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5 Best Rated Thermal Scopes On The Market Reviewed

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The best thermal rifle scope is an important gear for hunters or military personnel. It will produce exceptional image quality and brightness in low light situations. These are the kind of thermal scope reviews that will give you the right information to make the best decision. You will find details of different products and tips to consider before choosing.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Optic

There are certain things you must consider when looking for the best scope for the money. Examples are the budget, durability, object lens and a host of others we will treat below. With these features in mind, it will be difficult for you to make the wrong choice. Let’s take a look at each of them to have a better understanding of why they are so relevant.


Everyone is and should be concerned about budget. It’s your hard earned money so the scope should be worth the money. Plan your budget before taking the bold step to search for the optic. And if you have a fixed budget, ensure you don’t spend above your means even though the sights appears tempting. Consider features that distinguish the product from each other. What are they? Is it the material? Do you like the construction or something else? Ensure the feature is useful to whatever purpose you intend using the scope.


The reticle is often neglected by gun owners but very important. The three types of reticles you will be left to choose from are duplex, mil-dot and BDC reticle. Each of them has their unique features. For instance, the Duplex is popular and known to deliver a thin mid-point crosshair. This reticle is suitable for hunting and shooting in general. The Mil-dot is just like the duplex but an improved version with stronger enhancements. It is defined by dot spacing especially at the lines of the reticle that is close to the midpoint. Mil-dot is useful in situations where the target’s size is unknown.

You can use it to establish the range of the target. The third reticle is the BDC (Bullet Drop Compensator) reticle. With respect to all thermal imaging scopes, the BDC reticle is more preferred because the shooter does not need to make any elevation adjustment before throwing accurate shots at long ranges.

Now with information of the three reticles, it would be much easier for you to make your selection based on your preferred choice right?

Magnification power

The magnification power is a factor also to consider because it determines the range of the thermal optic. Many prefer products with higher magnification because it offers target resolution. But remember that scopes with high magnification say 16x and above are more expensive and bigger in size. So, if you can cope with these downsides, then buying one will be a plus to your hunt or shooting competition.


Your gear should have a long-lasting battery. So, battery durability should be checked before buying. The battery should last for at least 4 hours when used continuously.


To many, the best thermal vision scope is one that has lightweight, durable and delivers quality images. It should be well-built too. Buy a product that is shockproof, waterproof or fog-proof. These are features that determine durability.

Reviews: Top Products To Buy in 2019

Armasight Zeus Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight

The design and structure of this Armasight will startle you. It is so simple to mount and sight in. The Zeus is the kind of optic you want to take with you to any mission. It can pick up images through smoke, fog, haze, snow, and dust, thanks to its improved thermal imaging technology. In fact, you will find all the features and enhancements you are looking for in a thermal scope in the Zeus.

This Armasight Zeus Thermal Imaging is so simple that even a beginner or first-time user wouldn’t encounter challenges using the gear. It can be mounted on weaver or Picatinny rail systems and features a quick release mechanism that makes installation and detachment of the scope a breeze. Whether you prefer hunting in day or night does not matter. This optic can deliver brilliant performance 24/7.

It can record imagery and comes installed with special video-out ability. Eye relief is 45mm and comes with a limited 3-year warranty.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Fog and water resistant
  • Battery can last more than 4 hours of continuous use


  • Low battery will restrict you from accessing certain features

ATN ThOR HD 384 Smart

The ATN Smart Thermal Riflescope is the real deal for beginners and expert shooters. It features a magnification power of 1.5 – 5X and a 384 x 288 sensor which delivers excellent image performance. This night vision scope is the right one for hunters. Though night hunting is critical, the ATN Thermal Riflescope makes life easier for hunters. It comes with technology that enables it to detect heat energy of the prey. You can view your targets clearly even in total darkness. It includes a built-in rangefinder and ballistic calculator that can help to improve your shooting skills. The ballistic calculator will help you in calculating your bullet’s trajectory so you can hit the target accurately

In addition to the superb optics, this product comes with an instructional manual on how to operate it. It is a simple optic anyone that can operate a smartphone can navigate or make use of with ease. It also has video recording capability. Wi-Fi streaming and Recoil Activated Video will give you the opportunity to record and keep the memory of each of your hunting trips.


  • Rugged and durable
  • Video recording capability
  • Made with quality materials


  • Re-calibration might be required each time it comes on

Pulsar Trail XQ

trail model

This Pulsar Trial XQ is a superior quality product. It has everything that can qualify this optic to be the best thermal scope for the money. If money isn’t an issue, this gear will make a perfect choice for individuals that enjoy hunting both night and day. It comes with a durable battery that can last up to 8 hours. This means you won’t be faced with battery disappointment while you are still in the woods. It delivers magnification up to 10.8x and 13 digital reticle options.

The design and button arrangements make the Pulsar Trail XQ much easier to operate. Being fog-proof, waterproof and dustproof makes it suitable for use under any condition you find yourself. You can also capture every moment of your hunting or shooting activities. It features a built-in video recorder and 8 gigs worth of internal memory.


  • Frost resistant
  • Rechargeable 8 hours battery
  • Comfortable carrying case


  • Expensive

Flir R-Series1.25-5 Riflescope

Flir R-Series is a reliable and lightweight scope. It offers up to 16x magnification power and tons of features that make using a thermal scope more enjoyable. The Li-ion battery it has is rechargeable and can last up to four hours under steady use. Fit the 1913 Mil Standard Picatinny rail system perfectly well.

The Flir’s image contrast at night hour is amazing. It also features a 3 inches eye relief which is a great feature for the M4 and other purposes. Construction is solid and the product generally rugged. It is made of good quality material popular used to make optics at this price point.


  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Rugged and solid construction
  • Can stand up to the 308 recoil well


  • Features internal battery that you cannot change easily once damaged.

Pulsar Apex XD50A

apex model

The Pulsar Apex is dependable and accurate. It comes with 384 x 288 resolution coupled with a 1.9x power magnification. The magnification power and resolution are excellent features that would let you capture images 1400 yards away. It also features a dependable digital zoom designed for detection of distance. And with good refresh rate and LCD display, images f targets in motion are always stable and clear. The digital zoom makes this scope suitable for any hunting situations.

The battery life is good and the menu is easy to understand. You will not have problems operating it even though you are using a thermal scope for the first time.


  • Superior picture quality
  • High-resolution LCD display
  • Can be used as a monocular or mounted on a rifle


  • It auto-calibrates after manual calibration


These are the best thermal scopes of 2019. They are built with features that make long distance shooting a breeze. Thermal sights come in different price ranges and features. And that is why many buyers encounter confusion when faced with the option of choosing a product. We have done all the research there is to do. Now is time to make your choice based on your budget size and needs.

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