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4 Best Scopes For AR 10 2019 Reviews

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Here you can find the best scopes for AR 10 rifle to buy in 2019. These are a very good tactical optics for AR 10 6.5 Creedmoor and 308 Sthf as well.

No doubt, AR 10 is among the most popular guns that have proven to be a perfect weapon for hunters. The amazing thing about this firearm is that it is compatible with modern bullets. It has a low recoil effect and its accuracy is one to be reckoned with. Another competitive advantage of this gun is that it is lightweight.

But having a superb gun is not enough, you need the perfect scope that will complement its functionality. This is why we shall be looking at the top AR 10 optics.

If you are serious about getting the best quality AR 10 scopes for the money, then there are some certain factors you must consider.

Before Buying AR 10 Scope

There are many factors that determine how a AR 10 scope functions. We shall briefly go through these factors so that you can have the knowledge of what it takes to land the best product.


The magnification power of a scope is the first thing to consider when making a purchase. This has a lot to do with the usefulness of the scope. The higher the magnification the greater the resolution and the farther you can view an image. But most scopes with higher magnifications, for example, 32X tend to be bulky and heavy.

Most users wouldn’t want something that will disrupt their hunting. Therefore, going for a moderate scope with magnification of about 6X will do the job perfectly for you.


This is another key factor that you would want to consider. Like we said in the first factor, a scope with a higher magnification tends to be heavier. Higher magnification is always accompanied by a bigger lens and longer tubes which makes the scope weighty. The purpose for which you will be needing the scope will have a lot to do with the weight.

The length of the scope

The scope you are buying must be able to fit your mount. If this is not the case, then the scope is as useless as not having one. So you must take your time to check if the length of the scope is in line with the scope mount on your rifle.

The tube’s diameter

The tube connects the eyepiece with the objective lens. The prism and other vital illumination tools are contained in the tube. Majority of the scope with higher degrees of light transmission tend to be heavier and pricey. Also, this kind of scope can make your firearm cumbersome. But if you are unperturbed by this, you can go for it.

Light transmission

Light transmission talks about how much of light that passes through the scope. It is better if you go for a scope with higher light transmission. Also, it is better to go for a larger objective lens because they tend to gather more light than the smaller scopes. The purpose of buying the scope is for it to be used in low light conditions, then go for the one with a large objective lens. This will allow a better view.


The reticles of a scope help you position your rifle in the best way for perfect shooting. There are different types of reticles and their designs are usually in line with the purpose of the scope. Going for a scope because it has a fancy reticle may be challenging especially under harsh conditions. Just make sure you choose a reticle that is suitable for your needs both in terms of usability and budget.

Eye relief

This is the space between the eyepiece and your eye. This distance is important because it determines how well you view your target. Also, the eye relief playa a role in your safety. A scope with reasonable eye relief will save you from hitting your eye on the eyepiece during a recoil. A lot of people have suffered from a short eye relief during recoil, so you need to be wary about it too.


It will be a colossal mistake if you buy a rifle scope without checking its adjustment features. For a less complex activity such as coon hunting, you may not get worried about large turrets, elevation or windage. If you are a petit hunter, you don’t need a scope with large adjustment knob.

But if you are using it for a competition, these large adjustment knobs could be a darling to you. However, the purpose to which you will be using the scope should guide on which is best for you.

Field of view

It will be wrong not to mention this factor on the list. The field of view talks about what you can view through the scope. A scope that has low magnification and big exit pupils tends to have a greater field of view.

These are the major factors to consider when buying the top optics for 308 AR 10. Other things you may want to consider include parallax, lens coating, price, warranty, etc.

Best Scopes For AR 10 Tactical Rifle

Nikon M-308 AR 10 Scope

A heavy rifle such as the AR 10 requires a durable scope that can withstand the recoil from .308 cartridge. This is what Nikon M-308 is meant for. This rugged scope is designed to withstand long range shooting that is accompanied by heavy recoil. Built for heavy rifles, the optics of this 4-16X scope is fully coated to give an optimum light transmission.

This rugged scope is waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof. It comes with an objective lens of 42mm, which enhances the target viewing. If you are in search of a scope to use on your hunting rifle or for long range target, this is obviously what you need.


  • It can aim at a target that is 627 yards away
  • It an excellent scope with the perfect glass
  • It produces crisp, clear images
  • Perfect for hunting and other related outdoor activities
  • It is very easy to zero in


  • The only issue with this scope is the eye relief

UTG BugBuster AR 10 Optic

UTG is a reputable company that specializes in firearm accessories. The company has been in the industry for a reasonable period of time. Some time ago, they were involved in some products such as handguns, but it didn’t go well for them. However, UTG is now into the production of high-quality items, and BugBuster is a testimony of their improvement.

The durability of this scope is one of its strongest competitive advantages. Among all the scopes for AR 10, the BugBuster has the most compact design. It is made of high-grade materials. The lens is coated with emerald and it has sunshade for antiglare. The eye relief is accommodating, and you can choose between the red and green dots.


  • It is user-friendly
  • Can easily mount on any rifle
  • The emerald coating makes it possible to use in any light conditions
  • Easy to adjust


  • Magnification power is low
  • Objective lens is also low

Primary Arms Tactical Scope For AR 10 308 SHTF

If you are looking for the top rated scope for a AR 10 308, then giving Primary Arms FFP Scope a try will be a nice idea. If you have been having problems of clouded view and tough zeroes in the field, this scope will help you solve that. The reticle of this scope is of high quality, which improves the efficiency of the scope.

With the Primary Arms ACSS, you can easily shoot on moving targets. The lightweight of this scope makes it more preferred by most users. It is compact and made from high-grade material.


  • It improves shooting accuracy
  • Compatible with most types of guns
  • It is relatively cheap
  • Easy to adjust
  • Crisp and clear images


  • Can’t view clearly past 300 yards
  • Target turrets are not good enough

Vortex Optics AR 10 6.5 Creedmoor Scope

With the production of Diamondback Dead-Hold model, Vortex has made a name for itself when it comes to weapon accessories. This scope is sleek and functions maximally. The images seen on the scope are clear and crisp, thanks to its spot on the reticle. It takes just a few seconds to adjust, which makes it suitable for moving targets.


  • The crosshairs are superb
  • The range and visibility of this optic is excellent
  • Adjusting it is easy and fast
  • It is durable
  • Images are clear and bright
  • Made from first-grade aluminum


  • Eye relief can be improved
  • The image becomes fuzzy after 300 yards


With the number of scopes available on the market, getting a good one for your AR 10 can be confusing. This is the reason we have put this list together to help you make the right choice. Picking any one of these four scopes will serve you for your purpose.

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