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Best SKS Stocks For Every Budget – Top Rated Accessories

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Here you can find the best SKS stock to buy in 2019. We have reviewed only good quality aftermarket SKS accessories for every budget.

Of all the most effective firearms used by hunters, military personnel or any other person, the SKS rifle is arguably the most famous. Why is it so famous? It is effective and affordable for people with tight budgets. The SKS stock is the major component of this firearm, and it is essential that you get top aftermarket SKS stock for your gun.

Since this gun is produced in Russia, getting Russian SKS aftermarket stocks will be a nice idea. Although there are other nice stocks produced in the United States and other countries all around the world.

Majority of SKS wood stocks are hard, but still susceptible to chemical exposure, but the top quality SKS stock replacement is made from tough materials that can withstand any form of harsh environment. Before we look at the top replacement parts available for sales in the market, let us first focus on the key factors to consider.

What to look out for when buying the best SKS Stocks

As a passionate marksman, you will agree that the importance of your gun’s stock can’t be overemphasized. Although there are numerous factors to consider in your firearm, paying more attention to the stock is necessary. The stock of your firearm can greatly boost its performance and lifespan. In fact, having the best aftermarket SKS stock for your rifle would make a huge difference.

Before rushing to the market and wasting your hard earned money on a poor product, it is essential that you get used to the SKS stocks available for your rifle. What are the best generic parts on the market? A list of some factors are given below:


The quality of generic parts is a top priority to look out for. This factor mainly depends on the type of materials used for construction. The materials and construction play an important role in determining if your rifle stock is of great quality standard or not. We carried out comprehensive research and came out with a top 3 picks:

  • SKS Fiberforce by ATI
  • Timber Smith Monte Carlo by Tapco
  • Advanced Technology by ATI


The price and quality of an item are oftentimes proportional to each other. The higher the price of an sks stock the more likely to get the best quality. However, you can still get a product that is cost effective and affordable.

Our aim is to help you know the best quality products and their price tag so that you can make a decision from it. Below are what you need to know about the top three high-quality materials we talked about earlier:

  • Timber Smith Monte Carlo by Tapco. This is the costliest of all the three materials and it’s mainly due to its meticulous construction and its slick finish.
  • Advanced Technology by ATI. It is the cheapest of all the three, but that doesn’t make it inferior in terms of designs and features.
  • SKS Fiberforce by ATI. This is the mid-range stock on our list. It is gotten from a polymer material that is known for its tough and stable features. Its moderate price doesn’t hinder it from being highly competitive with great designs and features for optimal comfort.


Durability is one of the top features to look out for in an SKS stock. The ability for it to last for several years regardless of the harsh environments it is exposed to. Select a rifle stock with resilient features and with top-notch materials that are most reliable.

Design & Performance

SKS stocks improve the overall appearance of your classic firearm. Thus, it is important to choose a stock with the best design. There are different designs that come with SKS stock with advanced technology.

Putting all these factors listed above will make you have the best product available in the market.

Best SKS Stock 2019 Reviews

Timber Smith SKS Monte Carlo Stock by Tapco

tapco wood stock replacement

This is the number one stock on our list with lots of great features that make it unique. It is made in the United States and made with an excellent black laminate finish for durability and high performance. The Timber Smith SKS stock is a nice choice for anyone desiring to make his SKS look perfect and still maintain an original look.

This stock comes with an integrated cheek rest design and has a rubber butt pad to give maximum comfort. The exquisite design of this stock protects the wood from the solvent, water, and other harmful materials. Majority of customers that bought this item talked about its high-quality material and its ability to withstand tougher conditions.

Due to the meticulous construction of this stock, its price tag is bit high, but you are sure of getting a high standard product.


  • It easily fits your firearm
  • Materials are constructed from high-quality materials
  • It offers high-performance rate
  • Its design is beautiful
  • It comes with a nice grip angle


  • It is a bit pricey, but worth every cent spent on it
  • It is heavier than the original one

ATI Advanced Technology SKS Monte Carlo Stock

If you are looking at prioritizing function ahead of form what you need is a lightweight, simple, polymer stock. Majority of weapon manufacturers make use of modern polymers for weapon design and this is gradually replacing polymer and wood on rifles and handguns. The ATI SKS or Advanced Technology stock is of polymer that has a lightweight feature. It is made from a Dupont-Zytel material known for its resistance and strength.

The Advanced Technology stock is a conventional stock and meets all the state laws pertaining to assault weapons. This stock is a complete one that comes with an adjustable cheek rest and it is completely resistant to harsh conditions and chemicals. It also comes with their renowned and famous Scorpion recoil pad for maximum comfort.

The ATI stock has a checkered fore end and a nice grip to boost control. It is also easier to employ an optic when it features a cheek riser.

Polymer does more than reducing the weight of this SKS Stock. It also has a huge impact on reducing the price of this stock. This stock is quite affordable for people that are more concerned about cost-effectiveness. The ATI may not be as beautiful as the wooden stock, but its durability and extremely lightweight making it a nice option. If you are working on a tight budget, this might be the best aftermarket SKS stock to buy.


  • It is made from first-grade material
  • It is very affordable
  • It is lightweight
  • Its durability features makes it a great option to consider
  • The Scorpion recoil pad offers maximum comfort


  • Its design is not as beautiful as the wooden stock
  • It takes some effort to fit the firearm on the stock

ATI SKS Monte Carlo Stock with Scorpion Recoil Pad 

monte carlo dark brown wood stock

ATI is a top manufacturer of cutting-edge shotgun stocks, rifle stocks and accessories for different types of firearm. All their products are made from the United States with top-notch materials for longevity. The ATI SKS Monte Carlo Gun Stock in Dark Earth Brown features a Scorpion recoil pad that makes it resist harsh environmental conditions. The cheek rest pad also improves comfort during shooting.


  • Its price tag is okay for its features
  • It fits easily
  • It is an upgrade of the original stock
  • It has a beautiful design


  • It is quite heavy
  • It is somewhat difficult to put on the rubber cheek pad

ATI Mosin Nagant Monte Carlo Stock 7. 62 x 54R

This is another great gun stock that is worth mentioning on our list of top SKS stock. The Monte Carlo stock has the ability to seamlessly change Mosin Nagant gun into an amazing hunting rifle. This SKS stock features a Scorpion recoil pad that withstands impact irrespective of load size.

It is resistant to chemical and harsh environmental conditions and it offers a pain-free shooting. Through the minimization of muzzle lift, this stock helps to boost target reacquisition.

The ATI Mosin Nagant Monte Carlo Stock is made from Dupont Extreme Glass-reinforced Polymer that offers strength and durability. It comes with soft cheek rest pad for maximum comfort during shooting. You can rest assured when buying this product because it has a limited lifetime warranty that gets you covered.


  • It fits perfectly with no alteration
  • It gives your gun a new and beautiful look
  • It is durable and strong
  • It boosts target reacquisition
  • Apart from Mosin Nagant 7.62 x 54R, this stock is perfect for most 91/30 rifles, M-38 & M-44 carbines


  • Installation is a bit of an issue


Our list of the top 4 best stocks for SKS will give you a run for your money in 2019. We carried out extensive market research to be able to come out with these products. Choosing any one of them won’t be a bad buy.

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