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Best SKS Scope Mounts 2019 Reviews

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Here you can find the best SKS scope mount to buy in 2019. These are a very good quality products for your SKS rifle for every budget.

If you are in search of the top SKS mount, know that choosing one isn’t going to be an easy task. There are quite a number of SKS scope rail models in the market, meaning you have to be meticulous to make the right choice.

However, we have done all the hard work you need to do in searching for an SKS scope rail mount. These are the best choices for the money which goes to show that you can get a good quality product even on a tight budget.

SKS Scope Mount Installation

Many of us recognize the fact that the SKS wasn’t designed for use with the optic. And when it comes to the point of mounting the SKS scope, it can get damaged from the bullet shells that burst out from the gun. Therefore, it means you need to look for a mount that is solid and can also protect the scope from any form of damage.

Whatever you mount at the top of the gun is going to take some beating. Therefore, you have to make a good plan when deciding on your optic as well as mounting solutions to adopt.

Setting up a scope mount is a great step when dealing with the SKS. The reason is that the optic can be mounted at a reasonable distance from the gun’s ejection port, which is a great thing.

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Before Buying SKS Scope Mount 

Before settling for an SKS rail, there are things you must take into consideration. Once you have decided on these factors, making the right choice would be much easier for you.


There are different scope mounts available in the market with a different price tag as well. Before making any buying decision, it is better to compare the different brand and match their prices and quality. Though cheaper doesn’t mean the scope is of low quality, you still need to know the best scope mount that falls within your budget.


The question is how do you gauge or rate the quality of scope mounts? This can be done through the precision of its alignment. It must perfectly and accurately align when mounted on the weapon. And even when they start to absorb recoil forces that alignment must be maintained.


Besides the precision, durability is another thing to consider before choosing a scope mount. Gauging the mount’s durability is also possible by judging the material it is made of. You need to find out what the product in question is made from. In addition, consider the SKS rail general construction to determine its durability. Can it handle the toughest of weather as well as shooting demands? These are some of the things to consider when checking for durability.


The last but not the least is the design. Though many people might not really care much about the design of their SKS side mount scope rail, it does play a vital role in the overall performance of the device. You will find scope mounts with different designs on the market. The best thing to do is to choose a design you think is suitable for your needs. It is a matter of choice as no special design is superior to the other.

Best SKS Scope Mounts For Every Budget

UTG PRO SKS Receiver Cover Mount

The UTG PRO comes with tons of features that make the ideal scope mount for SKS rifle at this price point. It is well designed to let you make use of large and powerful optics. Though this scope mount is quite long, it is very strong and reliable.

The UTG PRO is built with a good quality metal that is quite strong. The metal used will not bend even when a heavier optic is used. The base of the machined high-strength steel is precision cast.

Though this mount will cast some additional weight on your weapon, it is of little importance especially when you are placing an optic that is heavy up there. On a Pica tinny rail, this mount offers up to 22 slots. This provides enough room and options to mount quite a number of scopes.

The UTG PRO is made in the USA and certified by prominent field experts after much testing. It has precise alignment as well as a great zero holding.


  • Great design
  • Precise alignment
  • Decent price and quality
  • Built with high-strength steel


  • Might be too long for most weapons
  • Issues of deflector getting in the way of top loading

Crazy Ivan SKS Scope Mount

Crazy Ivan SKS Scope Mount
Price Disclaimer

The Crazy Ivan SKS mount is a well-built scope mount, designed to make an optic a little bit higher after being mounted. This makes the scope longer and a bit more powerful.

Unlike other scope mounts at this price point, the Crazy Ivan features a one piece and solid steel construction. It has the advantage of being very stable and non-rocky. The matte black finish also makes it look even more attractive.

This scope mount is built with three rails. You will find one at the top, specifically made for the optic, while the others on the right and left sides are built for accessories or low-powered sights. In addition, you can also adjust the side slots easily to any suitable level.

Installation is very easy as well as the removal of the optic. Though this SKS scope mount is a little bit on the heavy side, this can be attributed to its solid construction as well as unmatched durability for the mount at this price point.


  • Great finish
  • Very stable SKS mount
  • Adjustable side slots
  • Permits the use of original iron sights


  • Screws securing the tri-rail Picatinny looks cheap

Matador SKS Scout Mount

The Matador Arms is a great budget-friendly SKS Scout Mount. It is ideal for holographic sights and Red Dot. The construction of this scope mount is solid. In fact, the aluminum construction makes it extra durable. It also comes with a channel that is specifically made for backup iron sights.

The scope is very easy to install and requires no modification as other scope mounts at this price point. The scope mount is not the type that would add extra weight to your weapon. It is made of durable steel with a quality finish. In addition, it has a rail length of 3.75 inches.

The MA Razor SKS mount is rock solid. It also holds zero and does not interfere with the stripping of the rifle.


  • Rock solid
  • Easy installation
  • Great price and quality


  • A little bit heavy

Global Sportsman SKS Scope Mount

global sportsman overview

Global Sportsman is famous for making one of the best scopes mount for SKS owners looking for something different from the usual.

It is no doubt a complete rail system for an SKS built with hard and premium quality anodized aircraft aluminum alloy. The strength of the material used in making this model of the rail system is superb. It has a precise alignment and fits perfectly.

One of the great features of this scope mount is the bottom slot. The slot comes with a unique notch that can take a folded bayonet. The see-through design of this mount also makes things easy for the user. The dimension of this mount is also optimized and with that, it can fit all the different SKS models perfectly.


  • Precise alignment
  • Easy installation
  • Quality aluminum alloy


  • Sits a little bit higher when used on some models

Brass Stacker MN9130SSM Scout Scope Mount

brass stacker overview

If you want a premium quality mount that can handle recoil very well, then get the Brass Stacker right away. It also fits well and you do not need any modification with this scope mount.

The Brass Stacker is also very simple to install. The only challenge is pin removal, which is difficult for most scopes but not impossible to do. It also holds zero very well.

This product is designed and built in a special way that you can make use of the original open sights, especially if the scope has already been compromised. The mount’s design also allows it to make use of two rear sight blocks having two pins.

To further prove that this Brass Stacker is a good quality product for SKS, the manufacturer placed a lifetime warranty on it.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Simple to install
  • Can perfectly handle recoil


  • Does not work for the M38, T53, and M44


If you are looking for the best SKS scope mount for the money, then you need to engage in some little research. There are hundreds of options available on the market, so choosing the right one especially on a budget is going to be quite challenging. However, we have provided a list of good quality products for the money. You can go through each of the models to find out which one suits your need.

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