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5 Best Gun Laser Sights For The Money Reviewed

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Having the best laser sight is a must for many hunters and sports shooters, but there are some people who dislike this kind of equipment, and they think the gun laser sight will bring more troubles than benefits. But is it true? If you are interested in buying the best rifle laser sight in 2019, you have to consider everything, before you decide what the top product is.

Benefits Of Using The Best Green Rifle Laser Sight

Those who talk against using the laser sight have few arguments, and the first is that your targets will see your laser before you shoot them. This is not true, simply because bullets move pretty fast, so your targets will have so little time to react. Your laser will give away your position, but if you shoot without it, and you miss – you will certainly give away the position. So, this argument doesn’t stand.

The second argument is about your shooting technique – if you use the laser sight, you will never be able to improve the shooting technique. But, with the best laser sight for rifle, you can become more accurate and confident with your gun, simply because you increase the target visibility. And with a laser sight, you will keep eyes on your target much easier.

If you just practice at your local range, this tool will allow you to correct yourself. For a long range shooting, a good laser sight will expressly improve your shooting technique. By the time you will confidently place focus on your targets using the laser sight. But before you start using laser sights, make sure you got fundamental shooting skills.

What Do You Need To Know About Laser Sights Before Purchase?

Before you choose particular laser sight, you have to check some details – the range of guns the laser sight can take, main features, ease of assembly, durability, price, and accessories you will get with the product.

If you want to use it effectively, make sure you will get the range that your targets need. And the longer the distance, the better laser sight should be. It is the most important specification, but you should also check out the ease to assemble. You don’t want to lose time on putting the sight on the rifle, and you certainly have to be sure it will fit your gun.

Durability is quite important, and you should also verify the durability of the battery. Because the battery eater is a pain in the neck when you are in the wilderness. When you are buying the best shotgun laser sight, you want to be sure it is a reliable item, and it is going to serve you for a long, long time. If there are any bonus accessories like adjustments for windage and elevation, it’s a nice thing.

Red Or Green Laser?

You can pick between the red and green color of a laser, and the most common question is – which one is better? Green is considered as a better color, because it has better visibility, particularly when the light is bright. The human eye will see the green dot easier than a red one, but in darkness or low light conditions, both colors work equally good.

Laser sights with green color are usually more expensive, and those with red laser light are more available on the market. But if you have the unlimited budget, we suggest you to get a green one.

Reviews Of The Top Gun Laser Sights For The Money in 2019

So, to help you find the best laser sight, we offer you the top five products on the market, and we give you a proper rifle laser sight review of each one:

Ade Advanced Optics Adjusted Rifle Scope Sight Review

If you need a laser sight for a tactical and recreational use, this Ade Advanced Optics’ rifle scope with a green laser light could be a perfect choice. The laser wavelength is standard 532 nm and you will be able to see a clear green dot even in the brightest daylight. The tube length is 4.7” inches and it has an output of 1 MW. A great bonus feature is an adjustable windage and elevation.

This durable and quality made laser sight is made of aluminum and it has a black matte finish. The product is waterproof and shockproof. The lithium battery is included and you will also get a wire cable switch. If you are looking for a laser sight for your ar-15, this one could be the best tactical green laser you will find on the market. For buyers in the USA, there is a one year warranty. One serious reproach – the glass lens is glued to a tube and you will see some glue in the hole so it could be annoying.


–    Great green laser light

–    Visible in the brightest daylight

–    Durable and quality made

–    Adjustable windage and elevation

–    Waterproof and shockproof

–    Affordable price


–    The glass lens is glued to a tube

–    Adjustments are delicate

Green Laser Sight System by Ozark Armament Review

This Ozark Armament’s rifle laser is a quality made piece, and it is specially produced for rifle platforms. It is a pretty lightweight laser sight, which is quite nice, and it is designed to work properly even on guns with the hardest recoil.

This great versatile product could be mounted both on a rail or barrel, and it is made of a quality aircraft grade aluminum. The laser wavelength is 532 nm, and it has a powerful 5 MW output. The green dot is visible up to one mile and you will be surprised how well it works in a daylight. The battery is included, and also an on/off switch.

For a reasonable price, this could be the best green laser sight you can find on the market. Week adjustment screws are a drawback and there are no manual instructions in a package.


–    Durable and quality made piece

–    Specially produced for rifle platforms

–    Versatile product

–    High visibility in daylight

–    Reasonable price

–    Lightweight and waterproof


–    Week adjustment screws

–    No manual instruction

CVLIFE Green Gun Sight Review

If you want a sturdy and practical laser sight, check out this CVLife’s green gun sight, as it could be the perfect match for your needs. It provides a clear green dot no matter if it’s dark or the brightest sunlight. You will get a good field of view so you can aim fast and shoot moving objects.

This laser sight comes with a rail and barrel mount, and it is quite easy to assemble. Made of quality aluminum alloy, it has a powerful 5 MW output. Interesting lotus flower design will protect the lens, and adjustable windage and elevation are a bonus. This piece is great for all kinds of hunting and sports shooting. The biggest issue is a battery, or better to say this is one battery eater, so always have a replacement with yourself.


–    Sturdy and practical

–    Made of quality aluminum alloy

–    Provides a clear green dot

–    Easy for assembly

–    Adjustable windage and elevation

–    Allows fast aiming


–    A battery eater

–    Replacement battery is a must

Tacticon Armament Laser Sight Review

For those who want a versatile laser sight which could be mounted on any rifle, handgun or a shotgun, this Tacticon Armament’s laser sight is a great selection. If you look other available products on the market, this could be the best laser sight for pistol. And it has a quite affordable price.

Made of a high-quality aluminum alloy, this laser sight has an output power of 5 MW, while the laser wavelength is 625 nm. You will be able to see a bright red dot up to 100 meters. Detachable weaver rail will allow you to mount the sight onto any pistol rail. Windage and elevation adjustments are available, and you will get an extra set of batteries.


–    Could be mounted on any rifle or pistol

–    Affordable price

–    Made of quality aluminum alloy

–    Windage and elevation adjustments

–    Extra set of batteries


–    Need a lock-tite on adjustment screws

–    Bumps can change the settings

EconoLED Gun Laser Bore Sight Review

This EconoLED’s laser sight will fit any .22 to .50 caliber weapon, and it is made of quality aluminum. With only 38 grams of weight and output power of 5 MW, you will get a durable and versatile piece for a low price.

The laser color is red, but it is still visible enough during daylight. Windage and elevation are adjustable so you will have a good accuracy. Extra batteries are included, and there is an 18-month warranty. This laser sight is a battery eater, so make sure you always have replacements. Poor manual instructions will make it hard to assembly.


–    Fit any .22 to .50 caliber weapon

–    Lightweight and durable

–    Adjustable windage and elevation

–    Extra batteries included

–    18-month warranty

–    Cheap price


–    Battery eater

–    Poor manual instructions

–    Hard to assembly


Looking for the best rifle laser sight is an important job, and we are sure that our list will help you with a selection in 2019. Make sure you will get the right one for your rifle, and the one it will last. No matter if you choose a green or red, just be sure other specifications are the best for your needs.

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