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Top 5 Coyote Night Vision Scopes For The Money Reviewed

best thermal scope for coyote hunting featureThe best thermal scope for coyote hunting will make going for a hunt very interesting. But landing that quality coyote scope isn’t going to be a piece of cake because there are many brands out there to choose from.

We understand it will cause you more time and effort to research and identify a good quality scope for the money. All the research work has been concluded on your behalf and made available in this post.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Night Vision for Coyote Hunting

Before buying a scope, there are certain things to take into consideration. These factors will help you to get your choice scope for hunting and help you answer the question “what is the best night vision scope for coyote hunting?”


These scopes come at different prices, and the higher the price more are the features. The magnification or image quality of a scope that cost about a thousand dollars will not be the same as one that cost a few bucks in the real sense. However, there are good quality budget scopes that measure up to higher priced scopes in terms of performance.

Plan your budget before taking the final decision to purchase a scope. Remember, you do not have to break the bank because you are buying a scope. There are good quality budget scopes with impressive performance too. Finding the best scope for night hunting is possible if only you can spare some time to read reviews and comments from experts and other users.

Battery Life

Thermal scopes are like every other modern device that needs a power source. Lithium battery powers these scopes. A scope that can last more than 8 hours is a great scope you can use for hunting at least.

Resolution of the scope

The thermal imaging type of scopes is entirely different from standard scopes; the image of the former is usually relayed using technology which is very different from what is obtainable with the modern day digital devices.

Scopes with high resolution is the real deal, but you don’t leave a hole in your wallet because you want to buy the best thermal scope for coyote hunting.

The Reticle of the scope

The reticle or crosshair as it is known help to give precise target sighting when using the thermal scope. Most scopes are built with the fine reticle and others have reticles with thicker lines.

On the contrary, many thermal scope makers exclude the reticle from their scopes that is why you have to research and read carefully to make sure that the top night vision for coyote hunting by your standard offers the kind of precision and features you need.


The zoom is another feature to consider before buying a thermal scope. It works hand-in-hand with the resolution of the scope. There are basically two major zoom types; digital and optical.

The digital zoom makes use of software to get the right view of the target, but the major bottleneck is that it needs assistance from other techs otherwise the resolution image it is going to produce for long distance targeting will be very low.

The optical lens will let you magnify the target at a far distance without losing much of the resolution. You will be able to see a bit clearer with this.

Thermal Imaging System – The Different Types

The coyote night vision has two main types of thermal imaging. They are un-cooled and cryogenically cooled.

  • Un-cooled Imaging System

Many types of imaging devices make use of this thermal imaging. The elements which help to detect the infrared energy functions at standard temperature and thus does not require any extra material to maintain the primary components at below temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Cryogenically cooled Imaging System

These are usually more expensive than the former. It comes with internals which is not only sealed entirely but cooled mechanically to freezing point temperatures of even below.  It has a higher sensitivity than the un-cooled imaging systems but not much as rugged the un-cooled type. 

Best Rated Thermal Scopes For Night Hunting Coyotes On The Market in 2019

ATN ThOR HD Smart Thermal Riflescope

The night hour is when animals are most active, so to hunt, you will no doubt need the best night vision for varmint hunting if that is what you are aiming for. The ATN Smart Thermal scope has made night hunting more interesting than ever with tons of features to enable you to get the game of choice.

It is a rugged scope that can survive any condition or handling. Its body is built of high-grade aluminum while control pad is made from a durable plastic material. It is designed to let you spot a game clearly even in complete darkness. It comes with a 384×288 thermal sensor that helps detect heat energy from the prey, thus making the image of the target clearer.

It comes with the RAV (Recoil Activated Video) technology that allows you to record and share all your successes with friends and family who were not there with you at the hunting ground. It comes with a 19mm focal length and 1.25x – 5x optical power range.

The ATN ThoRD comes installed with a Smart Rangefinder technology that will help build your shooting skills. By using this scope, you will transform into an expert in no time.


    • Smooth zoom
    • Easy to operate
    • Ballistic calculator
  • Great for day and night use


    • Price is on the high side
  • Not suitable for rifles using cartridge larger than the .308 Winchester

Armasight Zeus Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight (FLIR Tau 2 – 336×256)

The Armasight Zeus scope stands as the best night scope for coyote hunting with a 3 years warranty to prove its unmatched quality. It is an un-cooled sight, well built to withstand unfavorable conditions. Both long-wave infrared feature and magnified dedicated weapon scope makes it suitable for day and night use.

The scope is well built and can handle the recoil from higher powered rifles very well. Despite having tons of features and functions, the scope is very simple to set up, understand and use. With it, you can detect game 100 yards away.

This scope is also excellent for tracking game and scanning the field. It is one of the lightest and compact scopes at this price point with great performance.


    • High-level target accuracy
    • Great for tactical operations
  • Active contrast enhancement technology


    • Not the prettiest of scopes at this price point
  • The objective focus needs constant learning to understand

Pulsar Helion XP Thermal Riflescope

The Pulsar Helion is a superior quality scope for night hunting. It comes with a durable battery that offers up to 8 hours of non-stop shooting and a unique display-off feature that makes long night hunting much more comfortable. You can have your thermal on throughout the night without re-powering anytime you sense a game.

The Pulsar’s 640-resolution is a feature that makes the scope really easy on the eyes. It also comes with an onboard recorder to let you keep tabs on your hunting activities. Its clarity is breathtaking and also the best you can have at this price point. You’ll be able to identify the game even from hundreds of yards away.

The lightweight also makes this monocular very easy to hold for long hours. You won’t get tired or regret taking this feature-rich scope for a night or daytime hunting.


    • Lightweight
    • Great resolution
    • Long lasting batteries
  • Can detect the heat of the target up to 2000 yards


  • It doesn’t appear rugged

Armasight Zeus Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight (FLIR Tau 2 – 640×512)

If money is not an issue then the Zeus 640 sight is worth investing on. It comes with the latest video recorder technology with built-in memory to record and store all your hunting activities. It offers a high-end 640×512 resolution sensor coupled with a larger 75mm lens. With its 60 Hz, you will never experience any form of pixelation while the camera is processing.

The Zeus 640 has a 3 years warranty which is a proof of the manufacturer’s confidence in product quality and workmanship. It also comes with selectable color feature and 6 reticle pattern, including an option to use without a reticle.

The scope is quite expensive but offers great value for the money. It is an accessory you will never regret investing in. It is the best night vision scope for coyote hunting at this price point.


    • Well-built
    • 3 years warranty
    • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Comes with a large 75mm lens


    • Expensive
  • Not very easy to install

Pulsar Trail XP Thermal Riflescope

Take hunting game to a whole new level with the premium quality Pulsar Trail riflescope. It comes with a 640x480px sensor core that delivers super clear thermal imaging. And with its improved heat detection technology, you can detect your target at 2000 yards away.

The Pulsar Trail riflescope offers 13 unique digital reticle options and variable magnification ranging from 1.6-12.8x. It is waterproof, dustproof and fog proof. And unlike other scopes, it offers great performance at different temperatures from -13° – 122°F.

The interface and well-placed buttons make the Pulsar very easy to use. It also comes with tons of features such as battery pack, comfortable carrying case, built-in accelerometer and a rechargeable 8-hour Li-ion battery.


    • Accurate
    • Clear images
  • User-friendly interface


  • A bit heavy


Every serious night hunter needs the best thermal scope. With a good quality scope, you can easily spot dangerous animals coming your way even in the darkest of night. A good quality scope should not only be able to pick up images of bigger targets, but it should also detect smaller games too.

We have done the hard work by researching and presenting the best scopes that are specially designed for night and day use, now is time for you to make the final decision according to your needs and budget-size. 

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