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Tips for Rigging Up Your Turkey Hunting Shotguns

Building a turkey hunting gun is easy but can become complicated too. It all depends on how you want it and the size of your pocket. As an expert marksman, with a shot limit of about 30 yards, you need a standard 12 caliber shotgun with a full or modified choke. All these can be […]

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Top 5 Mistakes Most Beginner Deer Hunters Make

Do you get cold feet at the mere thought that your first hunting season is nigh? Fret not! Even the experts sometimes make these rookie deer hunting mistakes. We’ve listed the ones our editors would have liked to know when they were beginner hunters themselves. Had they known them when the time was right, they […]

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Reasons to take an air rifle for a survival weapon

We all know how important a long rifle is when you are in the wood waiting alone for your prey. You may think I’m talking about using the gun just to target the prey. Yes, this is a vital reason for keeping a long-range rifle with you. But today we are talking about another crucial […]

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How to choose a rabbit hunting rifle?

Rabbit hunting is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable games you may play in hunting season. Why? It requires more natural hunting tricks and equipment as well. You can use guns, air guns, rifles, etc. for this. If you want to have any one of these, rifles are considered the best among all.  Basically, Rabbit is […]

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Why You Need Night Vision During SHTF

The ability to see in the day or the dark is an adaptive characteristic in living things specifically, in animals that enable them to survive in the environment. Except for abnormal circumstances, humans can only see in the day. However, some lower animals like cats, snakes, bats, owls, etc, can see in the dark. The […]

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