other models, the scope found on this rifle is not a bad quality one for the price. It is built with quality synthetic stocks that make it possible to use under any weather condition. It shoots at a velocity of 1200 fps alloy and 1400 fps lead.


  • Smooth cocking
  • Noise dampener
  • Covers good range


  • Price is on the high side

6 Reasons To Own The Quietest Pellet Gun

Quiet airguns are great hunting tools. They are the type of hunting guns suitable for hunting or practice in a quiet neighborhood. These guns are very quiet and calm. In fact, you will not violate anyone even when you make use of them in the backyard. There are tons of other reasons gun enthusiast should consider buying one of these.

To Hunt Small Game

The regular rifle is great for hunting, and so is the best air rifle. The air rifle cannot take down big game, but many hunters have successfully used it to take down a wild boar.

Air rifle works for a small game like quail, rabbits, and ducks. Many hunters go for the quietest .22 air rifle as the ideal choice for small game hunting. However, other calibers also do the job well.

Improve Shooting Skills

Shooting is a skill that is learned and improved. And using the air rifle is one of the ways to do so. To successfully hunting small game this rifle is not an easy task. It takes someone with good shooting skills to be able to aim accurately at the animal being targeted.  Most people also practice with an air gun to improve shooting skills.

Affordable Ammo

Ammo could be very expensive, depending on the type of rifle. It is one of the reason maintaining a rifle is expensive. However, the pellets used for air guns are very inexpensive. You can purchase hundreds of them with a very meager amount.

Completely Calm

Most people spend extra money on a silencer because they want their weapon to shoot quietly. If you are using an air gun, there would be no need to invest in a silencer. It is great for hunting small animals. You can take down more than one game without alerting the rest of your presence.


Because there are too many air rifle models in the 2020 market, you have to be careful when making a selection. Air rifles are great for scaring pests away, practicing and hunting. But besides what they can do, there are many things to worry about. Not all rifles are durable or accurate. That is why this review is prepared to help you find a good quality quietest air rifle for the money in 2020.

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