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Best Recoil Reducing Mossberg 500 Shotgun Stocks Reviews

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Here you can find the best recoil reducing shotgun stock for Mossberg 500 to buy in 2019. These are a good quality stocks for every budget.

Shotgun stocks can absorb most of the shock from your shotgun’s recoil. They are perfect for your safety during hunting. With the different designs available in the market, you need not bother about a bruised shoulder if you love hunting. Shotgun stocks come in different varieties that make them attractive. Irrespective of whether your shotgun is the popular Remington 870 or the Mossberg 500, you will most definitely find a low recoil stock that fits.

Before Buying Recoil Reducing Shotgun Stock

If you are interested in finding good quality recoil reducing shotgun stock, then you are in the right place. Read this review of things to consider before spending your hard-earned bucks on that weapon accessory.


Low recoil shotgun stocks usually add extra weight to your shotgun. But trust me, you would be better off with one. With weight comes a lot of balance to reduce that recoil. For just 1 lb of weight, you will get a better hunting experience.

Percentage recoil suppression

The main reason for going out of your way to purchase that stock is for recoil suppression – period. Most of the top recoil reducing shotgun stocks available boasts of recoil suppression of over 40%. You may need to first look out for that information. A lot of heavier shotguns may require little or no extra recoil suppression.


We know that good stuff costs money. However, good low recoil shotgun stock out there should not cost you all of your paychecks. All that is required is some element of research to know the shotgun stock that suits your budget comfortably. It is good to know the price ranges of the different specs available.  The varieties out there are endless but also budget friendly.


A good stock should be very easy to install. You may also need to consider that, do you need the help of a gunsmith or if it comes with fitting kits like screws, nuts, and wrenches. Also, check if your stock has a pre-fit or grind-to-fit recoil pad? All these are very critical observations that would help in installing the stock smoothly.

Preference and finishing

No matter how fitted your recoil reducing shotgun stock is, you would like it to be well crafted and suited for you. In the market, you would most likely find some stock made of properly crafted and designed wood. Some others are designed from reinforced polymer or rubber.

If you are a classic user, you would most definitely go for that wooden finish. Some hunters who prefer lightweight stock will go for the latter. Don’t let the design deceive you into picking a shotgun stock that isn’t compatible with your shotgun or isn’t better than your factory design.

Best Recoil Reducing Shotgun Stocks For Mossberg 500

Hogue Overmolded Stock For Remington 870 and Mossberg 500

hogue rubber stock

This is a wonderful stock for hunting. It appears to be one of the best recoil reducing stocks available for the Remington 870. Its external design is made of a polymer formed from reinforced fiberglass. The external rubber design comes with a pebble-like build which makes the grip very easy. Whether your hand is moist or dry, you can rest assured your shotgun wouldn’t slip while hunting.

This shotgun’s forend also dramatically improves stability. You would not need to bother about the adverse weather as it is weatherproof. Its full length is also standard to accommodate folks of different arm length.

You will also notice the softness of the recoil pad. This is to ensure your comfort while gripping this shotgun stock design. This stock is also readily available in the average dealer’s shop. If you are looking for a good home-defense or tactical design, the Hogue overmolded stock is a wonderful try. 


  • Easy to install
  • Fits perfectly
  • Standard stock length
  • Quality grip and feel
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Wriggles from side to side
  • Hollow stock

Numrich Mossberg 500 Stock With Recoil Pad

This is another quality product straight from shockwaves technologies to help minimize your shotgun’s recoil. It is built with a polymer that is glass-filled. The enhanced texture makes for a very firm grip and avoids slippage of your shotgun.

It comes in two models: the one designed for the Mossberg 500 and the other for Remington 870. The sling swivel is omitted in this stock to give you the liberty of choosing where would be comfortable to bore the hole.

This beauty is constructed in such a way that arms and hands are positioned along the center line of the shotgun. Hence, most of the recoil is quickly absorbed by your hands rather than recoils bouncing off your shoulder.

Another plus to using this stock is that it resembles a machete sheath. So even if it sticks out of your bag, there is no cause for alarm. If you desire a shotgun forend that is short and classy, then you should be gunning for the Numrich grip birdhead stock. It is one of the best available.


  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Rock solid and durable
  • Smooth installation
  • Very affordable


  • Lacks sling swivel hole
  • Fingers occasionally scrapped by the trigger guard
  • A little heavy

Mossberg 500 Maverick Stock

One thing that makes the Maverick stock for shotguns a must have is its modular design. What this means is that a lot of accessories can be added to it. Unlike in the raptor grip birdhead stock, this impressive stock has the sling swivel mounted for your pleasure.

It only takes a few minutes to make the necessary installation and voila you are good to go. The Maverick stock comes in a variety of colors including black, gray and even orange. So you don’t need to worry because your favorite color is already available.

This recoil reducing stock has the ability to adjust pull length by using spacers. It also adds a butt pad to the design to provide extra cushion and increase your comfort.


  • Allows add-ons to various accessories
  • A comfortable pistol grip
  • Ability to adjust pull length using pacers
  • Butt pad to increase comfort


  • The grip appears small for larger hands
  • Heavier though increases balance

Numrich Mossberg 500 Stock Synthetic

If you haven’t tried this out, then you are missing out. This stock is appropriately built to absorb as much as 50% recoil. Isn’t that awesome? This means that your fatigue is significantly reduced. It is also compatible with most Mossberg shotguns like the Maverick 88 20 inches. It comes with a butt pad to absorb part of the recoil and ensure your comfort.

Installation is also very easy once the product gets to your doorstep. This stock prides itself with a comfortable pistol grip, at least better than most custom stocks. Length of pull adjustments can also be made on it to suit your comfort. It has a shell holder made of plastic. This stock is definitely the one you are looking to reduce your shotgun’s recoil.


  • An assured easy installation
  • Grip provides enough comfort
  • A butt pad to increase recoil buffer


  • The position of sling attachment prevents shell holder use.

Kicklite Recoil Stock by Phoenix Technology For Mossberg 500

This shotgun stock can significantly improve your hunting experience. Its shaft is made of aluminum. The stock has an in-built spring system that helps spread the recoil effect on your wrist. It would reduce shooting fatigue.

A deal breaker is that it would cost you no extra bucks to maintain this stock. The installation is also speedy. It has a length of pull ranging from 11.5 inches to 15inches to accommodate your arm length. The stock also boasts over 40% recoil reduction.

You would definitely need no extra gunsmithing to be up and running. The installation kits like the Allen wrenches are packaged alongside this stock.  You would not need to worry about strength and durability as this design, of glass filled nylon that was injection molded. It is available in the matte black, dark earth and urban gray color.


  • Adjustable length of pull
  • Absolutely maintenance free
  • High durability and strength


  • Uncomfortable pistol grip
  • On the high side


If you have already considered stepping out to pick out a recoil reducing stock for your shotgun, then this post is an excellent buying guide. All you require is a little time out of your schedule to go through the necessary information. Some exceptional products are also listed for you to start your search with.

With a good stock, you will definitely experience greatly reduced recoil. Your stability with your shotgun will also improve. Now tell us, what choice of shotgun stock did you eventually make?

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