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How To Choose The Best Semi Auto Rifle: 2017 Top 5 Reviews

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The development of the semi-auto rifles was encouraged, first of all, by the military needs for more firepower in a short period of time. Years have passed since the first weapon of this kind and a fact is certain: the military was and is not the only domain those rifles were and are used in.

For those who love hunting, there are several semi-auto hunting rifles from which anyone can choose. Law enforcement agencies are also using such equipment for target shooting or plinking. What is certain is that the best rifle of this kind is the one that can offer unmatched performance and, of course, precision shooting.

What Should One Have In Mind When Choosing a Semi-Auto Rifle?

First of all, the performance of the rifle should be carefully verified. Even if it has a great design, it still has to perform as it is supposed to. Choosing the right caliber is the first step, and there are many options from which one can choose: .308 Winchester, 6.8 SPC, 7mm-08 Rem, .223 Remington, 6.8mm, 7.26x51mm NATO etc. It is said that those rifles that have free floating parts can provide a maximum performance just because the barrel has no stress on it at all.

The second thing to take into consideration is the ergonomics of a rifle. The weight of the weapon is critical. A lightweight one is a lot easier to carry and shoot with than a heavy one. The shooting technique has to mix with the ergonomics of the different parts of a rifle: trigger, barrel, stock, lower and upper receiver. The best choice would be a rifle with a target pistol grip and a fully adjustable stock.

Top 5 Best Semi Auto Rifles for Military, Hunting and Law Enforcement Use

The 5 semi-auto carbines that are best from the rest:

  1. AP4 LR-308
  2. ARMALITE AR-10 A2


The AP4 LR-308

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This can be named as the best 308 semi-auto rifle because it has a 308 Winchester caliber and a barrel measuring 16 inches with a capacity of 20 rounds. A rotating bolt that is operated by gas mixed with a bolt carrier made from 8620 steel complete the design of this rifle. The integrated barrel is built from black steel, more precisely 4140 Chromoly steel, which is highly reliable.

The rifle also comes with a synthetic stock, perfectly designed to receive any attachment, from hand stops to rail pods, monopods and sling mounts. The stock also features an A2 grip and a glacier hand guard. The forward assist and the shell deflector are both featured as a single unit on this type of rifle. It is the best choice for a hunter, military personnel or a law enforcement officer.


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This rifle features a 20-inch barrel and has a 308 Winchester or 7.62 NATO caliber. Being similar to the standard (at that time) M16, this multi-use gun can be mentioned on the list with the most popular rifles used by law enforcement and military throughout Europe, Africa and America.

With a magazine capacity of 20 rounds, this rifle also features a two-stage trigger, forward assist initiated through a button, front and rear sights that can be adjusted and a rust-resistant chrome-lined bore.


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This type of rifle is the best one for big game hunting. The splitting accuracy delivered by this gas-operated machine can be hardly found on other rifles. Its design was based on the GII technology, with a caliber of 7mm-08 Remington, .243 Winchester or .308 Winchester. The Mossy Oak Treestand Camo and the unique profile of the barrel made from 20-inch carbon steel complete the great features of this masterpiece.

The bolt and the bolt carrier are made from heat-treated 8620 steel and the handguard is made from aluminum. While the upper receiver offers right-hand eject, Picatinny rail, shell deflector and forward assist, 6066 T-Aluminium and Full Camo, the lower receiver has a release button for the aluminum magazine, a stock A-2 Zytel with an A-2 Zytel pistol grip and an additional magazine with 4 rounds.


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This rifle can be called best semi auto with a 30-06 caliber in an AR-15 pattern. It also comes with other versions of calibers: 270 Winchester, 300 Winchester, 25-06 Remington and 7mm Remington. It is a really accurate tactical rifle with a long range shot. It is a great rifle for those who want to exercise their shots or hunt on a daily basis. The body of this machine is very resistant to scratches and hits.


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This rifle is one of the most versatile and reliable .22 rifles there are. It is proven to be the best semi auto 22 caliber in America, with a simple design and high performance. The housing assembly of the polymer trigger is designed from a high-tech material that is glass-filled and heat-stabilized to resist abrasion of impact.

The barrel is forged with a cold hammer and then tensioned in a barrel sleeve made from aluminum alloy. There are many aftermarket accessories for this kind of rifle.

What Are the Cons That Can Be Said About Semi Automatic Rifles?

These pros said, there are also a few cons of using a semi-auto rifle, like:

  • They mostly use a low power ammo.
  • Those models that have a wide variety of ammo to choose can be very expensive.
  • These rifles are a lot more complete than other types of rifles and then need more attention.


As a conclusion, even if there are cons, as in any other product on the market, the pros are far better. A semi-auto rifle is easy to use in many domains and it is preferred in most cases.

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