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5 Best Gun Cleaning Kits For The Money


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Every experienced hunter or weapon owner knows how important is to clean your gun regularly, especially when you use it often. That is the reason why everybody needs the absolutely the best gun cleaner. And if you have different types of rifles, you will certainly need the top universal gun cleaning kit to save your time and money.

If you have a pistol, then you will search for the best pistol cleaning kit, and if you have just a shotgun, then you will want the best shotgun cleaning kit. But if you have both and you just bought a brand new r-15 rifle, you will need to get a universal gun cleaning kit. And before you start looking for the right one, you need to know certain things about cleaning the gun.

Why is so important to properly and orderly, clean a gun?

When you are shooting with your gun, the gunpowder lefts behind a typical residue which is called a smokeless powder. Over time this residue can build up and aggravate the gun’s function and reduce the accuracy of your aim. It is the first and main reason why you have to clean your rifle orderly, and the more you, use it, the more often you will have to clean it if you want your gun to stay accurate and functional.

Every rifle is a lethal tool, so the safety should be in the first place. If you don’t clean your gun properly and orderly you risk a lot to damage it, and that can be very dangerous. You don’t want to take chances and risk your health or your life, so you should clean your weapon after every usage.

How to properly clean your gun?

If you are doing it wrong, it is almost like you are not doing it – and it makes your gun a dangerous thing for using. We will give you a short manual instruction, but necessarily you have to do some proper research, specifically for your particular weapon. And if you haven’t done it before, you should also consult some firearm expert and make sure you can do a decent job.

First, your weapon has to be unloaded. Remove a magazine or a clip, and check your gun from the chamber. Once you are sure there are no bullets, you can start with cleaning. Do it from the breech, because if you do it from the muzzle, you will push some dirt into the chamber. Never use anything metal for a proper barrel cleaning, and make it sure you’ll only use the gun cleaning tool box. It’s a responsible job so don’t improvise.

With the universal gun cleaning products you will be able to clean any firearm properly. With a cleaning rod, loop, cleaning brush, gun toothbrush, some patches and proper fluids you can completely clean off your gun. You can always add some extras to your cleaning kit, but first check our universal gun cleaning kit reviews for top five products. We are sure you will find the best rifle cleaning kit for yourself.

Best Rated Gun Cleaning Kit Reviews 2017

Hoppe’s Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit Review

Hoppe's Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit
List Price: $27.95
Price: $18.07
You Save: $9.88
Price Disclaimer

This Hoppe’s universal cleaning kit will keep your weapon in the best condition, and it has all tools you will need for a decent price. It has a special aluminum cleaning road, made to suit all rifles. With nine bronze brushes, five different swabs and four slotted ends you can fit different calibers.

Phosphor bronze brush will help with efficient cleaning, while swabs are fully made from cotton. You can also use slotted ends with patches. This cleaning kit also includes a Hoppe’s BoreSnake, one of the best bore cleaners you will find on the market.

Hoppe’s No.9 gun bore cleaner is also in this kit for removing all of the powder, rust, and lead. It is an effective and easy to use, while for advanced protection you will get a Hoppe’s No.9 lubricating oil. It is a great thing against corrosion and moisture. If you want a hoppes universal cleaning kit, this one can be a great choice for your money.


–    Fits to different calibers

–    A special three-piece cleaning road

–    Nine bronze brushes

–     Hoppe’s BoreSnake – great bore cleaner

–    Hoppe’s No.9 gun bore cleaner

–    Hoppe’s No.9 lubricating oil


–    Plastic patch holder tips

–    Difficult for assembly

Remington Hunting Cleaning and Maintenance Kit Review

Remington Hunting Cleaning and Maintenance Kit
List Price: $58.09
Price: $58.09
Price Disclaimer

If you need something to clean your firearms from a .22 caliber pistol to a 12 gauge shotgun, then this Remington’s universal cleaning kit could be a good match. With a unique bore cleaner, you will effectively clean a chamber and barrel with only a few passes, while sturdy cables will protect a barrel finish. These cleaners are pretty efficient on lead, carbon and copper fouling.

You will get some essential tools, too – two bronze cleaning brushes and a gun cloth, a Rem oil and a bottle of Rem All In Bore cleaner, but also a special brush revolver adapter. The bag is machine-washable, and it will protect the surface while the storing is quite easy. This cleaning set is ideal for after-use cleaning, but it’s a little bit expensive, and there is no oil against corrosion.


–    From a .22 caliber pistol to a 12 gauge shotgun

–    Unique bore cleaners

–    Two bronze cleaning brushes

–    Rem oil and a bottle of Rem All In Bore cleaner

–    Easy storing


–    A little bit expensive

–    No oil against corrosion

Allen Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit Review

This Allen’s professional cleaning kit has all needed components for standard pistol calibers, but you can also use it for .410 bore, 12 gauge, and 20 gauge shotguns. You will get brass jags, bronze brushes, cotton swabs, cleaning rods, muzzle guards, cotton patches and cleaning brushes. With 65 cleaning tools you will be able to clean your rifle properly.

Bronze brushes and cotton swabs are ideal for shotguns, but you will also get a special bronze pistol brushes. This cleaning kit is made for traditional shooters and a storage box is easy for using. There is no gun oil and lubricant or any cleaning fluids, but you will have enough space in a storage box to place it. The price is not low, but you will get a good quality cleaning kit for your money.


–    For all standard pistol calibers

–    For .410 bore, 12 gauge, and 20 gauge shotguns

–    65 cleaning tools for a proper job

–    Great storage box with a lot of space

–    Good quality


–    No cleaning fluids

–    A bit pricey

Ohuhu Universal Hand Gun, Rifle & Shot Gun Cleaning Kit Review

If you want something for a low price to clean all types of pistols, rifles, and shotguns, then this Ohuhu’s universal cleaning kit could be the right one for you. It has six aluminum rods, three for shotguns and three for rifles. Ten cleaning brushes with different sizes will allow you to clean any size and caliber. You will also get five different cotton brushes, while everything comes in a durable carrying case made for easy portability.

With a one-year replacement warranty and a lifetime support guarantee, this universal cleaning kit could be a good choice for a decent price. But it has no oil or any other cleaning liquids, so you will need to buy it separately. And there is no room in a carrying case for it or any other extras.


–    Great for all types of pistols and shotguns

–    Six aluminum rods

–    Ten cleaning brushes for any caliber

–    Five different cotton brushes

–    Durable and easily portable carrying case

–    Good quality for a low price


–    No oil or any other cleaning liquids

–    No extra space in a carrying case

Falko’s Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Review

All cleaning jags and slotted tips in this cleaning kit are made of a quality brass, so you don’t have to worry about easily breaking after a few uses. The cleaning rod is also sturdy produced, and it will give you a nice feeling while you’re cleaning your rifle. Cotton cleaners and brass brush tips are marked and they will fit into any caliber.

Everything comes in a nice and easy portable case where all parts will stay in place. The producer gives a one year guarantee if you have any issue with a kit. For a decent price you will get almost everything you need, but there are no any cleaning fluids, so you have to buy it separately. You will have just enough space in a case to place some extras. Be aware that guarantee requires registration within 30 days of buying a product.


–    Great kit for any caliber

–    Jags and slotted tips made of quality brass

–    Nice carrying case with enough room for extras

–    One year guarantee

–    Good quality for a decent price


–    Guarantee requires registration within 30 days

–    No cleaning fluids


If you want the universal set that’s the best handgun cleaning kit we hope our list of gun cleaning kit reviews will help you with a selection. Make sure you will get everything you need to clean all your rifles for a decent price, and necessarily learn how to use it properly. If you choose some product from our top five list, be sure you’ll get the right universal cleaning product.

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