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4 Best Rated Beam Scales For Reloading On The Market

  • November 30, 2017

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If you are looking for the best reloading beam scale for home or commercial use, then you have come to the right place to get information. A good quality reloading scale will make reloading tasks much easier whether digital or mechanical.

Buying Guide For Best Beam Reloading Scale

As a new buyer, there are things you need to consider before choosing a scale. Though reloading scales have the same function as other scales available, they are also designed for optimum performance to meet your needs. 

Mechanical or Digital

The mechanical scale is the first mass measuring scale to emerge. It comes with a unique graduated scale that has a sliding mass and provides varied graduations. Graduation is also needed if you are reloading the 0.01 grain. And with this scale, your reading will be affected by disturbances like gravity.

The digital scale has to be kept in a static-free area. In addition, the tare function  helps to improve the calibration. And unlike the mechanical scale, readings on the digital scales are digitally displaced.

However, choosing a mechanical or digital scale is a matter of choice. You have to also consider product quality as some mechanical scale may likely wear out after using for a long time and starts producing inaccurate readings. Some digital scales might also be programmed well and as a result, they may produce wrong readings.

Ease of use

If you decide to settle for a digital scale, it is simply because you want a scale you can operate without much intervention. You will certainly have eyes fixed on the balance beam scale for reloading but be careful when making selections because not all products are what they seem. Ensure that your digital scale is super easy to use.

You should be able to read the backlit display without straining your eyes. Most brands also come with manual and automated dispenser option which is ideal. The keypad, on the other hand, should be easy to operate.


Accuracy is very paramount in any reloading process. It should also be noted that a scale would serve its purpose when it has the extreme precision to within 0.1 grain. It is necessary to calibrate the device before use. In fact, all models need calibration.

Best Rated Reloading Beam Scales For The Money in 2018

Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge

Hornady 050068 Lock-N-Load Auto Charge
List Price: $169.99
Price: $169.99
Price Disclaimer

The Hornady is a super-easy and well-designed scale suitable for both first time and experienced users. The keypads are so easy to use. They are large and very comfortable to the touch.

The Hornady is designed to function extremely well and loads consistent and accurate rounds. Reloading is faster with the Hornady because you do not need to weigh the powder separate. It can also load any powder type as it doesn’t have metering issues.

This charger is a great option for users who want to reload safely. It will receive an alert three times whenever it overcharges and locks out operations. However, operations can be restored with a single push of the button.

The Hornady has the potential of being the best beam reloading scale at this price point. It is one of the adorable and effective single powder measures designed to be super easy to clean.


  • Large LCD
  • Easy to set-up
  • Trickle function


  • Overcharges regularly

American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20

The American Weigh is designed to help solve all your reloading needs. It can weight different items which include chemicals, powders, and gems. It nicely resets to zero with a single push of the button. The product is durable and comes with a 10 years warranty which tells the great trust the company has for their product.

This is one the best beam scale for reloading for those on a tight budget that are still looking for a good quality scale. It comes with a cardboard case that is very sturdy and holds other items in place.

The American weight comes with a weighing tray and tweezers. It is powered by two long-lasting AAA batteries to give you more reloading time. It is also super-easy to calibrate and also very accurate. In fact, it is one of the most accurate and sturdy scales you can find at this price point.


  • Affordable
  • Portable and well-designed
  • Measures carat, oz, grams, and others


  • Lacks AC power

Frankford Arsenal Platinum

There are tons of features that set this scale apart from others at this price point. It is designed to deliver extremely precise measurements. This is another device that can handle all your reloading tasks in a heartbeat. It can load rounds, bullets, cases and weigh powder.

It feels great to have such an efficient scale that can meet the precision needs of users. It has a 0.01-gram accuracy and capacity of 1500 grains. The LCD display shows the readings clearly.

You can use the Frankford Arsenal in any situation, including for outdoors where there is no power source. It is designed to work on both in DC or AC. It comes with four AAA batteries to keep you on the field longer than usual while you are performing your task.  The carrying case is impact-resistant and makes it even more suitable for outdoor use.


  • Great for outdoor use
  • Work with DC or AC current
  • Shuts off after staying idle for 180 seconds


  • Not the finest of scales at this price point

RCBS Model Reloading Scale

RCBS Model 505 Reloading Scale
List Price: $119.95
Price Disclaimer

There is nothing wrong dumping digital reloading for mechanical reloading. Most people still prefer going mechanical as they work better with it. But if you are going to choose a mechanical scale, choose one that is super cool in terms of price and usability.

The RCBS Model is a pocket-friendly and high-performance mechanical scale. As a matter of fact, the company, RCBS is one of the leading producers of quality ammunition reloading accessories that has remained consistent for decades.

It is a very solid balance beam scale you can have in addition to your digital scale as having both come in handy. One intriguing thing about this mechanical scale is that it weighs both shotgun loads of 100-437 grains and muzzleloader loads where others can only handle powder charges. The black on white graduations is also a feature that makes it easy to take readings.


  • Very accurate
  • Power not required
  • Great for outdoor and indoor use


  • Base isn’t very stable


Every hunter or shooter would love to reduce the costs as much as possible. For that reason, they will move for the best beam scale for reloading to save costs and have something that will last a long time. However, out of the numerous scales on the market, we have listed the top four that will make your reloading tasks a breeze.

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