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How To Hunt Coyotes With Coyote Calls

pack of six coyotes on snow

Over the last 20 years, coyote hunting became more popular than ever. The main reason for that is a significant increase in their population. More coyotes mean better and easier hunt.

If you are considering, to begin with this kind of hunt, make sure you pay a special attention to the calling techniques and to effective coyotes calls. Luring them into the trap is easy and highly productive, but only if you know what you are doing.

Here we will be focused on coyote hunting tips with a special attention to the predator calling.


1. Use hand/mouth and electronic calls

What does a coyote sound like? Check the video below for all of the sounds of the North-American Coyote

First of all, you will have to understand that coyotes have been exposed to increased hunting over the last decade. This means that they adapted to some of the hunting techniques.

Correspondingly, hunting them is harder than ever before. Hunters like to say that coyotes are ‘’well-educated’’ nowadays.  But, because they adapt to just one or a few methods over time, you can switch to another hunting method.

This applies to the calling methods most. Some coyotes are aware of the mount, some of the electronic calls. As such, you must try both of them to see which type works the best in your specific location.

FOXPRO® 4K9 Predator Call is a hand/mouth device known for high success rate in calling in coyotes. It is beneficial due to the fact it imitates prey and/or predator calling. It is small, practical and affordable.


2. Practice and practice some more

All coyote calling tips here will work, but not all of the will be effective at the same time. Coyotes can be successfully called in only if you practice a lot and frequently.

This is mandatory simply because their requirements change depending on the season and even a day! In essence, you must try different calls just to determine which one and which type of device works the best in that particular period of time and terrain.

3. Park far away from your hunting position

Most hunters know that parking should be done somewhere where coyotes cannot see the truck. We agree on that. However, coyotes can see and hear the truck, obviously. This means that they will run away if they hear your truck. In other words, you won’t have anything to hunt. Park somewhere where coyotes cannot nor see nor hear you or your vehicle. This tip can make a difference.

4. Always bring a shotgun and a rifle

All of these coyote calling tips can help you lure a coyote, but what then? Obviously, you will have to fire to kill. Here we can see another problem that must be solved. How will a coyote react? They may rush straight into you or they may run over a longer distance far from you.

That’s why you must carry a shotgun and a rifle. A shotgun will be effective if a coyote comes directly into you and a rifle will be essential for shooting over longer distances. Don’t forget that you need an accurate rifle, simply because coyotes will run up to 30 miles per hour!

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RECOMMENDED Electronic Game Calls
Primos® Alpha Dogg. It is one of the most productive electronic game calls available today. It can be operated from 200 yards and it comes with 6 pre-programed calls. New ones can be added at any time.

You can check our review of Primos Alpha Dogg here

5. Let the wind be in your face

This obviously doesn’t mean that you should ride a bike or drive a convertible. It simply means that the wind must blow at your face while moving. Coyotes are canines, meaning that their scent is extraordinary. They can easily smell you over a long distance. Once they do, you won’t be able to hunt them, nor to call them in fact. The solution is to move towards the wind. They won’t be able to smell you when you do.

6. Choose your position carefully

All coyote hunting calls will work, so coyotes will come, but what if they come and you cannot see them? This happens to most hunters. They wait, but a coyote comes just a few yards close to them and they don’t even see him. All of you should know that this occurs only when a hunter chooses a poor vantage point. Always, literally always choose a hill, a tree or some elevated place, so you can easily see coyotes, but they cannot see you.

7. Use a high-quality camo

It is essential to conceal yourself from coyotes. That’s why using successful camo is a must. Make sure to invest serious funds into this aspect. You must be able to have a camo that will conceal you completely, not just part of you. Also, make sure to choose a camo that is similar to your hunting ground.

8. Move after 20 minutes

When you call coyotes, they will usually come within 5 minutes, but in some cases, you must wait up to 30 minutes. The unwritten rule is to wait between 20 and 30 minutes and then to move for ¾ of a mile. Then, perform the call again and wait. Waiting at the same place for hours is a common mistake, but so is frequent moving.

In addition, you must be patient. Hunting mostly consists of waiting for the prey to come to you. There is no other way to hunt coyotes. They are faster than you!

RECOMMENDED Foxpro sounds
FOXPRO® Crossfire Predator Call comes with advanced Foxpro sounds which are highly productive. It is lightweight and easy to use call so we must recommend it. With 75 sounds and more than 500 additional ones, this is the ultimate call.


Following all of these tips, while using some of the recommended calls will ensure just one thing. You will become a better hunter and your hunt will always end with a success. It is in human nature to hunt and successful hunters enjoy plenty of different advantages. With these simple guidelines, you will get all of them. Try at least once and you will see the difference.

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